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is there a drug that will make me more sociable? I am 25 and

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is there a drug that will make me more sociable? I am 25 and essentially have 0 friends
Almost any drug will. You need to get them from other people, which requires interaction and sociability.

Also doing drugs alone is bad. You're supposed to do them with people, doing them alone is how you become an addict.

i see people become friends solely because both smoke weed. if you have weed, people will want to bum off you for the weed.

also, alcohol is a given. dont know about where you live but here people pretty much always drink. its a norm to ask people if they want a pint with you.
you could try roofies on girls and keep them in the basement until Stockholm syndrome kicks in
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I think I should be more clear: it's more like my New Years Resolution is simply to make friends. Because it's really pretty pitiful that I have none at my age.

I have a habit of smoking weed alone a lot. Usually after hitting the gym or doing whatever things I need to do, I live very independently.

It's way too easy to grab from a dispensary in Toronto. I used to grab from friends, but eventually it became painfully apparent these people I had formed this kind of relationship with were people who I had absolutely nothing in common with. Conversations were painful. The entire relationship was centered around smoking weed. It's pretty loserish tbqh. Eventually I just found the dispensaries much more reliable and convenient. Even then I find the people in the dispensary unrelatable.

Also it's way too easy to just waste time smoking weed and watching tv/anime or playing video games all day. I spent the better part of this year teaching myself Japanese stoned for fun and reading manga raws.

I've literally had probably 10 ounces of weed in my house over the past year and no one ever wants to come smoke with me.

I think you're fully missing the scope of my autism. I've been in college for 4 years and basically have zero friends, even the people I've done group projects with mostly boil down to work cooperation. Likewise with every job I've ever had, sometimes people will try to interact with me but in the end I always eat lunch alone in silence.

I'm a 25 year old man but I always become that one guy who is so outcasted even other adults say things about me behind my back and think I'm a serial killer or something. Mostly I just want to do my job and go home and be alone again. Eventually I get so lonely I feel bad though.

This is funny but I'd rather not violate people's human rights. Also I'm a gay. Even my sexual relationships have boiled down to meaningless hookups.
here ill give you some advice
a full trip will make you sociable but not really functional in the real world.
Microdose and you will

Be happier (A LOT HAPPIER)
Pay more attention to things (never done it in school but friends have said it helped them)
Be more outgoing
Be funnier/goofier. If you're a clever person/ witty with your humor that won't go away either.
Less prone to anger
Youll love people, grow closer to your friends and make amends with your enemies.
>This is funny but I'd rather not violate people's human rights. Also I'm a gay. Even my sexual relationships have boiled down to meaningless hookups.

do it with boy then
they also have no human rights #killallman
>there are no human rights

Stefan Molyneux is that you?

This sounds interesting. I've never done acid. The only thing that scares me is most of the people I've met who told me they did acid seem very retarded and usually stupid and/or unreliable. Also I think it's relatively hard to find in Toronto. Maybe I will try it.

I was thinking more something I could take on a daily basis that would make me feel more like interacting with other human beings in general. I might suggest smoking weed has had the opposite effect on me.
Try DXM nothing i've tried has made me as social as that drug its like a anti autism drug in a bottle! Worth a try only 1 dollar per bottle of gelcaps at yout local dollar tree
if you do 100+ mcg every week you will fry your brain with acid. i know plenty of people who arent retarded and have done acid, but at the same time i know people who are. microdosing definitely wont fuck with your head though. youd be taking like 30mcg of acid a day maybe.

if you dont have a problem messing with darknetmarkets (and you shouldnt its not that dangerous) you could head over to reddit and read some tutorials to get yourself setup and start buying.
i currently can get 25 tabs of 100mcgs of acid for $60. thats a pretty amazing deal considering that (1) on the street you dont know what youre actually buying unless you have a test kit, its way safer to buy online since you can see reviews and ratings from other buyers and (2) you get it for cheap as fuck wholesale when street price is $15 per tab where i live and its exchanged hands with who knows how many dealers.

now id research this first since i dont really ever microdose or trip or do any drugst, but ive seen the positive effects in my friends and people who were previously spergy as fuck. i just flip this shit for hella money.

i would definitely recommend a 200mcg dose to anyone though, it sounds corny but you really can get introspective as fuck with it and legitimately learn things about yourself that isnt just druggie hippy shit. one of the happiest moments in my entire life was when i was tripping with my three best friends in the back of a car while my other sober buddy drove us around. it was fucking euphoric bliss and we were falling over each other laughing and just having a great time. acid is a fun drug.
oh god I've done that shit. made me 10x more autistic than usual. I basically became one of those low functioning autists who can barely form a sentence. horrible experience.

I don't know every time I hear about people doing acid it seems weird and I don't know if I'd like it. The microdosing sounds like the only thing I'd prefer because you could probably function day to day on that if I'm understanding you correctly.

I'm curious how did your friends go from spergy to less spergy? I'm unironically diagnosed with Asperger's.
Get a job?
yeah i don't really think you're getting the picture. i've been in college and working for most of my adult life. I just have a really hard time interacting with others.
Just fucking own it and accept that you're not "normal" and never will be. It seems like you're usually okay with being a loner but are worried about what other people think. I stopped caring about that shit years ago. If you're educated and have a job then you are very functional by 4chan standards, don't mess that up by taking drugs.
No no no I'm far past caring what anyone thinks of me. Yes I'm an engineer gainfully employed. But that doesn't really help to change the fact that I feel very lonely. Even a person with autism craves human interaction from time to time, maybe much less than a normal person, but it's still necessary to help you feel human. Otherwise I become too withdrawn.
yeah, liquor
Acid is my favourite drug, it's what gave me the boost of motivation I needed to start uni again and really put my head down and work, now I'm sitting on an A+ average across the board. If I'd never tripped I never would have had that eureka moment where I realised how short my time on earth is and that I need to make something of myself now not tomorrow.
alcohol and cocaine will do the trick marvelously.

only problem is you'll probably become an addict if you start to rely on them and they will destroy your health and life.

but hey might get some good conversations in before you kick it
Just get a hobby where you interact with people. Chess club, BJJ class, start a band, whatever. Taking drugs to get a lil social action is a fucking stupid idea. They are a waste of time and money and only cause additional problems. Just be a little more open to interacting with people.
30 mg is too much
Beta blockers
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