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I have too many things to do

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I'm always -in my head, at least- busy and with something to do.
>all the house chores
>cooking healthy and fitness
>College courses
>time to study and to do homework
>go to job
>time to work on a personal programming project (to hopefully make some bucks from in the future)
>time to learn code and/or music
>time to read a book
I sometimes come up with little things I want to do (like looking for new music releases, draw something, organize PC files, etc.) but I have to bury them on a list, and it keeps expanding every day.
It doesn't help either that friends always want to hang on the least convenient of times so if I'm doing everything under a schedule system, everything goes to shit. Plus I also get those intervals where I get too anxious and don't do shit for some time.
FFS, I don't even play video games anymore, I'm also not on social media either. Last semester of College had me dead, I had to drop from driving to the gym because of this. Please help, /adv/. I'm really good at setting up schemes and schedules, but terrible at following them correctly.
My best advice is to pick 3 activities to do each day and work on them like that si you're still learning everything you want to but in small intervals. Good luck!
Intervals as in what?
INB4 some dumbass, worthless NEET advises you to "manage your time".
>cooking healthy and fitness
Pre-cook your meals for the week
>study and do homework
Only do half of your homework, your grades won't suffer much and neither will your education. Homework is an artifact from the old Prussian education style that was designed to placate the Serfs.

Also OP it sounds like you need a GF/wife in training to help you around the house.
If you want to manage better your time i recommend you this book: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. It will definetly help you organize your life more efficiently or you can instead read the more up to date version: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens. The last one is more for a younger audience but i founded more entertaining than the first one.
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Now I also have to spend time trying to find one?
>wife in training to help you around the house
>implying those still exist
Even if I got one, she'd be busy with College too.

I just bursted out a laugh because I actually have that exact same book lying around my apt.
I forgot to bring it with me for Winter break.
Make four lists for tomorrow.

1. Things you're obligated to do at certain times - classes, work, etc. Everything else will fit into the gaps around these.
2. Things that absolutely have to be done tomorrow or the world will end.
3. Things that have to be done soon, and tomorrow would be nice.
4.Things that have to be done eventually.
5. Things that it would be nice to get done but there's no urgency.

Take #1 as a given (though in extreme cases you might want to cut back on some things there). Then structure the day to get #2 done. If you have the chance to dip into the other lists, swell. If not, no tragedy.

Tomorrow make a new set of lists for the day after, adding anything new and moving some things up a list.
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Huh, I haven't tried this method yet.
Do you know any program where I could arrange this at ease? I mean, I recently got an iPad-sized whiteboard and I have a cork board on my room, but I feel like pinning pieces on the wall every day could be kind of chorey and somewhat time-consuming in the first place.
But prioritizing sounds a good step. Not sure where should I put on the list that personal programming project I mentioned earlier in the OP though.
Are you me ?
The problem I see with this is 4 and 5 are typically personal ambitions and goals and such, and putting them back every day is the reason people feel so unfulfilled.
Yeah, it's what I meant in >>17908622.
Yeah, my personal project(s) aren't as important as College work atm and I also should get house chores done.
Personal projects lie on this very abstract priority line where you know they don't HAVE to get done but you want to get them done because they could heavily influence your future. So I don't know what to make out of them.
Thread posts: 14
Thread images: 3

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