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Ive seen reality

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My life has been taking away by so many.

I've realized I've been desperate. So desperate at the wrong wrong people and i couldnt express myself. I shouldove kept my mouth shut but I shouldove obeyd.

I can tell you, the more you remember the more you become an anemic fool and that's were your suppose to relax and face the other way.

Surrendering awaits and you must sit.

Facing , will slice your brain and the blood will be cleanse.

Its your becoming.

Its poor to know that these addictions ruins people life's. Its not my fault. I know what I have but they also know very very well.

So much progressive with darkness that we don't see, we get blinded by adreline (anger,that's were they control its perversion)

But its good to know someone's out there to help us but remember. We have only one god.

Spend time with your expression of sadness,happiness, etc. Because there will be someone looking to suck your blood dry like a dead rodent.

As they say the young grows tommorow.

Fear is key. Fear it works. U don't even have to face it because you, as a person is always right.

But don't forget who is trying and throwing something at you. Don't over think. Think with good heart.

The word desperate is what makes us want to know but blindley become anemic.despratness is our human weakness.

Remember who's watching you
Is this a really lame attempt at post modernist poetry?
OP your post is so disjointed and badly written as to be almost totally incomprehensible. You seem to be unhappy about something, but that is absolutely all I can understand from your post.

Try again, working REAL hard to decide exactly what you want to say and to say it as simply and clearly as possible.
Oh shit, this is a suicide note.
Crap. What do we do?
OP, it'll be okay. Really it will.
I don't think so

Be drunk and you'll read it clear ;
I get what OP is saying, I think, but if I'm even slightly correct about what he is talking about I don't think many people will get what he is trying to say. I'm going through some crazy shit too.


It's not that simple.

Probably not.



Now, I have so much I would like to talk about, but tell me, what's your take on music in relation to what you have been going through?
Listen to this https://youtu.be/sweIA3pfklY
Been through so much shit that this song resonates with some fucking strange theories and is just a shit track at the same time. After all, I don't know shit and I don't know Lil Jon.
I mean, I'm currently fucking lost (or not) or something. That's how bad shit is. Any advice or questions?
Nigga sober up
>Nigga sober up
I don't have a type of music.

When your drunk, your drinking its posion (: My text may have bad grammer...yes it does..

Right times comes with right moments..

Either way, don't be to happy, because you'll fall asleep. That's how you trap yourself, also within being desperate. I've learn my lesson. You and I would've been talking about this a long time ago. But I lost myself. Waiting for the real truth to come to me...the truth is I never understood life...probably never...

I'm talking about being desperate...really really tortured despreateness.
I've remembered 4chan predicted murders, seen hackers, seen kek magic work on someone.

Its all in the real. Killers,stabbers, murders are all there. Some of them Seen the word by what they do instead of what they say.

So called " innocent people " or should I say white people (for example) are full of targeted people to be killed
The fact you're watching me throughout my days is what keeps me going.

Be better if you were here in person though.
Again. Why do you need someone to be watched, If you can watch yourself. You don't really need a third arm. Some do.

Things seems different at first but its the same. Don't tolerant yourself with yourself
Thread posts: 16
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