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becoming too virtuous in my old age

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it's easier to greentext this:
>be 32yr old me
>match with 19yr old on tinder
>mostly small talk, gets flirty at times but have hangups about age difference
>I bring up our age, she says she's fine with it

>somehow the subject of 9/11 comes up
>says she was about 6 at the time, only remembers her family talking about something bad happening
>I remember it perfectly, cause I was in college
>keep thinking about she was starting grade school when I was starting college, feel like a creep and start getting distant
>she gets the hint and we gradually stop talking

I kinda regret not going for it for the bragging rights, but I didn't wanna be that guy in his 30's going after 19 year olds. Guess I'm not looking for advice, just opinions if I was right or wrong to not pursue her.

there's a difference between getting with a 19 year old and 'going after' a 19 year old.

i was 18 and regularly dated guys aged 29-32. not because i was mature but just because their life styles aligned more iwth mine. they werent nearly as clingy, i was never expected to go out and do crazy night life shit, and they were able to pay for steaks.

if a girls into you shes into you, dont worry about it so much.
You should be married with kids at 32.

You're a laughable pathetic failure of a man.
What if he's divorced?
I'm 29 and went out with a girl who's 22. She had good talk but I couldn't keep the gap in age and maturity out of my head

But then I realized: She isn't dating material, but she's hot af, so why not have some fun heh?
Then I'll call him a cuck or something. I don't know, we'll see how it plays out
>envy he's married with an old hag or just can't get young meat like op
>Heh, those guys are only making fun of me for wearing diapers because they can't shit anywhere they want like I can

Everything has a time and place. To be 32 and have dating problems is pathetic.
>Implying dating younger girls is a problem

Just go back to church while op haves fun altar boy
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>says the 4chin poster
Seems to weird to me. Im 26, dating 21 year old, and I have to keep reminding myself that we are on slightly different timelines.

Like last month my gf got really depressed and was dealing with sort of losing of her last shred of religiously faith. I thought at first "jeez I had basically lost all my religion by age 17." But then I remembered not really fully being at piece with my own eventual death until maybe around her age or so and that she was entering that same sort of existential depression spell I had gone through around that time.

Other times it feels like a generation gap like I thought of snapchat as some dumbass millennial shit and i still feel that way, but hey sending your friends a funny video is kind of fun so why not. Still don't understand documentation of every food you eat via social media.

It can be hard to relate but sometimes you introduce each other to cool shit. Like bubble tea is good shit and I took her to a gun range.
This is your brain on memes. Read this and realize how bad you've been misusing that word.

She was really easy to talk to and it felt like it was going somewhere, I just had hangups about social stigmas and worries about being used for financial stability. Full disclosure; on tinder I had the age range set wide open (18-55+). Wanted to get out of the socially acceptable age range, and that's what happened.
Thread posts: 12
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