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Any way of being good at math without being autistic ?

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I think I want to go to college for computer science but I'm horrible at math

How could I learn ? I have weird brain fog when I'm trying to learn things
Math is just logic
One thing leads to another

Take a Deductive Logic class.
It'll help sharpen you reasoning
maybe try reading wikipedia articles about newton and leibniz and everyone else that was doing important math in the early 1700s and the late 1600s. it can give you some intuition for why math is the way it is, and maybe help make you care enough about math to power through the brain fog

if you like computer science you might end up being ok at stuff like linear algebra. it has at least as many computery applications as high school pre calc and calc do, and it's a lot less weird (i think).
just don't be afraid of it.
Approach it with an open mind, that is to say, don't let what you know get in the way of what you are learning.
And try to understand as well as possible each subject before moving on to the next one.
Treat the system as closed, self-sustaining. Don't try to associate your own semantics to it further than as a mere analogy.
Realize that it is essentially two things: symbol manipulation and computation. As for computation, some of the stuff they teach you are simple deterministic algorithms which require just following instructions. As for symbol manipulation, it's somewhat related to the computation part, you just have some transformations from a symbolic arrangement to another such arrangement.
My point is, if you're factoring polynomials, don't try to understand it in terms of apples and oranges.

I don't mean by this post that math is a lifeless subject, but not realizing that high school and first semester algebra up to calc is essentially computing results through symbol manipulation, is what makes people stumble trying to "understand" what they're doing outside of the subject itself.
You don't have to be great at math to be a great programmer. If you are truly horrible get a tutor and study old tests with other students.
And they don't make you take the upper level math classes unless you choose to
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are u telling me some people have to be autistic to be good at math lol
that fucking picture lmao

yes you do
That's simply not true. How many programmers have solved a differential equation in the past year?
Calculating the complexity of an algorithm often involves solving a differential equation, and even if it doesn't directly involve one, it almost always requires you to understand how differential equations work to solve it
A code monkey isn't a programmer.
Math major here, "good at math" is basically a meme.

That is to say, though there are some people who are extraordinarily gifted when it comes to math, most people aren't like Gauss or some shit.

If you want to get good at basketball, you practice. If you want to get good at drawing, you practice. Same thing with math.

I swear when I tell people what I'm studying, at least half of them give me the "oh, I was never good at math, you must be so smart!" No, I'm a fucking retard. I can't even remember the parking spot when my friends and I go grocery shopping. But I practiced a lot because I thought some of the history behind modern math was cool and ended up thinking math itself is pretty cool. But like an athlete, I have to practice as often as possible or I get out of shape and can't do the things I used to be able to do in my sleep.

Just torrent some textbooks and work through the examples and do the practice problems dude.
>Math is just logic
Okay I know you're trying to help and I know I'm nitpicking and I kinda used to think the same thing but after actually taking an advanced logic course it became clear that the two disciplines are very, very different.
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