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any purchases that youve made that have made you significantly

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any purchases that youve made that have made you significantly more happier?
My bf is a /pol/ browser, so I bought him Julius Evola's works. Made him very happy.
Common Project Achilles White (shoes that have lasted me 4 years)


Yeezy tickets and ecstasy

Spotify Premium

Movie tickets

That's about it
ive done all of that and its just temporary
Books, music, a typewriter (bf is a writer). Who is the person you want to buy for, and what are their interests?
just bought a video game to play with my friends
more alcohol
>$100 jacket at half price
really happy with it

>$200 portable speaker that doubles as a power bank
haven't really tested it yet but it seems really cool and I'm glad

>$50 scarf
comfy as fuck and goes well with my new jacket

Makes going outside not feel like such a chore. Thinking about getting a new pair of shoes too.
12" Macbook. I didn't even need a new laptop and hated the keyboard for the first weeks but now using anything else feels like traveling back ten years in time.

It makes working a lot more enjoyable and being able to travel without even noticing that I have a laptop in the backpack is pretty sweet too. Also HOLY SHIT, IT'S PRETTY.

Because happiness always is temporary and gaining it by buying new stuff is not feasible in the long run. Material objects usually either solve a problem (fridge, car), improve some aspect of your life (dildo, typewriter) or provide pure entertainment (concert tickets, drugs).
spotify subscription and some nice beyer dt770 headphones. takes me away from the bullshit in my life and mind.
more recent one - a blanket and a pair of good fitting jeans
Of course it's temporary, they're just nice things to remember

If you're talking about lasting happiness, that can't be bought. I've lived in mansions, beach homes in California, Hawaii and have had all the things that money could buy. My happiness was always about the same except when I was surrounded consistently by friends that I truly loved and accepted me to share good times with.
>shoes that have lasted me 4 years
you should walk more, a sedentary lifestyle like that is going to cause you all kinds of health problems when you're older
They're well built (Italian leather, sewed in sole not glued) and I take good care of them
I also don't wear them every day
They were $420 and I got them for $200
I love them very much
Presonus Firestudio Project

Fender Telecaster

>$10 a tab

>can't remember how much

>$20 per "blast off"

>I love my girlfriend

House of Leaves
>like, $13 off Amazon
my apartment
owning my own place was amazing for the first year and even tho i got used to living alone by now im still enjoying all it has to offer, there is nothing like it.
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The last product I remember buying that had a significant affect on my quality of life would have to be my sony bluetooth headphones. Bought it 2 years ago on sale for $140 (original price was $250) and I'm still very happy with the investment.

The sound quality was better than my old headphones and the convenience and freedom of never being tied down with a cord is fantastic. And me having glasses, it's hard to find comfortable headphones but these BT headphones are so comfortable I can wear them all day.
My noose
my house
my vehicle
my dog (sometimes)
music toys
weekly sushi
etc, etc

its not the money that makes people happy, its what you do with it. money is a tool, not a goal.
>nalgene bottle
>wool blanket
>wool socks
>nice tools
>good fitting/good quality clothes in general
>vidya games
>thick leather belts/pouches/etc.

I find comfort through quality. Not expensive luxury shit, I just mean durable shit [that I can afford].
Wool socks are probably one of the best footwear choices you can make.
Lasik ~3000
Community College ~$9000

Both made me significantly happier. I have 20/20 and even though it's a small degree it brings me comfort.
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The Bible

I get to read God's Word every day and He speaks to me through His Word

Faith without works is dead, so start reading your Bible and love one another
>buying a Bible
You know they give those out for free, right?
-my one way flight ticket to London
-train ticket from Bangkok to Pnom Penh
-electronic toothbrush
-baking soda
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Some nice new clothes (already getting compliments from friends and people on the street)
A new synthesizer since I love music and can now make some really cool shit.
Some really good expensive stuff to clean and maintain my car.
Some prefer reading it on paper rather than reading it on a screen. Many churches give Bibles out for free, so you can get one yourself if you're interested :)
My fire-pit, torches, and hammock for my back patio. I spend a lot more time out there now and it is just so much more pleasant reading and doing my work out there. I also got a gun recently. It is fun to go shooting and it gives me an excuse to get outdoors and go do physical activities like hiking afterwards. It is really the small stuff that works together to makes the days more pleasant.
>Many churches give Bibles out for free
I know...? Can you not read? I said they give them out for free
>my first own christmas tree plus ornaments
>the first blood orange this year
>a shower gel that smells like mandarines
>tickets to warsaw
>a beautiful salad bowl
>bathsalt that makes my skin feel like silk
>new piano sheet music
>tossed my silly toothbrush and got those i always had again
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The last time I tried to buy myself something nice it was a 1978 KZ650. Fixed it up with a friends help, learned to love every part, cleaned it
Rode it for two weeks before storing it in the garage.
Scares the absolute fucking hell out of me it's so heavy and powerful.
Now it's just an annoyance that costs me insurance and registration money until I can sell it off in the spring, and I'm pretty sure I lost all the respect that friend had for me.
My funko pop collection. Seriously. Haters gonna hate but it got me through a year+ long depression.
Video games.
That's all. I don't believe much in consumerism.
Kindle Paperwhite
11" laptop
Fuzzy socks and pants
golden retriever puppy
extremely happy and satisfied
there's a reason why this doggo is the most popular breed
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yes 2 of them
File: ruger380.jpg (63KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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and the other
How long ago did you get it? Is it true that your eyesight degrades over time?
How is that for CC? I've been considering getting one because my 9 is too visible.
>Faith without works is dead, so start reading your Bible and love one another
Was a respectable post up until this. Why do Christians always try to impose their faith into others? If it brings you peace and comfort, good and bless but let others find their faith through their own means.
Weighted jump rope and pull up bar
awesome the lcp380 has very low recoil the ruger engineers did a great job

problem is the trigger totally sucks like 1" of travel so i got - galloway - aftermarket still about 1/2" so it's not striker or SA

but very slim

look at LC380 if your macho and can handle the recoil they are cheaper & smaller

also there is an LC9s same size as LC380 but 9m so it kicks quite a bit more
oops i revered those models
its the LC380 with low recoil that's what i got
the LCP380 is the smaller one
good underwear
humbucker or single coil ?
>vidya games
>good fitting clothes

Same, what kind of bike did you get?
I think the only two things I can say genuinely improve my life are a good computer and the adoption fee on my cat.
Because the Bible literally tells you to do so? How is finding faith through others not the best way?
Are you Lorkhan's gf?

Car I wanted

Engagement ring

Guns/knives/tools/hobby stuff

Theater tickets/experiences with my family.

You can totally buy happiness if you have moderate expectations and tastes.
Are you me?
This is creepy

Don't expect literacy from someone who said they just bought a Bible
Shu Uemura poreraser and hard 9 pencil. Best of the best, my skin looks fine without then, but with those... perfect.

On the other hand...

I actually just donated 25% of my wardrobe, planning on going down much further, till I reach 20% of what I had last week.
It felt like cutting my arm off when I started packing, but when I made the donation, it felt like someone lifted a rock off me.

I've also donated a couple of dozens of books. Only planning on keeping the ones I got from my grandparents, rest I'm all donating. Maybe I'll get a Kindle Paperwhite at the end.

I gave 50 of my best lipsticks (most of them never used...) to an artist friend. The majority are stageworthy, so I'm excited to see how she's going to make use of them.
Industrial strength rope to kill myself with
A motorcycle
>beach homes in California, Hawaii

Oh god fuck this cold grey hole of a country I live in where it rains all the time

Seriously it fucking stuns me to learn that much of the world is warm and bright, with trees that don't look like skeletons most of the year, a sky that isn't low, dull, grey and oppressive, a climate that isn't bitingly cold and weather that constantly pisses on you (literally). Being British just feels "normal" you know? But really we have a shitty existence while everyone else basks in paradise.
Financing my new car

Fruits and vegetables from a farmers market

Switching to grass fed beef

Food processor

Cast iron skillet

A god solitary wine glass

A solid wooden cutting board

Glass tupperware

Portable phone charger

Switching from a purse to a backpack. My shoulder is so relieved.
Firearms. Pic related.
Rice cooker is actually pretty neat if you like rice. You could cook rice and leave it in the cooker and get a scoop of it throughout the week
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Thread images: 8

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