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Spending New Years eve alone

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Long story short. Girlfriend dumped me right before Xmas. (such a nice xmas present)
New years coming up and all my plans going out with here are now gone. I have no idea what to do now. And I dont really want to spend it home alone playing video games or something.

So im planning going out, alone, first time ever. I've never gone to town by self desu. Always been with a girlfriend or something.
Main reason is that I dont drink alcohol (no religius reasoning or anything, just dont like the alkaline taste from it)
And ive been pretty much sort of Semi typical nerd hermit.
But with a Job, and otheres hobbies other than just video games. (I do martial arts through a HEMA club. other words, medival fencing and wrestling.)
Not particularly macho, but not overly skinny either, people say i look good, even thou i dont really think so. + I sound like raymond from everybody loves raymond wich annoys the hell out of me.

So the question is. How do i go out and socialize alone?
What do you guys do when you go to town alone? and how do you pick and approach people?
I know how to hold a conversation going. I just really really bad at taking the first initiative.
If you have money go to a strip club. That is how I am spending my NYE.
Theres a single strip club here where i live, but I really dont feel like going to one for some reason.

I dunno. However, regular clubs and bars arent a lack of.
BUt I really really dont like to much loudless or crappy techno music
>I sound like raymond from everybody loves raymond
Dress up as Raymond and hit the town pretending you're him.
Ive gone out alone many times and I always end up in some group and often with a girl. Just relax and let whatever comes be. Aim for bigger groups. Be warm , open and bring a fun vibe.
Haha I wish. To bad i have ricenigger heritage (asian)
Or I would be doing that already. + I dont have that english accent he has.
you seem like a wise man.

Do you just go into a pub/bar/whatnotpalce and just order a drink and sit down by yourself at a open table or do you approach random people and just start talking?
Yeah, I get something to drink and approach people. Some are receptive, some are not. Some like me, some don't. Stick with the ones you like and who likes you back.

Not him but generally just be there to have a good time, not chase girls, and you'll be fine.

I've gone to concerts alone and ended up with three girls at my side grinding their asses on me, kissing me, letting me grab their titties.

It's all about vibes. If you are obviously there to chase girls you'll be met with disdain.

But say you see a group of cute girls standing somewhere. Just walk by, say something casual, then walk away.

>"Why do you guys look so bored? It's New Year's Eve!"
>"hahah this isn't as fun as we were expecting!"
>"I hope it gets better!" Smile and walk away

Now you already made a connection with three women at the event. Later on if you see them again, or one separate from the group, it's 100x easier to approach them again and continue that connection. You already made yourself stand out as a guy who's just having fun, so they feel much less threatened by you and will be open to further communication. This is a great way to get a girl to kiss at midnight.

Your body language is also important. Keep your hands at your sides, don't hold your drink in front of you or cross your arms. Just look relaxed and positive.

Go to places with no expectations and you'll never be disappointed.
Whats the topic you usually initiate with?

This is where i really lack. ive tried doing some before. Might just been unlucky, or its just me. but many times i just feel like i get the driest conversation on earth.
1. my hobbies are kinda niché, and when they start talking about things they like (usually soccer) I have no idea what their talking about when they talk about players and more meta level of soccer. My dad is a huge soccer fan, so i have some basics, and surface knowledge wich often misleads them into thinking share same interest / knowledge that they do.
2. My humor tends to be pretty crude and dark at times without me noticing it. works well with people that has the same type of humor, but completely wrecks it to people who dont. even thou i try to avoid it at all cost untill i know for sure they have same type of humor
smooth as hell. thats buddah level of wisdom right there.

However I got intrigued. How do you hold your drink? if you cannot hold it infront of you. but keeping your arms on the side. wont the drink spill?

90 degree angle parallel with your shoulder. Should be floating to the right of your chest.

This is open body language that displays comfort and confidence. You ever see those guys at bars that stand in the corner with their beer held directly in front of their chest? They look uncomfortable as fuck.
I have no problem going out and socializing alone. But I'm tall and good looking and get a little drunk every time. I'm also not a serial monogomist like you.

You kind of have to drink, you pussy. Stop drinking sodas and other sweet drinks and then black coffee and alcohol will grow on you.

I just read the person I'm going to speak to. People usually dress in a way that will express who they are. Look at their shoes. Shoes say a lot.
People aren't there to go deep into something, they're there to have fun. Just talk about light stuff and joke around. If you are a little dark, that's fine. Maybe whoever you're joking around with has the same sense of humor
Strip clubs are a great way to blow a bunch of money and feel worse afterwards.
>look at their shoes, shoes say a lot
holly shit. this all the way. I do this all the time.

Haha, im not secluded when it comes to drinking. I am open for tasting. Just havent found the one that suits my taste. I've had my fair share of tasting as my father side of the family are heavy drinkers, + they run a big fancy resturant. My uncle told me he refused to believe im a <insert surname> if I dont drink any alcohol at all. took me to his wine cellar. Tasted massive amount of vintage wines and champagne. oldest one being dated to 1710. Still didnt like it. However, there was a alcohol free champagne that I actually really liked.
+ brought the bartender down with almost every single drink on the menu for me to taste.
I puked more that night that I have ever had in my lifetime.
Despite doing fair deal of spitting. But theres a limit of how much you can spit out and how much you actually end up drinking.

But shoes. I've never tought of that.


I had no idea about this! Thank you very much for that advice. Definatly going to remember that. Yeah ive seen some of those guys, but never tought they looked uncomfortable, unless they look timid aswell.
Tell me abit about the different type of shoes says about personality? Or something else?
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