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I am absolutely miserable... I work a shitty job, my girlfriend

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I am absolutely miserable... I work a shitty job, my girlfriend is demanding and bitches at me daily, and I honestly feel like killing myself.
Its gone from me thinking about it twice a month, to actually beginning to plan it out.
I guess this is sort of my last cry out for anything I can hold onto, or anything to keep me from doing it...
What is the point in living if you really just want everything to go away.
Change job, dump girlfriend.
Not a huge deal.
You don't want to die, you just don't want to live that misery. Dump the girlfriend, find another job.

If you're gonna go an hero, at least man up to do it quietly, and making sure they will find out way too late.
Suicide isn't the way to go. I don't know the whole story, but I've felt like this in two relationships.

I spent years with women, in long term relationships. I loved it, but the emotional trauma that occurred over time was depleting my sanity.

I've been single for over a year, because I was attracting toxic people. I loved the feeling of being loved, and that consistency - It's great! But sometimes, the best thing to do is what's beat for you. If this person makes you feel like suicide is your only exit, maybe she should leave. Maybe you should leave. Just cut ties all together. No need to explain this or that.

I've done this very thing. I've removed myself from people that are negative, psychic vampires and have worked on getting what I want out of life. I'm in my mid 30s now, and still not looking. A friend with benefits is nice, but here is a sign of a toxic person: They pride themselves in their sarcasm. Sarcasm is a bi-product of passive aggressive people. There is a difference between jokes and p.a. Behaviour.

Suicide is not an option worth anything to you. Live life to the fullest, even if that means ditching people you love. It's hard to do, but some people are best at a distance, in small doses, or not around at all. That is to say: I started treating them how they treat me, instead of how I wanted to be treated.

Do what is best for YOU. She can kick rocks. As for the job situation, ... well, let's focus on ridding poisonous people from your life.

Once you're single again, and doing what YOU want without explanation to a demanding fembot, you can look into other jobs. I'll keep my eye on this thread, if you'd like to chat.
I live in a place where jobs aren't easy to come by, I have been searching for 5 monthes for a new job and have gotten nothing.
unfortunately I love my girlfriend, shes the only person I've ever been able to connect with at this level. We've been together so long, no life seems easier to deal with than life without her. I just wish she wasn't up my ass constantly, she knows I'm very depressed, she knows I'm suicidal and has told me she worries about me, but then will turn around and bitch at me every chance she gets.
... in addendum, fuck guilt. There's only so much you should take from a person before showing them the exit.
I don't understand how you can have a gf and be unhappy. literally what?

t. never had a gf
Okay, so perhaps more info is needed. What is she bitching about? Money? Does she have a job? Do either of you have a hobby? Do you bend for everything while she walks all over you? Love is a dangerous game. Choose your mate carefully.

Budget, cut costs, reduce your hours at work to part-time if it's avialable. That's what I did when I eventually snapped and smashed their equipment (I wasn't going to be fired though, they'd have alot of questions they couldn't answer in court, if they had tried too. Seriously, they broke laws).

If the jobs that bad, reduce the hours you spend there, budget if you have to, and use the extra time to look for a better job.

As for the girlfriend... Keep your options open. You say you love her, but how much bitchiness is it gonna take till you see the old her that you loved is dead and gone and the she-demon possessing her body is her just to make you miserable.
Meet a new cute girl, consider that maybe, potentially, somewhere in some distant timeline, she could be the chillest gf. Don't actually do anything, but keep your mind open to it. Fantasise.

A new girl could be like a nicotine patch when you decide to go cold turkey from your gf.

Just, don't say "never". Seriously, when it comes to other girls, just think about it.
I was like that before her, feeling like I was going to be perpetually unhappy without a girlfriend. Then I got one... and now I feel like I wish I could be rid of her, but I am so attached to her I feel like I can't live without her. My advice, relationships are completely overrated... my happiest male friends are single, my girlfriend's female friends all have drained husks for partners...
Money, the fact I don't spend enough time with her (I have to see her ever day I have off, and a lot of the days I work... I tried to get away with spending today alone, and she bitched at me for not inviting her over.), I draw, and play video games... she has no hobbies at all... I don't stand up anymore, I don't even fight anymore, I can't, I'm so emptied out I have nothing left. I am so depressed I either feel actively sad or just completely dead inside.
No if me and her don't work out, I will never date again... not meaning any offense but women aren't worth it. I see my situation too often... way too often. I can't even connect with anyone else like I do her, when me and her broke up for a while I tried, but it was utter emptiness, I would just have sex with women and then when I got bored, stopped hanging out with them... eventually losing interest in even having sex. When she came back into my life, she wore me down and we got back together.
I'm with you brother. We're in the same situation, except you're doing a tad better because you have a job.
Perhaps space is needed. I know you can't imagine yourself without her, but you're able to imagine suicide. See the problem? She needs to be in on this conversation. She needs to know where you stand. Getting advice here is fine and helpful, but unless she knows that there is a problem, she may not realize the impact.

Communication on something like this is key. I'm happier being single, but that's me. Maybe you should try it? Beats the alternative (suicide). What's important is, what you feel. She needs to know the unfiltered truth.
Is she actually being a bitch or are you just taking it the wrong way. Maybe you're not really listening to her advice or what she has to say, thus making her annoyed or you annoyed from repetition
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