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TL;DR, does suicide hurt?

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I hope asking for suicide advice isn't against the rules, but if it is please do ban me.

Does suicide hurt?

Specifically I plan to jump off a bridge onto some tarmac sometime tomorrow.

Just to be clear, *it's not an overpass*

I'm not jumping onto a moving highway or anything, I'm not that much of a fucking asshole. It's a very quiet carpark that's mostly unused.

The drop is maybe 25 feet. Not awfully high, but I do plan to lean my body forward and pivet so that I guarantee a head first landing, thus causing massive brain damage.

I'm betting on being knocked out instantly, and the resulting brain damage being too much to ever recover or wake from. So essentially no pain.

But I could be mistaken? Hence why I ask this question.

Is my plan stupid? Will it hurt? Will I survive?
Your plan is dumb. You would not die instantly or possibly even at all from that fall. Also your family would miss you every single day until they die and would never get over it.
I appreciate your concern, I do, but my mother and father would not miss me.

I come from an abusive family, and they flat out dispised me.

I have thought of all the fall out in that regard. Though you are right to bring it up.

I'm just concerned about the mechanics f such an act.
No matter how you choose to kill yourself there will be varying degrees of pain involved. I've tried killing myself before.
25' is going to do it. Will probably put you in a wheel chair the rest of your life. You'll also need someone to wipe your ass for the rest of your life.
>I think most of us have these thoughts from time to time. How about hang in there for awhile and see if those thought fade away. It's a big constant cycle for me but I recognize those thoughts go away and then I'm happy for away.
There's no point to any of this shit. I just try to enjoy riding on this big rock. We are only here one time so might as well ride it as long as possible.
If you're gonna do it, I'd suggest choosing a different way. Most people who've survived jumping off of buildings or whatever said it was terrifying and they regretted it the moment their feet left the ground. That's probably the only reason I havent done it yet. I live in NYC, there's TONS of tall ass buildings to choose from, but I don't wanna be screaming at the top of my lungs terrified for 10-30 seconds before I die.
25 feet

you idiot

Don't do it mate
Well, thanks for the info.

Seemed like a good idea, but maybe something else. Don't want to be in a wheelchair.

I know, most people can hang in there, but that's not my bag. I had a pretty awful childhood, and I have a shit ton of mental illnesses.

I get it, I'm not the only one. People can survive that. I know I'm being greedy, and selfish. As weird as it may sound though, I am at piece with all that.

I accept it's a shitty thing to do, that it's unnatural to want to exinguish my life, but the fact is I will do it. It's just a matter of finding the most painless, quick, and efficient way.

I'm European though, no guns. Shame I'm not in Belgium. They let you Euthanize yourself in cases like mine. I don't have enough money for that though.
25 feet is nothing. That's like giving yourself broken legs or broken ankles
What's got you so depressed OP?
The usual.

Terrible abusive parents. No friends. Dropped out of school early.

So I have a complex where I always feel alone and scared. I always feel like people are out to hurt or abuse me. There is "coping mechanisms" but the underlying pain and thoughts never truly leaves, and it never truly will.

I feel that I have the right to choose not to live with that constant mental pain.
If you have constant mental pain why are you looking for a painless way to kill yourself?
Spite them through your survival.

Spite them even more through your success in life.

Spite them to the point of making them commit suicide.
I don't like physical pain. I guess who does?

And the way I figure, might as well go out better than I came in. If I can leave pretty easily, all the better.

But I don't totally reject pain either. I have a few possible methods. Plan B is a drop hanging. I tie a noose around my neck and drop from a height of about 6 feet. If I get it wrong and suspend hang, I could have a long painful death.

If that's how it pans out, so be it. I'd like to avoid that if at all possible, but I accept it's a possibility.
hi. You are of immeasurable worth and I promise you that with all my being. I'm not sure how suicide hotlines work in Europe because I live in America, but I really suggest that you call one and talk to them. I promise you, it will help you.

I have had a friend with abusive parents and she also contemplated suicide. She's doing better than ever now. And I know you aren't her, but i know things can improve for you here, too.

I don't know if you believe in prayer, but I will be praying for you. There are always people out there willing to listen to you and help you and love you, such as myself.

I'm having trouble finding words right now, but I really, truly mean it by saying you are loved beyond your knowledge and you have so much worth. I will do basically anything to show that to you.
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I have mixed neuropathy, that both central nerve pain in the brain and in differents part of the body; I also get huge migraines and had 7 convulsions in my life. I am taking medicine now but it works only for a few hours, meaning I can't sleep more than 4-5 hours because I need to redose.
My mother is living far away and disowned me, she's bipolar maniac; my dad died 3 years ago, I never could get over it. I am living on my own thanks to my uncle and some shitty programming jobs I sometimes get.
I want to kill myself as well. I live in a 10 stories building, I have access to the roof, and planned to jump a couple of times, didn't get much fear from heights. Would 10 stories do it? if not, could you anons suggest other ways please? I used to hang out on suicide.methods on Google Groups but is dead now.
Thanks in advance.
Physical pain can sometimes actually be nice. I get what you mean though. I'll say I find it interesting you're on here asking for advice about it instead of just doing it.
We all have shit to deal with or that we want to get rid of. Maybe take another day to decide if this is what you really want.
You're a good person, and i appreciate the love and prayer, I promise I don't dismiss that kind off stuff.

I have no faith myself, but a lot of help I have got over the years have been from Catholic sources, so people with religious beliefs are close to my heart. I genuinely believe they are good people.

I have been to therapy and counseling sessions for years. I have been taught many coping techniques and have done all sorts of therapies.

DBT. CBT. PTSD. I know all the acronyms, trust me. They haven't taken or lessoned the pain. They teach you to try and cope with the pain. It never worked for me, no matter what I tried.

I respect those people though. I don't blame those therapists or councilors. My head just works a unique way unfortunately.
Hey op. Can you go for a drive to relax a little? Maybe get a soda and just drive. Sometimes that helps me.
It's not a crisis thing. I'm not suiciding right this second if that makes sense.

I will be in about 20 hours though, and have been planning so since early October. So I've plenty of time to pro and con.
25'' feet isn't enough

More likely than not, you'll just end up broken on the ground dying for several hours until someone sends you to the hospital or you die properly.

You think you have the wherewithal to do it right, but suicide survivors say that as they're falling, the only thing they can think of is that everything is fixable except for jumping.

Suicide is just shortsighted. Life is fucking looooong.
That sounds like a negative to you, but that's because you're locked into your current point of view
20 years ago you were playing in the dirt.
Where will you be in 20 years?

Things change. You learn to cope and to better yourself
Suicide is like rage quitting a video game in the first 5 minutes. It's sad and juvenile
btw, I am an oldfag 31 years old with no friends and going to lose my apartment in a month. There are some suicide lines here but I'm afraid they'll send cops or something like that.
>25 feet

You can't even kill yourself right
OP here. Not sure about you're area, and I won't ask either, but I have phones suicide hotlines before.

They don't send out cops to my knowledge. As far as I am aware they are totally anonymous. Hope that helps.
I accept that. That's why I ask though.

It's not like I've suicided before!
please don't do it op. I have mental pain sometimes too. But there are times I can relax and I hope you are getting enough sleep. seriously try going to bed way earlier than you normally do so your not so tired can help.
Aye OP listen to some music and drift away from reality for a bit, imagine you are no longer here, the things you could've done. the girl you could've dated and the much fun you could've had. Just wait it out like all of us OP there's no need to rush to your death.
Drowning is supposedly very peaceful at the end.

If I was gonna do it I'd steal/hire a boat and go out to sea or a lake and tie some cement blocks to my leg and then get real drunk and jump on in.
OP I was having almost constant mental pain for about two years but I think it may be finally letting up some. Don't give up hope!
Your body's natural response will make your last minutes die of agony, you call that peaceful?
I mean when I wasn't resting.
I'm 31 and I've been having constant mental pain since I was 12.

Not that I in any way wish to invalidate you, or what you went through. 2 years of that kind of pain is 2 too many.
>does causing enough damage to my body so it stops working hurt
Did you attempt a try already and kill some brain cells, bruv?

Also 25 feet isn't even much if you land right (and you won't be able to control your fucking fall as a beginner, nigger)
Stop being fat and you'll be happier

hi it's me again.

there's not always a perfect formula to helping a unique mind. I think of mine as pretty unique, too.

You're amazing for trying certain therapies out and learning from people. I respect you greatly for thinking about everything and hope that I can give you a glimpse of a new perspective for a second. The brain is a crazy thing so I understand how it sometimes seems beyond control. I'm here to let you know that brains can evolve.

First, because I want to do a bit of an introduction, I want to ask you about your favorite color. Mines a light, pale green.

I'm also no therapist by any means I'm just talking to you about things in my heart that feel right to talk about with you for this moment.

I, though many miles away, am reading your words. That you made. And I'm affected by them. You're adding to my life. I have compassion for you. And I accept all of you.

I encourage you to feel the texture of your hands. Trace the outlines of your palms. and realize how freaking cool it is that they have typed so many words and have possibly poured coffee or thrown a ball for a dog to fetch. Whatever they have done, realize every freaking part of you is so cool.

I'm sorry you have pain. I really do believe that if you call the suicide hotline or look for help you will find it. Praying for your best,

Im sorry op. have you tried prayer? I prayed and prayed and prayed for it to go away.
It's just what I've heard.
The start is obviously bad but the last moments are peaceful
Lol. I'm the ideal weight for my height. 5'9, manlet for life, am I right.

I have even dropped weight on the gym. Worked out. All that business.

I have listened to all the steps by all the experts. Trust me, I have truly tried all the angles I can think of.

I guess it works for most people, and i dig that. My brain and my condition exists in a very unique way. I dunno, that's the way i see it.
I'm so sorry to hear that anon. Have you tried prayer?
No, I don't believe in God honestly.
I went to church and everything as a kid, as I grow up, I realized the church ... well, that's another topic.
I feel so sad having been alone 20 years+ , and since 3-4 years ago my health problems began kicking in, now I am in constant pain when I am out of meds or they worn off... I don't want to whine anymore to people, I just want to end it.
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