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How to be productive and not procrastinate?

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That's basically it, how do you successful people manage to stay focused and productive?

>winter break (1 week no school)
>got AP Physics and Statistics packet to complete
>only started yesterday but can't seem to focus for long, not getting very far
>Keep getting distracted and doing other stuff/waste time (reading memes/drawing/playing games)

I try to genuinely enjoy the material because who doesn't want to be smarter but I just can't lie to myself that long and I try to think of the benefits of getting it done (don't procrastinate and sleep well, learn the material better and more calmly)

I remember reading in the past that I should ask my peers who are more productive in the grade for their tips to stay interested in the subjects or for help but I'm the valedictorian and everyone else I know in these classes struggle to stay focused/start the task like me/have minimal interest in the first place.

Another thing I read is that we're lazy because we're afraid that we can't do it/don't use it but I keep telling myself I'm not learning this for nothing, I'm sure to apply it in my CS field or use the core concepts to improve my life/hobbies such as learning physics for gameDev (maybe I'm not that convincing to myself)

I'm not in procrastination mode yet since I still have today, tomorrow and Sunday to finish it and I'm sure I can get it done in one day but I just want to finish it already and be over it.

I really want to fix this problem before college starts/apply it to other things aside from homework

Hopefully the answer isn't
>just do it
As it's easier to say then do
I have always procrastinated my whole life because I had no life goals. As soon as I knew what I wanted to do I went from getting D/C's to A/B's. Just remind yourself of your goal, get a whiteboard and plan your life.

Just do it.
I never thought about that before and sounds like something that would really work, THANKS ANON!

>Just do it.

This. There isn't really any other answer, as much as we might want one.
Are you from high school? Community college or university?

I used to get stressed, nervous and adrenaline rush when I procrastinated and didn't eat a lot~which was bad, still happens sometimes.
Help please!!! I'm thinking about going back to school even though I don't know what career and major I want to go in. I used to think I wanted to help people, but know I also want to earn enough money to live a somewhat stable life
I'm OP and I'm currently a HS senior, tho I already 100% sure what major I want to go into. I really want to do CS (via college) and become a professional indie developer and 3D modeler (via self study/hobby projects). School stresses me a lot/constant anxiety and my health & social life still degrades because of my procrastination which is why I made this thread :/

Let's build an app fgt.
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List ideas here fag-nuggets. No multi-user shit unless its a great idea, I am too lazy to set up a server with a db.
Thanks for the offer but I'm already working on my web game rn and currently planning a ToDo/Goal/Habit builder app in JavaScript (that would sync via you google drive account and allow u to use it anywhere without us dealing with the server stuff)
>Get away from the computer.
This should be obvious but it needs to be stated every time.
>Schedule yourself.
If you allocated a dedicated chunk of your time for the task, you're most likely to actually use it. It should be consistent on a daily basis, For example you could say "study 1 chapter after lunch" or "study up to the first set of excercises at noon".
Let it be the first thing you do with your free time. I find that if I start the day using the computer, I'm glued to it even if I am doing nothing and there's nothing interesting in the internet. Do your most important task first, then you have all the free time to do whatever you want.
>Get yourself in the mood.
A little ritual to prepare yourself for the task at hand. Maybe brew some tea, take your time, so when you get doing *it* you start with a clear mind.
>Set a goal.
Often we just block when we are at the actual task that we have. Maybe it is too daunting, maybe you don't even know where to start. Set yourself a small goal, a subset of the general goal, and start working on it, that'll give you momentum and perspective.
>Avoid burnout
Take breaks, drink water, go out for a little walk, then get back to business.

Hope it works for you
Make a list with all of the things you need to do, each thing shouldnt take more than half an hour. Put it on computer, start checking things off

Also nicotine should help, im gonna try it soon on that very purpose
I would use nicotine but I want to completely avoid using any drug/related substance because I have a pretty weak willpower and would prolly become addicted easily
Thanks, I knew all of this but seeing it again really helps ingrain more and motivate me to actual apply them! :D
just remember that motivation can only get you so far. Discipline is what gets things done. Which is to say nothing comes without effort. You probably know all this too.
yea I read about it before, but its kinda more powerful when there's someone actually telling you thx!
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