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Sex Tips

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So I matched with this girl on Tinder and she's coming over to my place on friday to hook up, problem is I'm a virgin (I'm 19 if it's of any relevance)and I don't wanna make a fool of myself infront of her due to my lack of experience, so I'm trying to gather as much information on sex until friday
So far our plan is for her to come over, drink a few shots (counting on this to calm me and make me a bit more loose) and get right down to business
>tl;dr give a virgin some advice on how to sex
Dick in pussy

I don't get how tinder works to be totally honest. I don't get how getting laid works without having any game.

Do you know any game at all? Otherwise you two will just sit there talking.

I guess it happens though. I've heard of people with zero game getting laid through tinder. Not quite sure how that works. I know if I had zero game (I am extremely attractive though) they wouldn't do anything with me.
Be over powering after a few drinks dont make it ockward just have a few get her havin fun and giggly then get stuck in

Chicks like to know whosboss so after sum kissin start taking her clothes off dont wait 4 her to do it herself or ull be there all night potentially...then once she knows its D time just try n enjoy...recommend lickin her out to get your bearings lol
I'll keep that in mind senpai
I'm not autistic and I know how to talk to girls, I'm also fairly good looking (been rated 7-8/10 on /soc/) and I'm quite /fit/
But now you're asking how I'm still a virgin? Have no clue, always felt like there's some higher power that's been cock blocking me since birth, I don't meet many girls since most of my friends think they're extradimensional beings and would rather play vidya than go out on the prowl
Also, did I mention I'm an engineering student? Literally 0 pussy here, so tinder is my only option pretty much
That's some good shit, thanks man

Ok, ugghhh. Thinking that higher power thing. OMG I used to have the same problem.

I could tell you how to get out of this but I am charging $60 an hour.

You CANNOT think that higher power stuff. You CANNOT CANNOT CANNOT. This gonna sound weird but it will go bad if you think that.
Are you drunk?
Still doesn't answer this guys question.

How did you get her to come over?
How do you talk to a girl on tinder to make it clear you want to hook up and find out whether shes dtf or not?
Girls on tinder can be righteous cunts, just because they right swipe you doesn't automatically mean they wanna jump your dick, hell they might not reply at all and just use tinder to validate themselves
You gotta be playful on Tinder, avoid pickup lines at all costs, rather start off with a joke, I usually start with "does this mean we're dating?" that'll usually filter out all the self righteous bitches with the ones who are up for some fun, women are people too, they want someone who's exciting and can make them smile
I got lucky, I suggested we go to the park at night with a bottle of vodka, figured it'd be fun and not the usual boring coffe meet up, but she actually wanted to skip the park and just go to my room (can't make this shit up)
You also have to be at least semi attractive
I wish i was drunk....

Tinder seems to be somehow bypassing a lot of stuff a guy like me would have to do to get them to come to my room. I am a PUA also. That's really cool desu.

But I have to ask cause this is a common trend these days: Was she actually hot???

Cause I've heard of so many hipster liberals "having girls (GFs)" or going through tinder and you end up seeing them and i'm not even kidding you they are either really ugly or morbidly obese or both. But then they will say really stupid stuff like "pussy is pussy".

It's really not though. Like, it's really not.
From here profile pics she looked cute, definitely not obese, quite the contrary she looked really skinny, kinda gives off an emo vibe so almost certainly not gf material, but seems to be fun loving nevertheless
Better than staying a virgin in my 20s or losing it to a hooker
So it's the usual

>Try until it works

Good to know, now to get photos.
>masturbate before she arrives. 2-3 times if necessary. nap after if necessary.
>only have 1-2 shots, you want to be less than buzzed at most.
>start with oral, get her naked with legs spread wide. tease via licking/biting/sucking all around but NOT on her V
>after 5 mins start fingering her, slowly at first. feel around, explore, have fun
>speed up, turn hand palm side up and hook finger. Use 1-2 fingers to rub the walls of her vag, a ball will form. rub/press on that fucker
>start sucking on clit while using hook finger trick. some respond better to wild licking instead of sucking, experiment
>bring her to O with this or start fucking, your call

I've used this on almost every girl I've ever fucked, works every time. there'll be little to worry about by the time you put your dick in her. For full proof plan make sure she O's before you slide dick in, they'll be ready to say the L word if you do.

Also going down on them seems to trigger their "it's okay to give him blowjobs" reaction, and if you make her O with it they typically will swallow for you in return.

Get close to her early. Touch her hair, put your hand on her hip and pull her in. The goal is to get close and go in for a kiss. Once you're kissing her you can start touching her more. Grab her ass, tits whatever. At one point just pick her up and bring her over to the bed and continue making out on there. Basically just progress your way to sex. Don't be like "so, you wanna have sex now?".
Shit, I gotta take some notes, thanks fampai, will keep this in mind
She's actually a guy. It will get awkward fast.
here's some notes I have:

During intercourse, the penis does not directly stimulate the clitoris, the organ responsible for women's orgasms no reflection on her sexual responsiveness, (3) no reflection on the man's sexual technique

Love Making:
*missionary does not help getting to orgasm*
*learn new moves*

eye-contact. embrace all of her body

kiss her lips
kiss her neck
slowly remove her clothes when you do
move fingers in slow circular motions inside vagina

Last move, stay at it
erogenous zones—especially her neck, nipples, and inner thighs—with your lips, tongue, and fingertips.


tilt head to right
Conquer erogenous zones

while having sex:
hair tug
eye contact

tell me what you like, where you want me to go back to, etc
build up to clitoris

Figure 8

give her a pillow for her head. make sure she's comfortable

erogenous zones rub her vagina while kissing neck, kiss her through panties

use the labia to massage the clit by gently pressing the lips together and kneading the clit between your fingers," said Tribby. "Putting firm pressure on the mons pubis (the mound) and incorporating circular motions will also help to awake the nerves

lick pointer finger and rub U-spot

lick above clitoris )front commissure_

circle it with slow, broad strokes clitoris (location)
interrupt it by flicking hood of clitoris. Do this for five minutes
insert two fingers making a come hither (clipped fingernails)

tell her that her pussy tastes amazing - it's gold.

lick clitoris left to right slowly and rhythmically

Lick up and down starting from top of clitoris to bottom of labia and

ending: pull back hood of clitoris and keep licking
buy condoms.
google missionary positions
hold hands
place pillow(s) below her butt
after a few minutes:
CAT: During missionary, instead of lying chest to chest, slide yourself a little farther up and to the side of her torso, with your pecs resting on or close to one of her shoulders
I don't have the biggest cock in the world, mines best at average, so the best way I find to get her off is to lather her with attention and play the dominant role.

Girls love neck kissing, playful biting, being playfully pinned with their hands above their heads. Basically you need to make her feel like a princess.

missionary is best with her legs above your shoulders
women love to be choked. don't over do it, just lightly choke her. don't be afraid to make a move or advance things, she'll think you're somewhat experienced if you keep things getting sexier. You know the hand move spiderman does when he shoots webs?
Do that when fingering her and use your middle and ring fingers to rub her g-spot. your fingertips should be facing the front of her body and you will feel a spot in her that is a little rough, that's the spot. have fun. also, try biting her neck or shoulder while stroking deep. pretty fun bruh
For me this is the most terrifying part, I heard people here talking about not buying any random condom, but how can I know what's the best one for me?
You'd have to do that shit even if you had a huge cock, real sex is not porn where the women gets off by the dick alone.
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Thread images: 1

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