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Tired of the Game need guidance

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>first world problems inc

I'm scared of The Game. The Rat Race. Whatever the fuck it's called I'm intimidated, scared, and exhausted just by thinking of it.

I had tiger parents growing up, who demanded A's, elite college acceptance letters and high salaries. I ended up going to a pretty good uni and have a full-time job atm, but while I was in school I took i easy, got shit-mediocre grades, and didn't get 'the best jobs' like all my peers did.

I was fucking free from the chains of people breathing down my neck, from type A crazies, from d1 ivy league crew olympic caliber athletes who were also on their way to elite business schools or the Chad type finance bros on their way to wall street- fuck all that nonsense.

i wanted a low-stress life, so I've been trying to make one for myself. If someone talks to me about their plans to make it to wall street or harvard med school or climb the corporate ladder or whatever at a bar I'd just tune the fuck out. I want to enjoy a beer and watch the game or something, let loose and do fun shit.

but there's a part of me that's always comparing myself to others. 'oh fuck i'm only here making x amount of money a year, and some prick from high school is making twice that at an investment bank". I'm caught between "i just want to work, do my part, live life and have fun", and "fuck, i need to become CEO Doctor Triathlete Powerful Elite 1% otherwise nobody will respect me, love me, fuck me, or just like me". I constantly see myself as a failure, not living up to the standards of my parents and my peers.

I went through a phase where I tried to put the blame on everything else but myself. Now I feel like I'm doing the opposite, that everything that didn't go according to plan is 100% my fault- but if I fuck up this bad (read: not be in an elite top 5 firm) and can't make it, then I'm really fucking worthless.

Throw in trying to meet girls and making new friends while simultaneously "keeping up appearances" and it's just a huge clusterfuck.

I don't know what to do. Is this just what life is?Is this the rat race? How the fuck do i figure out who i am and what I enjoy in life if I'm clouded with all this bullshit? I don't even know if I have the effort to 'advance my career' if i'm going to constantly be compared against 100000 more successful people than me.

volunteer at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen, talk to some of them, ask what happened

and try to grow up before you do something stupid and fuckup your life
At the end of the day, you are the son of the enviroment you grew up in. There is a certain mindset that defines the way you think.

You could try to change that, but it would take so much time and effort to change yourself that you may as well just work hard to feel better instead.

I think you should focus on something that will give you good feedback and make yourself feel accomplished. You don't have to be the greatest but if you have potential, you should utilize it somehow.

What did he say thats wrong?
How old are you?
OP I'm not sure you get the meaning of "first world problems". When people say "first world problems", they are normally talking about not knowing which torrent to download or what graphics card to get. The rat race and high stress, things like are genuine issues, not something to use "first world problems" for.

"first world problems" obviously does not mean all problems in the first world are trivial, it means some problems that people in the first world think are big are incredibly trivial compared to real problems (of both the first world and the third world).

My advice is to forget about money and try to avoid hard work as much as possible. When other people cheat so much in the system it doesn't interest me to take part in it.Free yourself from thinking about and working towards money all the time, most of it is only about unethically manipulating others anyway. I also lack faith in the direction of the world, I don't believe in the way humans are going so I try to take up environmental issues and things like that instead.
well you're a bright guy, just research what jobs pay average and are low stress, you still probably want around 55k a year in order to have your own place you rent where after work you can play video games and watch sports and drink beers all day.
This isn't a question random people on the internet are going to be able to answer for you just like that, it's a giant ongoing question that you keep working at every day until you find your own answer that satisfies you.

I had the same brainfuck when I left university like, 'is this really it? get a job, get married, have kids and then die?'.

For now I've been fine just working steady and then dealing with the other parts of my life little by little every day.
We all know It's hard not to measure the choices you make against how everyone else is doing, but at the end of the day, it's better to make each one a choice you won't regret rather than what others think is best.

I'd suggest taking a step back and figuring out what you want to do first, before letting everyone else's expectations tell you why that's bullshit.
Thread posts: 10
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