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I have about 2 hours to lose my virginity at 18 before I turn 19, I fucking hate myself for waiting this long to make a move

I am very socially active/aware of how to talk with people and get them to like me, but I never fully put any of my skills into practice at night except for the last week; the yesterday I almost hooked up with a girl but she had really bad logistics so she had to leave with her friends so I just got her number regretting my decision altogether of not sticking with her till the end.
Right now I can either:

(A) Go to a club pull a girl then take her to my place/car and fuck in less than 15 minutes

(B) Get 3 fucking escorts as backup and then just nail her for 30 minutes, I dont give a shit I just want this over with

or (C) Turn 19 and then procasturbate until 20, jk
But I want it done before my birthday and have this finished with all this fucking grudge but actually get to experience sex now at 18.

Need some advice and quick, help a bro out guys!
For one thing, don't bother getting a girlfriend or getting into a relationship. Honestly, random hook ups and hookers are the best way to go... but honestly, getting a fleshlight is the real way to go, if I would have bought a fleshlight a couple years ago I wouldn't have even bothered getting married... pussy is great, whats attached to it is fucking awful.
Christ, why do Americans make such a big deal about losing your virginity as soon as you're 18?
Virgins are ridiculed in the media and real life here. It's not everywhere, but it happens often enough for virgins to get really insecure about it.
>Virgins are ridiculed in the media and real life here.
This tbqh.
If you're not fucking girls as frequently as girls are banging chad then you're deemed a loser. Also any show of masculinity is discouraged.

I'm 19, almost 20 in a month or two. Honestly I've gotten a lot better at interacting and talking with girls but still a virgin here as well. Its really not THAT bad but thats coming from a dude who has readily available options to get laid rn if I wanted.
OP's back fuckers

I chose the (B) pill and fucked this bitch named Jayla for more than 30 minutes, pic related. Keep in mind I'm ripped, good jawline, low bodyfat %, and I have intense social game with women, I was gaming her via text prior to meeting with her; it was just that I needed to get this stupid shit over with and experience something new but I realized some concepts larger than just sex.
In all honesty, losing your virginity is a fucking joke, it's not cracked up to what society condemns it as. This hoe was 29 years old, her pussy was loose as fuck. She started getting naked fast and wanted me to take my clothes off but I wanted her to work for it, I took it off in small increments etc. In the mean time, she wanted to start off with a massage/oil so she layed down full body on the bulge of my pants, so I told her "No, you dont have to fake it" since I like the real deal more so she starts to slowly escalate with me physically as I grasp her tits/ass. I then tell her how this is to soft for me and I realized how fucking boring that is and how I'm wasting time/money so I told her "No, fuck this let's do something better" I grab the condom and toss it to her so she unwraps it and puts it on my dick with her mouth.
In the meantime she's giving me a pseudo-blowjob whilst putting on a Magum on my penis with just her lips, I grab her hair and pull it so it doesn't interfere (learned it from a Porno, take notes) and it didn't really feel as good since my dick is super veiny and sensitive whilst the condom just thwarts the entire feeling. So I start jamming her head into my dick till I hear her mouth gurgling.
Idrgaf if she choked I just kept smashing the fucking hell out of her face and told her to deepthroat. She stopped and said, "I can't deepthroat when you're going that fast" So I changed it up and let her slowly jam my dick into her throat. I got bored quickly so I just held her face and just start face fucking it myself.


I told her "Let's switch it up" then she gets on her knees and tells me to get behind her. This part was where I was blindly throwing darts since I couldnt find her vag so I take my time and tell her to open her mouth so I put my two fingers in her mouth and let her suck on it so I could then use that hand to finger her pussy and take time to locate it lol. I think that turned her on so I just started slapping her pussy with my dick and slid my dick in it so I start asking her "Is it fully in?" and she says no, so she guides it with her hands. Once I was in I just started pounding the fuck out of it doggy style. I just kept doing it and increasing the speed of the thrust till me and her started going out of breath so she tells me she needs a 10 sec break lol.

We take turns switching between cowgirl and rev cowgirl and I started feeling her body with my hands and feeling her small perky nipples until I fucked up and licked her FUCKING NIPPLE LIKE A DUMBASS. So I'm disgusted with myself and throw an excuse like "Eww is that a piercing"

Yet, I wasnt even getting fucking fully hard it was more like 70% hard. Idk if it was the condom or if it was cause I didnt form a strong emotional bond with her that caused me to take so long to climax. She realized I wasn't orgasming, and thought I was high on something as an excuse for why her attractiveness wasn't working on me so I told her that I like it harder so I started taking over and thrusted faster and harder so I push her onto the floor and just fuck her Missionairy (best position off top). That time I didn't stop and pussy out I was just seeing how far I could take this and so I started thrusting my dick in and out soft/slow at first and then just speed it up harder and harder. Since I could see her face this time and make eye contact, I noticed how her demeanor changed subtley and she was actually being naturally stimulated since I was hitting her clitoris this time.

I know when girls fake it and when they're legitimately feeling it and this one despite being a fake hooker that takes it hourly, she wasn't yelling "yes yes!" annoyingly, I could actually see her closed eyes shake/tremble in small movements while she's very quietly moaning and breathing matches mine.

She loved it even though she was starting to get pressured with the next guy and told me I had to go, but I said fuck no I don't care I'm still gonna fuck her, so I tell her to get on the floor with her ass sticking out and legs on my dick. I tell her "I wanna try something new" so I grab her feet and put them on my dick she already kind of knew how to give one so I asked her if she's given one before and she said "Yea" so I don't worship them/lick them.

This view is my fucking favorite that I knew would definitely get me to jizz so I start wanking it while she played with my cock with her feet while I grip her ass. In abt 5 minutes, and her switching belly up to belly down I finally fucking orgasm a huge load of rope that sprayed in bursts on her feet/back/ass (some managed to get into her eye lol). So I laugh it off with her and talk abt how her job is like before she went to take a shower.

I quickly gather my clothing and just dip out of there like nothing in my life really changed. Didn't really give a shit that it's my 19th birthday right now and didn't plan to care.

I think the only thing I liked out of the whole shindig were the last 10 second responses she was giving me, when I made eye contact and saw her orgasming naturally and softly which is what I loved the most. I loved making her feel my energy more than anything so in all honesty it's not something overly special but I liked it more than jerking off selfishly to porn.
>I'm ripped, good jawline, low bodyfat %
>I'm a virgin

pick one

Not your personal fantasy blog, virgin.
I physically cinged.
Is dat sum Pasta?
Nah, as a guy you can look as good as you want- being a porn addicted autist will keep your virginity intact for aloong time nonetheless.

t. 25yo Virgin Man
Thread posts: 12
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