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Different schedules n luv

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Me and my fiancee have different work schedules and we both are going to school full time.

It's been an issue because we don't have much time together anymore.

She's complained that we need more time together so I got a 2nd job at the school so I can take time off from my weekend job to spend more with her.

But I still work weekends.

>come home from work last night at 8:30
>whole day were texting we miss each other and when I get home well play some vidya
>I get home and she's stuck in a match, occupied. Fine
>she gets done with the game and doesn't wanna play anymore vidya
>asks if I wanna watch somthing
>I decline because she's been drinking and can barley keep her eyes open
> I tell to finish putting the laundry she started away and well cuddle and watch something
>I check up on her after 15 minutes and she's passed out on the bed.
> next morning try to fool around but she's not having it so i stop
>mention I'm kinda disappointed we didn't fool around last night or this morning, disappointed we didn't spend anytime together last night at all
>say I'd appreciate of she could take a nap earlier so we'd have a little bit of time when I work
>she gets super pissed
>says I'm breaking intimacy
>don't understand why she can't find a way to spend time
>i literally got a 2nd job and take time off from my other job just to spend more time together
> asking her to take a nap while I'm gone is too much because naps make her groggy
> she says I broke intimacy
> feeling like an sad now, just wanna be close and spend time together

Please /adv/ise me
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Pls adv
Just forget about it she sounds like she's too selfish to understand that you changed careers to spend time with her. Never ever make a career change for her again.
This is the sad truth, dude. You two are going to drift apart. I worked graveyard for more than 4 years and it completely destroyed one relationship, and then when I decided to put the next girl before my job, it completely destroyed my career, and things broke down with her anyway.

Now I realize that my first path was the correct one. If she can make sacrifices like you do, the burden of keeping the relationship alive by yourself will eventually become too much for you to bear.

Talk with her one more time, and be very honest but gentle. Then take whatever path you take.

Maybe I'm in denial here but she's my fiancee, I can't just forget about her. I know there's other fish out there but we're high school sweethearts, she's gorgeous, I love her. I took her viginity and she has mine. I don't really want anyone else.

My weekend job is just an entry level job that allows me to got to school full time and study on the job- not a career. That's why we're going to school , to get a real careers.

If I get a different job it'll interfere with school or interning places , which is critical for my career.

I can't find a way to spend more time with her and I'm tired of drifting apart.
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>she says I broke intimacy
what does this even mean? And I agree with >>17909237
you need to lay your cards on the table, and if things are heading for a breakup, don't be scared to say that. It sucks but it's better to learn to communicate and lay your cards on the table so they can be dealt with than to just let things go and hope they get better
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It means she has walls up now and feels defensive so it damages our relationship because we can't be close.
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