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Falling In Love With Underage Coworker

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I'm 19 and am working seasonal right now (mid December through January) at a retail store I used worked at once before. My coworker, who just started working here back in September, just turned 17 years old.

We have very similar fashion styles, interests, tastes, and personalities. When she started, my coworkers even told her about how we should meet because we're so compatible.

When we met, she quickly took a liking to me. She always came to talk to me, texted me about non-work related topics once she got my number for shift-swaps, and even told my coworkers she thought I was cute. She's cute as well, but I tried to stay my distance because she's underage, still in highschool, a coworker, and I wasn't really romantically interested in her to much to begin with.

However, the other night after we both had long shifts, I accidentally went on a date with her (I saw it as just hanging out then). We got tacos across the street, perused the stores near by, and I dropped her off at her house. Before she got out of my car she said, "do you mind if I do something weird?" and before I had the chance to say anything, she kissed me on the cheek. She asked if that was weird, and looking back I can't really remember what I said, but it was probably some unintelligible "uh nooo" because I was so surprised and caught off guard.

Since then, I can't get her off my mind even though I wouldn't feel right at all being in a relationship with her.
What do I do /adv/? I don't even know what I'm going to do when I see her at work, she's got me so nervous like I'm in middle school.
You buy condoms and be yourself :-D

And you mentaly prepare yourself that nothing lasts forever so when the inevitable breakup comes, you will remain your sanity.
u can do this, but I've once started a relationship with a girl I wasn't romantically interested in either. It's fun to date and stuff but when things get serious and you find a girl you really like from the beginning, its gonna suck if you are still in a relationship with the girl you weren't really interested in. my advice is don't get a gf just because u can, also i don't think 2 years of age difference matters.
You obviously like her. She may be underage but she's only two years younger than you.
As long as you are careful and stay in good terms with her, even if you do eventually break up while still being co-workers, it will all work out fine.

Go for it.
>all this drama for a two year gap
what the fuck
isn't there supposed to be an exception for borderline cases with the age of consent? It's probably within 2 years or something, check your state/country's laws on that.
If you don't care about your job then go for it.
The heck do you live where 17 is under the age of consent?

Anyway, most places have Romeo and Juliet laws so it's okay within a certain range. You're probably fine.

But if you're really worried about it, don't have sex.
Most places will let it slide if you're near her age.

Look up your state's age of consent laws. In my state 16 is the age of consent, I live in CT.
It's not illegal to date a 17 year old anywhere in the US.
First, look up the age of consent laws in your state. Second, look up romeo and juliet laws- in some states there's an age gap that is deemed acceptable between a minor and an adult. Third, just fucking talk to her.

I wound up in a similar situation, with a girl (now woman) who makes every moment I spend around feel full. Like something was missing, and just by being around her: it's there. When we first met, there were feelings but too large of an age gap (17 to 23). I waited, and she got in a relationship.

I talked to her recently about things, and it turns out she was into me for awhile before starting to think of me as a brother. Part of that is probably because we're going to be step-siblings in about 6 months, but I know that things might have been different had I addressed the issue earlier.

Telling her how you feel isn't wrong, but don't statutory rape her. If you guys love each other, you can wait a few months. The alternative is if you piss her off she can literally throw you in prison.

ask her to the taco shop and hold her hand on the way there. that will signal that you like her and that she shouldnt feel weird about the kiss. then just see what happens! you can wait until she is 18 to have sex but depending on your state it is probably already legal. age is just a number, there is nothing physically stopping you from treating her as if she were 18
Thread posts: 12
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