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Living with Secrets

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Is it better to Keep Very Dark secrets from your youth from the ones you Love?
Things that may make you a Monster in others eyes. I've Ben crumbling.
If you'd ben with someone over 10 years would you want to know?
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i would ben the situation tbqh
Best thread on adv right now
I don't follow.
you should

its a great show
I'm thinking Therapy may be my answer, problem is will my therapist judge me. . .
There are things that I would keep secret no matter what, like that I used to fap to loli and straight shota. Normal people just wouldn't understand how this place can normalize crazy things in your mind.
nah that generally courts business
But this is deeper. From child hood. Only I and my step Sister know.
From child hood to adult hood.
Mutual Love and Compassion.
Then separation.
I used to mess around with my cousin of the same sex when I was like in 3rd/2nd grade. I've only told one of my partners. Not too sure of when to drop that load on this current one. Might not even do it. I guess it depends on the person. If you know they're going to react negatively then just don't. Unless it's life or death I guess
OP I too had sexual encounters with a cousin of the same sex as well. And another female cousin. . .as a child, I don't know if it was me that knew what I was doing, or this thing inside me. .
I'm a bit of a pedo, I'd never tell anyone, I'll have to die with my secret. I'm just glad I'm not the kind of guy who'd do something I'll regret.
I can't even tell a therapist, they'll regard me as a threat to society and have me locked up.
Now if I tell anyone at all, they'll think I'm a monster and just cut off contact with me or even worse tell everybody.
I'm partiality responsible for my sister's dog's death if being left out in the cold can cause hemmoraging to death of a dog who already has stopped eating willingly and puking blood for like month and had intestinal problems, but seemed like maybe was getting slightly better until being left in the cold for like two hours.

I lied to her and told her he died peacefully. He was vomiting and shitting blood and was totally unresponsive. He died in a final gasp then a bunch of blood seeped out of his nose. I pet him and told him he was a good dog and that it was okay to go the whole time.

I cleaned him up and told her I found him peaceful as if he died in his sleep. Whole episode looked pretty painful though.

He may have started hemmoraging right after I let him out or maybe it wouldn't have happened at all had I not fallen asleep after letting him out.

Never gonna tell another soul though.
I'm sure that's not an easy thing to live with, good on you for keeping a grip on it. Be proud of yourself that you're doing the world good.
I'm in love with someone who doesn't want a relationship. I have spent my early twenties chasing after a ghost. Rage quit both of my jobs to move back in with my parents. Fuck.
I honestly think it's better to keep things a secret unless it's hindering the relationship.

There are some things about me, I'd prefer my SO never know...

Like my gross anxiety habits (eating the skin around my nails or eating my flakey skin after sunburn)

Or me being a childhood sex abuse victim and my mom used to "share" (what she called it) my ten year old drugged body with her exboyfriend and thats the reason I don't like my mother.

Or how my ex and I used to drink each other's blood when we were edgy teenagers.
Some things are just too cringe that I am pretty sure they would not love me anymore.
OP Here
What If these secrets are tearing apart my soul, crumbling my daily fasade. I seem fine but I'm really loosing it. I've Ben using amphetamines for 9 months blinding myself to the guilt and pain but now I'm going to stop and im afraid I won't be able to hold myself up without substances. I don't believe in religion but if I were to, my soul wouldent even make it to hell. I often sit an think there is nothing more dark than the things I did as a child. . .and today's society would probably agree. .I mean does Therapy sound like a good or bad idea?
Thread posts: 17
Thread images: 3

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