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I’ve got a bit of oneitis /adv/ Let’s call her Amy I went

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I’ve got a bit of oneitis /adv/

Let’s call her Amy

I went to school with her, and got over her and now she’s back in my life and I’m beyond confused.

I’ve got a very shit greentext typed up if anyone can spare the time to read through my terrible storytelling and life fails. It’s not exciting but would be appreciated.
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Post it up bro.
>Met a girl in school years ago, always close, on and off childish relationships.
>Kind of always liked her, even if I repressed it a little at times. It was always there.
>At the end of school I went away for work, still occasionally talked, not very much
> After about a year, I came back and she started talking to me again, quite keenly.
>We met up etc. And I once again began to fall for her a bit.
>I went away again before it got too bad
>We’d occasionally talk when I was away, not too much.
>Kind of stopped talking October 2014
>Fast forward two months she has a boyfriend
>Whatever, I’m not fussed, I’m over her etc
>And then she’s pregnant
>OK nothing to do with me
>still haven’t spoken to her since
>she split up with the boyfriend because he was a bit of a cunt or whatever idk
>Fast forward to four months ago ish
>We’d occasionally send each other a random snap
>Fast forward to two ish months ago
>Baby is born, let’s call him Bill because why the fuck not
>She starts talking to me more regularly
>I’m driving home from work one night and she calls me
>Just general chit chat stuff, says I can come look at her new flat whenever I like
>Then she started saying how she wants a boyfriend who she’s known for a longtime, has always been nice to her and makes her laugh.
>I took that as a pretty big fucking hint, right?
>I was passive because she’s kind of fucked me in the past and I don’t want to go getting my balls in a twist again.
>That night she’s on the phone to me for like 6 hours, just catching up, talking about “Bill” etc
>She sent me a snapchat of her in bed saying “Need someone to share this big bed with”
>Again, hintetty hint
> I was out at a bar with some pals at the time, so couldn’t just drive over there
>I probably wouldn’t of anyway because I’m still not sure
>Few days later, I do go over and see her and “Bill”
Pt 1

just find somebody else to focus on

or ask that Amy out a few times for the rejection feels
>She’s looking amazing, got a decent place set up for herself
>The baby is great, she’s a great Mum
>We just had a sort of casual catch up watched some shit on TV etc
>I stayed quite late, she fell asleep on the sofa with me and I did after
>Went home early in the morning
>She dropped me a facebook message the next day again just casual shit
>I’m thinking great. My oneitis target is finally into me and I’ve moved on
>Few days later we were talking and she invited me around to hers that night for takeout
>I couldn’t because I had work ‘til late, but I went around after and bought McDonalds
>Same as before we chill. “Bill” isn’t there because he’s with his Gran.
>Fall asleep again, I leave next morning
>Same sort of thing happens a few more times, I go around there and chill for a bit
>I’m not acting on any of the hints because I’m still not sure
>I was holding “Bill” and she started dropping her hints again
>She added that she wants someone who’s “Good with Bill” and I’m sat there holding him
>Fast forward to two weeks ago I think and we went out drinking
>I met her out there, and she was looking amazing. 10/10 take me now Saddam level
>bought her drinks danced with her etc.
>She was pretty fucked and I wasn’t much better
Pt 2
>A friend later told me that we did kiss but I don’t remember
>Anyway she tells me she’s not feeling good anymore and wants to go home
>So I call a taxi and take her home
>In the taxi she’s just lying there with her head on my lap and I’m playing with her hair
>She says that I can stay at hers
>She had something to eat and we were just talking in bed whilst she was eating and we were laughing etc
>She was so recked she fell asleep as she was talking
>So I just go to sleep
>Wake up the next day, talk, help her clean the house say goodbyes and I walk home
I know I should of done more, and I fucked up a little.
Anyway forward a few days
>I ask her when’s a good time to bring her and Bill’s Christmas presents over
>She’s talking keenly like she always does and says Wednesday
Fast forward to Wednesday
>I go over on my way to work to drop them over
>She’s not in
>She does have a bad memory, always has.
>Asked her later on about it and she says she was in
>All the lights were off and no one answered the door, so I’m not convinced
>Ask her when another good time is
>She doesn’t reply
Ah shit
I sent her a Merry Christmas snap and she sent one back
I sent her a random snap the other day, the kind which you could reply to if you wanted to but doesn’t necessarily need one. She didn’t reply.
>I’m thinking OK, let’s just cool off a little here, maybe leave things until the new year
>I’m out for lunch with a friend today, also from school.
>He goes to get another drink
>I heard a familiar voice say “Is that Anon McAnon?” It’s her cousin
>So she’s with her cousin and Bill
>Ah shit, this wasn’t supposed to happen
>Speak to her a little and she speaks to my friend, my friend holds Bill for a little bit because he’s never met him
>She takes him back and goes to sit down with her cousin
One more after this
>As she gets up to order she gives Bill to me and asks me to look after him while she orders
>So she trusts me with him right?
>Anyway my friend and I need to go because things to do, so we say are goodbyes. I remind her that I’ve still got her presents. Bye etc

That’s where we are now.

One of my friends was talking to her when they were out and she was saying how she’s not sure she wants a boyfriend right now, but she likes me and how good I am with Bill. So this completely contradicts what she was saying earlier. It seems like as soon as I decided that I was going to do this, she changed her mind. My thinking is that she doesn’t know what she wants. Which is why she can change so much.
Wat do?
Don't get with her man... look for someone else. As for the presents throw them away or give them to a homeless person. My advice to you would be to just bang her and then part ways .

She likes you but shes probably unsure about you because you tend to withdraw when things begin to get intense.
You're sending her mixed signals.
What you need to do is take the lead here.
On one of the days she's baby free, take her some place new. Don't be afraid to flirt a little. Turn the intensity up or u might fall back into the friend zone.
Sometimes it takes time and maturing to realize the depth of your feelings for someone. Sounds like that's what's going on with her now. You need to validate your feelings for her or she will back away. Her fear of rejection will quickly take control if you don't. When you have her alone. Ask ber if she remembers the kiss
Why do you say that?
This was pretty much what I was think to be honest. Thanks
I've got a NYE party tomorrow so am going to ask her to come to that.
Different Anon here

Basically in my experience with women, if she is into you, like really into you, there will come a time where she basically is trying to pull the balls out of your pants and can't get any more obvious as to her intentions.

It sounds like you have been here with this girl now multiple times and you haven't sealed the deal. You haven't fucked her yet.

Now the danger with this is that you only get one, maybe two chances if you are lucky to fuck her. If you don't fuck her, she will move on and try to find someone else. I think this is the case here. She wanted you to fuck her and you should have capitalized just for the hell of it. However, you didn't and she has friendzoned you and is moving on.

My advice to you would be to cut contact and understand that you dodged a bullet. She's a single mother at such a young age and probably realizes that this makes her less attractive to many people. She would have been attracted to you for a reason, so don't worry, you can attract someone better and more stable too.

Learn from this incident anon and don't make the same mistake again.
Appreciated, thank you.
If you don't mind taking care of her kid, then I'd suggets going for her. Going throhgh oneitus, having to get over her AND being able to win her back, let alone having her come to you, rather than you perusing her, is a hell of a thing.

Godspeed anon.
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I won't lie, like the kid. And I fucking hate kids. But I'd be willing to you know? Thanks anon.

Also bump for various opinions.
yeah my dude. good luck to you.
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Cheers m9
this sounds like old mom let me rape your wallet bull shit “Good with Bill”

i would run faster than the speed of light. shes a whore for not using a condom with a douchebag.
I certainly wish I had the same luck as you. Even if your luck isn't perfect, it's certainly a lot more than what I've got.

Then again, I'm younger than you are, so I guess I still have time.
She was on the pill tbf
How old are you?
20, still in college. Haven't had the luxury of meeting up with a past crush, since we're all still in the blur that is college, but maybe sometime in the future. I've only ever been close friends with a crush on mine in highschool and lightly friends with another my freshman year of college.
We're both only 19 just, so there's hope bro.
damn my dude, from your story it sounded like you guys were at least mid 20's, with her having a nice apartment and all. sorry for the misjudgment.

godspeed none the less.
Let me describe your situation from my perspective
>know girl
>kinda crush but nothing ever happens
>she gets preggers
>father dips out
>now she's in find a daddy mode and has made an effort to reconnect with someone she's known for a while but never had anything with
She's man hunting and you're the prey
>contemplating taking care of another mans child
And to had. Enjoy college and spread out. By that I mean fuck as many as possible. You need to enjoy it while you can. I lived ahead of my years because of my job and slightly regret it desu

I considered this. Which was part of the reason why I was so cautious, but it seemed genuine at some point.

That thought also crossed my mind to be honest. But it's different when you're there.
Thanks man. Good luck.
Also, are you English/Anglo?

>But it's different when you're desperate

Fixed this for you.
How do you not feel insulted? She let someone else impregnate her and you drop everything to please her. There are other women who dont use you as a literal plan Beta.
I didn't drop everything. My oldest brother is biologically not my Dad's son and he's the most alpha fuck I know . I think that's what complicates things. If it wasn't for him,I'd of dismissed it as some cuck shit.
Who? Me? or OP?
I'm part anglo, but more importantly I'm the child of a single mom. Oh, and before I get accusations of having a black father who ran out, it was actually a rich white father that ran out on my mom and dodged child support.
Don't fall for that stupid /pol/ shit. There are plenty of real men who have taken a woman with previous children. In fact, if you were to do this then you're in a better position than most because the child is still incredibly young and so are you and the mother (high potential for more kids). But getting with a single mom is a huge choice and I advise you to be extremely cautious. Not only emotionally, but financially. You don't want to end up slaving away just to support three people.
I'm OP, I asked you the question. "Preggers" felt English
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I thought this was /pol/ shit. My Dad has two more kids and has been married for my Mum for well over 20 years so can't be that bad right??
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damn, this story, and thread in general gave me some hard feels. just fuck my shit up.
I'm in love with cara delevingne
Tell us bro, get it out.>>17907866
Aren't we all. As a Brit, she's so based.
>get it out
not much TO get out. just missing girls I've had crushes on/relationships with. ugh.

especially now. There's a girl I've been talking to for about two weeks before going on winter break (in college right now), and I miss her so much. But she's apparently seeing some other dude who hasn't been around her as long as I have and hasn't really tried to connect with her as much as I have, but has only really been showering her with mindless attention because he's so desperate, and she's eating it up because she's kind of an attention whore.

oh well...
My somewhat drunk advice.

Fuck it. Go in hard and cuck that guy. You're the boss. What's the worse that could happen? Seriously what's the worse?
hmmm. you make a good point. only problem is that my friends (who are her roommates) would judge me pretty hard, since they know she's kind of a hoe too. Oh well. I haven't really got much to loose other than that.
Exactly. Who cares how they judge you. You've got to live for yourself.
Do it m8
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