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What do I do

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So long story short, this girl is fucking insane. She's tried controlling me through mutual friends, and is obsessive. She has talked shit about me for the past 5 months, and she's threatened to stab herself with a fucking katana if anyone goes against what she says. Her instagram is https://www.instagram.com/highqualitytrashhh/ and please just assess the situation. she posts a lot about how she wants to die and i think shes very mentally unstable. what the hell do i do? I'm afraid she's going to kill someone or herself.
this person seems really young

you do what matters to you
would you rather wait and see if she gets over it or stop her without confronting her or confront her orrr
>>17904767 >>17904757 Yea I've wanted to confront her, but its a sticky situation. She's 16 btw. I've tried to confront her, but my ex always guards her, and this girl just runs off. I want this girl to stop spreading bullshit, but I'm also concerned that my friends will end up in the middle of this.
are you more concerned about this girl going batshit and hurting herself or your friends getting dragged in

for perspective
if someone was going to hurt me or themselves i'd confront them to see how bad it is one on one and then decide from there
i don't care if my friends get sucked in
if they're meanies and don't support it then they'll deal because someone could get hurt
I'm honestly more concerned about this girl going batshit. because if she does, she's going to drag my friends in either way. i cant protect them forever anyways.
so then do whatever your style is to confront her

are you head-first and blunt
or do you want to indirectly get someone to see her
or do it under the pretense of a or b or c

you know what you wanna do
so figure out how to do it in your own special way

because that way at least if shit goes bad you wear that medal
I'm quite blunt, but I do like having some sort of strategy. I don't go to her school, but I see her about once a month because of anime conventions (Yee I'm a dorky cosplayer). My biggest concern is that she's mentally unstable, and I know for a fact that she is getting no psychiatric help. I've honestly considered slowly breaking her down, but I'm too lazy for that shit desu.
sounds like you want to fix her up with some help
you could tell her directly or just get someone else from her life involved

because it also sounds like you're too lazy to take it into your own hands
desu desu desu

unless you want to be her help
well, yes. she needs help, but I can't be that help. she needs professional help. the problem is that she uses other people and she pushes her problems on them. she needs to be in outpatient or inpatient. I genuinely like helping people, but I'm so tired of taking the fall of it. I always end up being the bad guy, and im oddly okay with it. she's too far gone for me to be able to help her. I have no psyche training in the first place, and she already hates my guts :,)
so you wanna help but can't do it directly
sounds like you gotta phone a friend

you got any idea of how that'd go
My mutual friends are wimps. I love them, but Friend #1 is too shy to do anything, and the girl likes to use her. Friend #2 is my ex. She's spacey and blunt. Not of any help, since she's been on this girls side the whole time. Let's just call the main girl (the one whos the issue), R. Then friend #3 is on my side, she is pissed at R and has tried to get her to stop multiple times. She's still on good terms with R, so I think i'll talk to her
no 3 is the key

just remember what the end-goal is
you wanna help the girl get better in your way
keep that in mind

good luck desu
yea, thanks.
sometimes im an angry person but usually im kind and loud
and my father is in the psyche field so i may ask him for advice later on
we all have quirks
you seem like you have a level head and are well-intentioned enough
so you deserve an encouraging outcome

i wish i could say i'd scan the boards for an update in the future
but i'm too lazy now
Thread posts: 14
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