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Girl with bf flirting with me.

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So this chick from old class been txting me lately and we've flirted through txt but shes got a boyfriend. I flirt for fun and dont expect much to come out of this but im curious to know whats going through her head and why her bf puts up with that shit.

B4 ppl say I shouldnt flirt, she contacts me 100% of the time.
You should kind of cut her out of your life. If she does this with a guy she is already in a relationship with she will definitely do the same to you.
Bro im not tryna date her lol, if anything id screw her cause she is hot but i flirt because its fun and shes the one approaching me.
Be straightforward and direct with her, say you want her at some point, her bf must really bore her ass.
She wants to fuck you because her bf isn't pleasing her either emotionally sexually or both

What's the mystery here?
>her bf isn't pleasing her either emotionally sexually
>her bf must really bore her ass
Are you aware that celebrities with other celebrity spouses, as well as millionaire power couples like business tycoons/supermodels, etc, often cheat on each other and end marriages? You can be the most exciting person in the whole fucking city and it won't be enough for your partner unless THEY learn to appreciate what you have to offer

I say this as a man who has cheated on his gfs plenty of times. I'm not proud of it, but I know why I did it. It wasn't a problem with my partners so much as it was with me. I wanted more acceptance. I wasn't hugged much growing up, was not raised by my parents, and was not shown the love a child should receive. It felt really great when I got it from women, so it didn't bother me much to cheat. My gf loved me, and other girls loved/lusted for me. All the acceptance was great. Addictive. I stopped because I realized it wasn't okay morally. Women however are basically brainwashed to be addicted to to the level of acceptance they get, because it isn't morally wrong to be young and pretty, but have guys constantly falling over you. So it's what she's come to want.

I can't tell you how many whores I've banged that had boyfriends, husbands, and felt the desire to give me some sob story about why they are cheating, "He's not giving me this, he did that, he always goes and blah blah blah". It's always some excuse. If they really wanted to fuck other guys without making excuses to hide their guilt -- JUST BREAK UP. They don't break up though, and why? Because they want the benefits of multiple guys. They want the security, attention, whatever. It's a personal vanity issue. No need to blame the partner she is with. Some people can't be pleased.
Eh it could be either one but I'm glad you posted that it seems like you needed to get that out
Either steal her or stop talking to her you fucking slut
get a fucking blog
Ask yourself these questions
1) Do you respect her BF as a man?
y) Tell him, show him the texts
n/idk) Fuck her, then tell him, be prepared to fight him if hes irrational.
2) Are you prepared to deal with the consequences of being known as someone who dates other peoples women? Its not as big of a stigma as being a cheater but it will earn you a slight reputation as being an asshole.

I was in your situation once where I would cuddle and make out with another mans girl that she initiated but never fucked her, regret not doing it because I got caught and she blamed it all on me and caused all this drama, luckily my sister set the shit straight with video proof she was more than willing to be the aggressor and that I in no way "sexually assaulted" her.
Antibiotics for the flu.. what sort of spastic is this chic
I'm pretty sure they don't have any effect on the flu

She's obviously a dolt

Pump and dump her op
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