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anyone have experience with antidepressants? I was always sort

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anyone have experience with antidepressants?

I was always sort of depressed, but still had the energy and motivation to at least try to do things or draw and make art in my spare time and the past years Ive hardly been able to get out of bed.

thinking of starting with medication

My dad is depressed, but thats probably because he spends all day in bed. He used to be an alcoholic and binge drank, but until he started antidepressants he had cooled it on drinking for close to a year, two weeks after being on antidepressants he started binge drinking again.

Shit doesn't work or is bad for you, you're depressed because your physical health is bad. Fix that and your feelings will soften, not completely go away, but you'll be on the way to fixing yourself.

This is easier said than done.
I'm on them right now, along with benzos. Been taking them since April. Helped me with a lot of things, old phobias, hypochondria, panic attacks, social anxiety, depression, starting going to the gym, etc. Getting over being lazy is still an issue, but I'm much more functional than before, I finally started socialising with people instead of being a socially retarded 4channer.

Mother and best friends also took antidepressants, helped both of them.
Hi anon, I myself just started taking antidepressants. I was sceptical at first until my clinical therapist and psychiatrist explained it like this to me:

Feeling really really low is usually related to lack of chemicals in the brain. If one is working as hard as they can to do things that bring them joy (like drawing and stuff) but it feels like an uphill battle, antidepressants come into play and can help bridge the gap a bit by boosting the person taking them so that the person can regulate their emotions at the same chemical level as everyone else.

After that explanation it made sense to me.
Are you literally me?
My granny was on a series of antidepressants for about 8-9 years. For a few years in the middle she didn't even look at us when we visited her, when she was in the 'better' years of antidepressants I only heard her say stuff like 'I want to fall asleep and never wake up'.
The 10th year her doctors went 'sorry, we cannot help her, she's not responding to any treatment, we'll stop the treatment completely'.
A few weeks later, no meds whatsoever, she was better than ever. All chatty, recognizing everyone, in a good mood. And that good mood is lasting for 11-12 years now?

She was in a bad place at the start, had I been in a position where I could influence things, I would've only let her take part in treatments without any pills.

I can recommend drama therapy, art therapy, moving to a different country, etc. I would not recommend meds unless you really have no other choice.

I know Americans have a boner for prescription drugs, but it's not for me.
antidepressants made my cock not work.
t. celexa
Avoid SSRIs unless you like having impotence and permanent apathy.

Look into NDRIs, they have high success rates with very little side effects.
I took SSRI for about half a year. It really stabilized my mood, and maybe a bit -too- much; I felt wool-headed all day every day while on it. Still, it's a very good first line of defense to stop things from getting worse.

Other than that, physical activity, socializing and sunshine all make you feel better. Without the semi-lobotomizing effect. Good luck, cowboy.
I'm 24, and on wellbutrin.

When I first started it I could barely get out of bed, was considering suicide, and basically withdrew from all non essential human relationships. I'm a martial artist of 12 years, and I wound up with a bilateral sprain which made it so I lost my main coping mechanism and one of the things I loved most in life for about a year and a half.

I took the first pill, I suddenly had the energy to do laundry for the first time in a month. I cooked, I started taking care of myself again. The energy continued, but I became almost wholly numb.

I've dropped my dosage to a third of what it used to be and am slowly starting to feel like a human again rather than a robot. Yesterday I actually decided to not take it, and I wound up almost overwhelmed by the emotion. Not depression, just how raw everything felt.

I know that I need to get off of them if I have any hope of having healthy relationships.

So OP, what I would suggest to you:
If you literally can't do anything to work on yourself, take meds.
If you're going to school/working, exercising frequently (at least 3 times a week), and being actively social and you still feel sapped, take meds.
Once your life is under control, get off of them as fast as you can.

Most of all DO NOT DRINK OR DO DRUGS. I don't care what anyone tells you, if you're depressed don't even think about it. When you suddenly have the brain chemistry of a stupidly happy person, then go back to your norm, you're going to get addicted. I'm a few bad decisions from being an alcoholic, I can't even allow the stuff to be in my home for my own safety.

Good luck op.
Thread posts: 10
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