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How do I get out of the friendzone boys?

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How do I get out of the friendzone boys?

there are two ways out

>ask her on a date

if she says yes, you did it! if she says no then

>tell her you cant hang out anymore

congrats, no more friend, no more zone.
I've been on like 3 dates with her

were they dates? or were they activities where you suggested something, she agreed, then you did it but didnt kiss her?
By 3 dates you should have fucked her,instead you fucked yourself op, youre not gonna get out of the friendzone
I guess this is an appropriate thread to ask for advice in

>Girl and i have been friends a long time
>she always grabs for my hand or arm or whatever when we're walking together
>we're almost always touching in a flirtatious type way whenever together
>all my friends notice and ask if we're dating
>We've never done anything and ive never made a move because ive heard she has incredibly high standards and im ugly as shit

Am I in the friendzone if we literally flirt everytime we're together? Because jesus christ the temptation to do something is strong but the possibility of embarrassing myself for the rest of time is stronger

you wont be embarassing yourself for the rest of time.

did you know that hot guys get rejected more than guys like you? its because they bother to ask out girls. they realize rejection is no big deal and life goes on. whereas guys like you act like its a life time of shame that everyone thinks of every waking moment just to add to your suffering. its not. people forget in a week at worst, and thats if you're still in highschool.

there is no zone. there is no guaranteed way to find out without her finding out. just tell her you'd like to take her on a date. if she says yes, great. if she says no, just play it cool. say 'alright, i understand' and move on.
I mean, If I was undeniably hot. I'd ask out more girls.
One reason is because, im so undeniably hot, I know for fact that atleast one girl is going to say yes, so it is a numbers game.

I'm not undeniably hot though, so I know my numbers are a ways, lower than I'd like. Probably would hear more no's than yes's.
So even If I do get used to the rejection, I'l always know in the back of my head that it's probably because they took one good look and said, "Ha, no."

so what are you going to wait around and wait for some hottie to just not realize ur ugly an dthen make a move? i dont know what you want here.

you're either capable of being loved or you're not. if you're not, then why would she be flirting. and if you are, then whats it matter if you get rejected along the way?

you dont need to be undeniably hot. you need a baseline of attractiveness within the league you're playing in. learn waht level you're at, and aim for girls at that level.
Well that's where the problem lies,huh?

I dont know if im capable of being loved, and I don't know where I fall on the attractiveness scale.
But seeing as how I have not had a girl interested in me, nor have any girl that i've asked out said yes, I can only gather two things:

Im one ugly son of a bitch or they are just really fucking good at hiding it, to the point where I can't even notice it.
I'm more partial to the first thought, I mean first step to fixing a problem is admitting and accepting it right?

depends. post a picture and ill try to be honest. if you're gonna give that 'ID NEVER POST A PICTURE ON 4CHAN EVEN THOUGH MILLIONS OF PEOPLE DO IT ON THE 'FACES OF /B/' THREAD' then dont bother responding at all.

that being said. the world is not made up of hotties and uglies. there is not one line that divides us. most of us are on a spectrum of attractiveness that leans in different directions. some are more cute. others more handsome. others more hot. others more sexy. there is a difference. so 'admitting you have a problem' does nothing if you just insist you're ugly simply because you might not be hot.

another thing to consider is that women arent supposed to approach men, even the ugly ones, so you can't say

cuz its not their job to. its mans job to.

the truth is more complex than you're willing to believe. and if you ever looked yourself in the mirror and had a serious thought about hwat you look like, you'll know hwere you fall on the attractive scale. you cant claim to be ignorant about it.
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you don't
get cucked you autistic FUCK
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Hmmm, well it is late at night, and none of the people I know go on /adv/ so I guess I can post a picture. They aren't likely to catch this. Here's fairly recent picture. This was when I was trying out a new haircut.

>cuz its not their job to. its mans job to.
Maybe so, but I learned the past week that if a girl legitimately wants to try this dating thing out, they will put some sort of fucking effort. I asked out a girl once, and she really did not sound enthusiastic despite saying yes. She tells me she's too busy for a relationship. Told her I could make my schedule flexible in anyway possible for her, but she clearly wasn't going to try to make time for me,which I know for fact she did. Later I find out that she's asexual.

I don't know if I was supposed to take that to mean i'm supposed to take charge and pretty much pigeonhole her into making room.
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nigga are you fucking serious

I'm going bald since I was fucking 18 and you're here thinking you have it bad you piece of autistic shit


go get laid while you can you turbo nigger
also shave inbetween your eyebrows you ape
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well, one thing I learned is to never take high res photos and have them so large. Holy fuck I completely forgot about my eyebrows in that photo. How embarassing.

But aside from that,what do you mean am I serious? If I could get laid, I would. I know absolutely next to nothing about that sort of thing. And seeing as how its my senior year of college, I'm determined to make it happen before I leave
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I've gotten a blowjob from a girl my grandma employed to clean the house because she's was horny and wanted to [spoiler]cuck his 2 meter working nice looking boyfriend[/spoiler]

I had given up on trying to get laid a long ass time ago. Wanna know how it started? She was poking at me everytime she went by close to me and I started doing the same. That's it.

If this girl of yours touches you so much as you think just go along with it and do the same. Now I don't say LITERALLY go do the same, touching her and being an ass, just that if you feel like it be playful when she is. See where that gets you.

If you're tired of waiting go for a kiss after a little play and that's pretty much it. If she pulls back she was just being playful, if she doesn't, you know what to do.

Now if my autistic manlet balding ass can get laid purely by chance so can yours.
Also just be yourself you autismo. Don't worry about it too much, having sex with someone you don't really have any conection generally sucks if you're like me. It really isn't a big deal.

Worring about it will just cause you to drop your spagetti all over the damn place.

Now get out of this god damn chinese gook board and go smack that ass.
not op,

I started the relationship in reverse way. We fucked the first time we dated, drunk. now it just stayed as a casual fuck, I want her to be my gf but she doesn't seem to be that way. now we go to lots of activities but she most likely seems not into me. what the fuck. it's like benjamin button, I guess we will forget each other a month later.
I know its not a big deal, but I'd liket to lose my virginity before I graduate and im forced to interact in the real world. I figure it wont be like college where its as simple as going to my building and finding a shitload of people who have similar interests and willing to socialize, on top of having free time.

I'm not really interested in looking for someone I have a connection with anymore. gave up looking for that awhile ago. Found out that looking for someone that I had a connection with limited me, and made me picky as fuck. Took me 3 years to figure out that I was basically looking in all the wrong places.

So I figure the best I can hope for is to just enjoy myself and if anyone stays, then great, maybe she'll end up becoming special to me, maybe not. I go back to school in about a week so, maybe something will happen then.
She and I had practically nothing in common. You dont need to have a lot in common to want to bang someone.

Also I'm not saying that you should go find someone special, fuck no, I was just govin an example. But I don't think you should've looking to get laid so hard if it ain't working for you either. I've been there, and it's a fuckto of work for something that you haven't even tried yet man. I seriously don't think it's as pleasant as you think.

But if you're looking for getting laid and nothing else you should probably avoid people that you're going to see often. Drama is almost assured with that shit, specially among teens.

Anyways think about it this way: In sex you have to give pleasure to someone else AND to yourself, while someone that doesn't have the same junk as you do does the same for you. With a quick fap you can give yourself all the pleasure you want.
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Hey, all I know is that Its something I'd like to cross off my bucket list. preferably sooner than later. I'd prefer to do this while im still in college surrounded by my peers. I'd hate to graduate and find that I know absolutely nothing about dating nor had sex, and then I get weird looks for it.

I already get weird looks because for some reason, they think a 21 year old man,senior in college, does not drink,smoke or go clubbing. one of my Uncles think im messing with all the white girls at campus but we both know thats not true.

But pretty much, im trying to plan long term. If I don't learn how this works now, I probably never will. Not because it wont happen or anything but probably because I'll gradually stop caring, or miss an opportunity because of my social ineptness. I personally would hate to miss out on meeting the potential love of my life because I didnt catch that she wanted me to fuck her brains out or because I just couldnt care enough to try anything. Might as well try it out and see if its for me or something.
stop being friends.
Stop being friends with a woman, they bring nothing to the table, even if she's lied to you and said that she has.
Women are good for sex, if you're not fucking them, you're a beta-orbiting faggot, and you're just hoping for the off chance that she will one day, one weekend, choose you. The fact of the matter is that with the internet and modern social practices, women with sexual interest and appeal tend to have a few guys around in case of need.
>How do I get out of the friendzone boys?
By growing up.

You are either a relationship prospect for a woman, or you aren't.
If you become friends then you aren't in the friend zone, you simply formed a relationship as friends, which it will remain to be unless you pursue her.

Grow a pair and ask her out, if she rejects you (any answer that isn't "yes") then you have no chance with her, you won't suddenly become who she wants through exposure to you, because if you were, she would be dating you.

tl;dr there is no friend zone, you simply didn't make the grade or you didn't ask her out
improve yourself and they will come to you.
holy shit does that hit home
>asked a girl out on valentine's day this year
>she agreed and was incredibly excited about it
>I thought it couldn't be easier
>went to dinner, a drink after that and then a moonlit walk around the lake
>already tried to initiate some sort of intimacy at the lake but she wouldn't give me the opportunity
>date ended with me dropping her off at hers and her giving me a hug
>drove home disappointed and frustraded
later realised I was her orbiter and she only used me as emotional support
why are women such cunts?
Friendzone is pure ideology.
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Thread images: 7

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