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how do you stop liking someone? i've been talking to this

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how do you stop liking someone? i've been talking to this girl online for about 3 years now and the more we've talked the more i realize how much i really like her. i cant stop thinking about her and i'm too scared to ever admit these feelings to her. it doesnt help that she lives in a completely different state.

do i just delete her from everything without saying a word? has anyone ever done that? i cant go on another year like this.

Bust a move. What do you have to lose?
I've been in the exact same situation many years ago.

After years of a romantic friendship online i bought a plane ticket to meet her in person, she was even better in person than i thought she would be, we dated for what was the best 2 years of my life (i have money so meeting her was not an issue, i flew to see her a lot), i was absolutely in love with her and thought i found "the one", until she dumped me out of the blue and said she never wanted to see me or talk to me again, she said she didn't actually feel anything for me and that i should move on with my life because she was going to do so.

She completely broke my heart and destroyed my soul, i was depressed for one whole year. I've recovered now but i'm kinda jaded with women, you know? Emotionally numb towards women.

I've focusing on myself and improving my life now, lifting, getting a good job and learning valuable skills. I'm not the hopeless romantic i was anymore, i have my feet on the ground and above all i have realized that there is no such thing as "the one", unique perfect girl. I also don't take bullshit from women and don't put them on a pedestal anymore.

My advice for you is pretty solid and simple:
You never met this girl in person, you don't love her and you KNOW that. You are in love with an idealization you have of her.
What you feel for her is most likely because you are an outcast, you probably don't have much friends, if any, you haven't been very successful with girls, you don't go out much to meet other girls so you cling to this one. She makes you feel safe and wanted around.
You probably think she's unique and you won't find other girls like her where you live, but the truth is that she's not unique, she's just like all of them, in essence they are all the same. She isn't into "nerds" like you, she is into the typical, so-called "Chad" just like all the others. Don't you think she'd choose you over some alpha jock if she could, because that would simply not happen.

Have you ever met?

If not, your feelings for her are unhealthy. Go out and meet real people.

You don't even know her true flaws, you only know what she allows you to through the computer screen.

So, being completely honest to you, i advice completely against anyone wasting time and effort into these kind of "relationships".
Even if you do meet her and things work out great in the beginning -like it happened with me-, you'll still have to deal with living away from her and meeting her only a few times, you'll have to deal with a family that suddenly has a stranger from a different state who is most likely socially awkward trying to date their daughter, you'll have to spend A LOT of money and effort if you want to keep seeing her and take her out to date when you're there.
You'll have a hard time focusing on doing stuff you should be doing because you'll be thinking about her and missing her a lot.
Things can get rough quickly because expressions and emotions can't be properly conveyed through a computer/phone, so misunderstandings tend to happen quite frequently...

BUT, if you feel like, your regret for not trying will be bigger than your pain if things go bad between you two, then go for it, but keep in mind everything i said.

Do i regret trying? No, i don't. It sucks what happened to me, i really wanted to be with her and she left me in pieces, but i know the pain i felt when she dumped me was many times smaller than the pain i'd feel for having never tried and forever having to think to myself "if..."

Good luck, whatever you choose to do. But remember what i said, remember to always stay solid to your principles, never put her on a pedestal and focus on improving yourself first and foremost.
i mean i exaggerated on the thinking about her all the time part but i do have strong feelings

that really sucks what happened to you and a lot of what you said could be true. i would regret not saying anything.
go out with a bang OP.
Tell her how you feel, if she obliges, good for you, if she doesn't you would have cut contact with her at some point anyway.
Tell her how you feel. It's surprising, but if she rejects you it makes the feelings go away sometimes.
Thread posts: 8
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