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am i a loser?

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After my break-up with a model-type gf i was without sex for a year.

Now i have sex with an obese girl, who is also a recovering alcoholic. She doesn't hide her body and somehow understands not to be ashamed.

The sex with her is awesome, we have relaxed and very enjoyable hot sessions numerous times a day. We are like two grown up persons just enjoying ourselves and wishing only good emotions to each other.

Its weird to have so good sex with a fattie like that. With my previous younger gf with great body the sex was somehow mechanic and not so relaxed. She couldnt "let it go" somehow.

I still feel kinda bad, i can fuck only fatties now and i dont hava a great physique gf.

My question is: am i a loser for having sex with fattie, when previously i had a stunner
Why do you even fucking care about such abstract social concepts as winner or looser. The people that would call you a looser for they are coincidentally also the people that you don't need acceptance from because they can't process someone being happy in a non-default way. You found yourself in an awesome place. I envy you and sincerely with that it lasts for you. It's unreasonable to ignore all criticism, but this is one of those times when the only appropriate response is "fuck the haters"
wow, thanks for your answer. I found this response pretty epic.

Well, On friday i meet her again. And why the hell not, because the sex is sooooooo LOVELY with her. Today we had phone-sex and we were both just so happy afterwards. My ex would laugh at me, but propably she never has as ravishing sex than i get
You're welcome.
If your religion/beliefs don't say that having just sex with someone is wrong and if you're careful not to spread STD's then who is anyone to judge you for having a good time. Don't be an idiot, don't be a hypocrite, don't hurt people. Simple as that. Life isn't simple but the rules can be.
>fat pig loving
Yep. You're definie ugly as fuck because the only women you can score with are fat cows or pigs. Enjoy your beastiality.
>i have sex with an obese girl
disgusting. kys
You must be 15 years old.

The losers are those who worry about having a hot body as a trophy to validate themselves.
If you enjoy sex with this girl, keep having sex with this girl
body positive fatty dedected
So? If the girl is good in bed and he has fun what's the problem?
You can fuck all the models you like. Doesn't make a difference to you
>what's the problem?
that shes obese

>You can fuck all the models you like
sure. in my lamborghini right?

>Doesn't make a difference to you
its community service
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virgin NEET detected
poor comeback


>am i a loser for having sex with fattie, when previously i had a stunner

Who gives a shit?

Having a great trophy girlfriend to parade around and show to everyone to prove what an alpha you are is great and all but eventually you have to be alone with her. Eventually you're going to have to decide whether or not impressing other people with your stunning gf is worth the terrible sex and dull conversations.

Sex with fat girls is great. I've had fat, I've had skinny, I've had 9's, I've had 3's. You know what the key is? I don't give a shit. Make fun of me, be jealous of me, call me a loser, call me a faggot. I don't care. I refuse to feel shame for having a good time and following my interests where they take me.

Take a lesson from your obese girl; feel no shame. You have nothing to be ashamed about. Do what you want, man. Spending your life denying yourself pleasure because you're afraid other people won't improve is a fool's errand.

wasn't a comeback. just a statement of fact.
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abandon the scene bitch ur killin me
people who drop "kys" at the drop of a hat and think they aren't spewing autism are autistic
>"model type EX gf"
> implies sex is better with fattie

Thicc girls >>>>>> skinny minnies

Date the big girl..they deserve love too. No shame, OP
>posting images from BLACKED.com
kys yourself senpai
>my only question is, am I loser for dating an overweight person?
not necessarily, but you are a simpleton for asking such a stupid question. sure, it's a mark against her, but people are measured by more than their appearances, bud.
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what is this, girls night on chan?
funny that you had same experiences as well. I could learn a lesson or two from her. She also doesn't criticise me and judge me about anything, even when we miss the bus she takes it easy going and doesnt take stress about it. For an artist being always unhappy to myself this feels like a breath of fresh air. My ex is on tinder gettings loads of validation from all the normies

that pudding looks good as shit, bruh.
thicc != spherical
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how about this one

any reasonable person can see how apparent your autism is regardless of whats between their legs.
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buddy go internet fight smwhere else pls im tryin to jerk off here
Eternal summer
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