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How do I stop being so depressed?

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I had two very emotionally intense, dysfunctional relationships this year. (A few other women were interested...Would it have been better with them? I'm not sure.) Both women, the first and the second, were very smart...to my detriment. They were fun to be around, and I nearly loved then, except they were always trying to pull some shit ie: disguised prostitution, lying to friends and family about "us." They didn't know respect or morality at all.

I gradually became more and more upset with them, and their ignoring my complaints. Nobody was changing, because they didn't know how to function without these dishonest methods, and because I was too upset to ever calm down about it. Eventually, I called them bad personalities, and told them to never contact me. I really called them bad people, and I explained why in great detail. I really fucked up.

They both tried to get back together under the guise of friendship, and almost succeeded, because I really did want to be with them. Still, I said no, telling them it was their desperation and that it would eventually fade. Why were they so eager to have me back in the same position, where they insisted on things like prostitution or hiding me from friends and family?

We really did get along well, outside of those problems. We knew how to make the other feel like everything was okay, and that they were safe. I think we would have done any favor for each other, anything we were capable of...

(If you're confused about why I'm referring to both women at once, it's because both relationships went the exact same fucking way.)

Now, I don't have much interest in myself or my friends. When I'm done all of my work, art projects, and chores, I just stare at my phone or the wall. I don't know why I'm alive or anything. I just look at women as sexual objects now, and not someone to fall in love with. I see older people as more brainwashed and more adult. I don't look at any man and expect he can be my friend...
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You're just one of those Gen X/Y pussies who only thinks of themselves. Clinical depression isn't real - go out and get over it, you entitled shit.
Okay, do you have any specific feedback or advice? I already go outside.
Stop being a fucking pussy and suck it up. How about that? Life is shit sometimes; get over it.
Suck it up and do what? Are you aware that this is /adv/?
Talk to your friends, go out and have fun, start a new relationship without thinking. You're just acting sad and making yourself think that you can't. Basically, you're weak.
I assume your source is wikihow? Yeah, man, I'll continue to go out and attempt to have good interactions with people. Are you satisfied?
The problem here is that your problem is non-existent. Just keep doing what you've been doing, and this "depression" will go away.
Alright. I wasn't talking about a disease or a non-disease. I'm just describing this slump where I'm not very useful to anyone. I'll try thinking of this as normal, and doing more things for fun...If I'm not feeling my friends, I'll watch a movie or play a game.
Lmaoing at this bitter cuckold. The only reason your generation never had problems like this is becaus ethey weren't smart enough to discover them. You and your generation of old idiots will die brainwashed by your primitive ideologies.

Not OP btw. You're probably just as depressed and lonely as OP, if not more. Now please go back to /v/ and /pol/.

spend more time thinking about what you would look like happy. imagine a happy you, and see what that you is doing and do those things. forget the things that depressed you did and thought about, because focusing on those things will only make you depressed. you have to break the cycle now. what do you look like happy?
>I'm just describing this slump where I'm not very useful to anyone.

for what reason are you required to be useful to anyone? provided that you are dependent on no one but yourself for survival, for what reason should you be useful to other people?
nobody alone knows how to make a pencil? that's an old fashioned saying. of course we are all interdependent on each other. you're required to go to work, so that you can get money, so that you can buy services and (hopefully) retire. you are nice to other people, and do things for them, so that people can do the same for you.

>what would a happy you look like?
not alone, either literally or figuratively

I haven't met my people yet, though I have gotten closer over the years.

>nobody alone knows how to make a pencil

And yet, even if I could make a pencil all by myself, if I spent my days making pencils by hand I wouldn't be able to make a living. i did say that this was provided that you are dependent on no one but yourself for survival. that itself assumes that you can make a living. can you make a living on your own, anon?

>not alone, either literally or figuratively

what are you doing while not alone? what are you hobbies, interests, pursuits? to what lands will you travel, how many children will you have, how large of an estate to you plan to construct in your life?
You're depressed because you've been let down by love. It's something that has happened to a lot of people. You probably also feel let down by humanity at large. I think everyone who doesn't have a shitty childhood will eventually encounter a point where they start to become disillusioned by the human race due to some bad romantic relationship or friends or family. I think it's just the objective truth that humans are shitty on average.

You probably had some faith in humanity before that's been shattered now. You said that you "don't have much interest in myself or my friends" which I think is a clue to why you're feeling what you're feeling. You don't sound like selfish sort or else you would be more interested in yourself at a point like now. I suggest you got do some voluteer work to give your life some meaning again.
>can you make a living on your own
barely... fuck new jersey. I've just been trying to get on my feet since leaving home abruptly a few years back. small progress is made every year, and soon I will be able to attend school.

>what are you doing while not alone?
I do a work exchange thing at a yoga studio. I get free yoga for working 5hrs a week there. I also go to a group counseling program, because sometimes I can't manage.

Sometimes I visit my friends, but my friends and I are predisposed, and I waste a lot of energy on women.

>what are your hobbies, interests, pursuits?
I like modern rock, alternative, and punk music. I like getting into nature when I can afford it. I like sports like fishing and hunting. I like about anything that is positive and gets my mind off shit.

>to what lands will you travel?
the land I'm already in will change drastically once I have more money to do things. I think one child is the best idea.

>in how large of an estate do you plan to conduct your life?
a pretty average one? in terms of square footage I don't need much. I'm not a hoarder, or a "stuff" person
I think it was a good learning experience. I never expected the world to live up to my ideals, especially not when so many of us are still worried about survival and propagating our genes as if it's -10,000 BC or something.

lots of people want to be good but don't think they can afford it. that's not usually an excuse for murder, but it can be an excuse for something like stealing...

what's got me existential is that I was always pulling, my entire life, to be someone's "man," to have them feel happy with me and satisfied by me. then I got into the bottom-of-the-barrel relationships and found out that it takes much more than attracting and pleasing someone to have a successful relationship.

now what I'm shooting for in life is something unknown, and that is a lot less motivating. I have been depressed already, stressed and occasionally thinking of suicide. a lot of the joy is gone from my favorite activities.

your depression now will be paid off when you are done with school and start making money. make sure you can make money with your education.
I will probably become some kind of medical professional and/or a government employee (which sounds like I'm boasting but it's actually pretty lame, only you get job security and can say you're a public servant)

youre still in the uncomfortable, learning, growing part of your life right now. yeah, it kind of sucks. it pays off
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