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Christian GF saw things while praying - crazy?

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I've been in a relationship with a great, loving girl who is Christian. I am an Atheist, and we are fine with our differences. However;

Just before we met, she used to pray with friends and then said she actually saw things that God showed her. While praying like that she says she has a real connection with him and she could see things like a gate.

To me, things like that are quite distressing. Seeing things that aren't there seems to me like a risk for mental problems. And I am worried. I tried bringing it up but she says I have no reason to worry and feels a bit attacked on her religion.

Is this dangerous, am I in the right for pressing this issue? She still thinks she really saw it, and when I asked her to not do it again she said if she will have the chance she will do it again.

What are your thoughts? Am I overreacting?

anon, people see things in their head all the time. you're probably imagining someone talking as you read this. if you want to rationalize it as imagination, go for it, its a gate, not people telling her to slaughter non believers.

people see things while praying all the time.
Red Flag.

Christian chicks are total skanks, dude. Crazy skanks at that as well.

You won't believe the nice tight Christian pussy I have had. Tell them you are Atheist and they go nuts since chicks these days seem to want to change men as some sort of sick and twisted challenge.

Anyway, careful when you stick your dick in crazy, those chicks are worth a pump and dump, not a relationship.
She actually sees it as seeing the literal gate of Heaven, seeing visions that God gives her.

Thing is, she hasn't done it in over a year, but I just would feel very uncomfortable if she would do it again in the future. She is struggling with depression and I don't want her to get some sort of mental disorder because of hallucinations.
We've been together for almost over 1.5 years now though, and doesn't even go to Church anymore. We make alot of jokes about her believing, and she is not crazy. No worries about it except this thing.

>she interprets her imagination as real

yes, thats what religion is anon (as far as you need to know at least). the problem here is you aren't really understanding what religion is. as for as you are concerned religion is something imaginary that other people believe. like a child saying Santa clause came to him in a dream.

she interprets it as literal. she interprets them as visions. thats what religion is. if you're not okay with that, only date atheists, but dont act like its weird for a religious person to have a religious experience.

the bible is full of people who pray and see shit, this is normal for anyone who's grown up with a sense of spirituality.

whats really interesting is when you find the common threads that defy it being passed along psychologically. most people's spiritual awakenings share a lot of common themes. its how we knew the earth was round before we 'knew' it was round.
She only turned to religion 3 years ago though. Before it she thought Christians were idiots. So she didn't grow up with it.

She turned to Religion the same time her depression began; I still see it as a way she protected and protects herself. Because of me she started with both therapy and medication about 4 months ago, so maybe if the depression will fade so will her need for a God. We will see.

But you really don't see a difference in thinking/believing that somewhere up there is a God, and actually thinking that he puts images in your mind?

I'm just afraid they're hallucinations which could lead to some form of Schizophrenia.

I do appreciate your views by the way, you are giving me alot to think about, so thanks for that!

>But you really don't see a difference in thinking/believing that somewhere up there is a God, and actually thinking that he puts images in your mind?

I do see a difference. the first is just agnosticism. the second is an actual religious experience.

>I'm afraid they are hallucinations

they almost definitely aren't, and are likely spurred by her friends or other congregation members claiming they had visiosn as well. when that happens people will interpret their imagination as visions, as it means that they aren't technically lying.

>she didn't grow up with it

not important. you dont need to grow up with it to have a religious experience. a lot of late in life religious people actually only turned to religion because of something your girlfriend describes, but on a larger scale. i was just using people who have grown up with it as an example. to them its common. you don't realize how common.

take india for example. in america we freak out any time that some kid says something cryptic about a past life and it turns out to have even 2% accuracy. in India its actively encouraged to talk about your past life as soon as you can begin to talk, and your parents help use that to guide you into your current life.

and christians are the same in their visions. kids are encouraged to have them, as are adults. she probably sees it as amazing, you see it as crazy, but to the people who grew up with it its like 'babbys first vision'.

I manage a psychic and our client base is extremely spiritual. the stuff they talk about as common sounds edgy on the surface but when you get to know them and what they deal with (real or not) their casual mindset begins to make sense.

>depression will fade, so will her need for a god

dont hold your breath.
Reading this I do feel alot calmer about it. I guess it's just something I have to deal with if I accept I have a religious partner.

I guess the idea just creeps me out, has me thinking my girlfriend is like a crazy Evangalist like you see on TV, and it'll turn her even more crazy.

I suppose I'll deal with it, and start to make rude jokes about it to her and we get over it that way.

Thanks alot anon, you helped me alot. Happy new year, by the way.
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please try not to be insulting about it if you want it to last, or hell even just respect her. the world isn't exactly as you perceive it just because you approach it scientifically.

a lot of people like you are just normal guys who thikn they have it all figured out because you believe science. you'll write things off as psychosomatic even if a doctor says that a particular 'psychosomatic' response isn't real and is only used to hand waive stupid shit happening on scripted TV shows.

its a lot like quoting law and order on how the legal system works.

not saying you're girlfriend or the indians are in anyway correct about their approach, just asking you to remember that you're just like everyone else: an explorer trying to understand things we will never understand.
Oh yes, I wouldn't make jokes she would feel insulted about. She has a black sense of humour like me, and can laugh alot about me calling her a crazy Christian. She's smart, and the fact she used to be an Atheist makes her very understanding.

I'm aware I have no clue, and I think the world should agree they have no idea, and unite in that - Religion claims to have the answers.

Ah well. Some people are just more prone to want answers to everything, it's how their brains work, I guess.

you want answers too anon. your first instinct when some one close to you and has an experience you dont understand is to write it off scientifically without research. men of science want answers just as much as religious people and are often even quicker to accept answers.

you've seen the always sunny in philedelphia episode where they 'disprove evolution' yes? humorous and stupid, but a valid point.

religion doesn't offer much in the name of answers. it offers rules, it offers guideliness, and it offers peace of mind. but it doesn't answer the majority of the questions it raises. like science it addresses what it thinks it can.

after all, both religion and science claim to know what happens after you die, when neither could truly be sure, could they?

you are more open minded than many considering your willingness to understand how culture effects the way we view the world as far as the 'visions' go, so I'm very happy we've had this conversation. its nice to meet someone like you who has a humble sense of balance while still being independent enough to choose a side.
Aak your girlfriend to pray for me. I'm not right in the head.

Sounds like my younger cousins. Had some severe social issues when they were younger and turned to the church.

Surprisingly there must be a somewhat large group of psycho church bitches, as seeing the things these girls write is kind of scary.

Legitimately believing that god is strengthening their bones via a camp counseler praying, seeing visions, god granting them some kind of 'holy release' via words that they hear at camps. It's scary and on cult tier level. As another anon says when their friends/family reinforce the behavior it only gets worse.
I think science doesn't claim to know what happens after we die. I think it claims no one knows, as I also believe.

You're right about wanting answers, and perhaps it's just all about how you are wired - how quick you accept things and how 'logical' you are in thinking and experiencing the world and things you read.

It's quite late, so I will go to bed now. I'm happy too - You've got an open view. Good luck with whatever you're doing in life, and thanks again!
I will, man. But I don't believe it'll do anything for you. Then again, who is right in the head.

There's levels in everything I guess, it also depends on what country you're from. I'm from the Netherlands - a very secular country. She's from Poland, where almost everyone is Catholic. And America is very, very different aswell. I guess you can't change how people are wired, atleast not very quick. And push too hard and they will just push back. Good luck anon, hope they'll become a bit more rational with time.

>i tihnk science doesn't claim to know what happens after we die

depends on who you ask, but the general consensus is nothing. science says we die, thats the end of the journey, very little evidence exists that suggest we linger. our consciousness is in our brain, and if that stops working, the consciousness is gone.

science is pretty sure about this, and frankly i dont blame science for this one. all signs point to 'nothing'. its accepted as fact.

science doesn't say 'we dont know' because there is no evidence to suggest otherwise, where as the evidence that the brain is literally where consciousness comes from tells us that if it stopped working, consciousness is gone.

happy new years anon. it was a nice chat.

I think it's a social thing. Are you having problems socially or can't really cope with being alone? Turning to any group and being able to tell them stories that get everyone excited and pumped up is a very nice feeling. I think that's what these 'visions' amount to.

That bored daydream you had earlier? Suddenly it's a story rife with meanings, and your friends will be excited and try to point meanings at it too. Does the gate symbolize a choice, a life change, a bad time ending or a new one beginning?

Having that validation is nice, but it's creepy. Like 100% creepy as fuck and on davidian/cult tier level.
Dude fuck you, you don't deserve to judge her and convert her to Atheism, your beliefs are shit tier anyway and maybe you should give her the one iota of the benefit of the doubt and try to see visions too.

If not fucking leave her you trash punk ass bitch and allow someone who is Christian and looking for someone good and pure in the faith to grow his faith with and have a strong pure white family.

Stop acting like you have all the answers and have some sort of moral authority to mock her visions and faith. You might have a Joan of Arc as a girlfriend but you want to throw that away, suck my dick.

INB4 /pol/

you're definitely responding to the wrong person.
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