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Did I get rejected?

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Today I finally build up enough courage to ask my coworker out. And I'm not sure if i got rejected or not. This is how it went down.
-She finished her shift and before going home she started shopping groceries. We were in the same aisle and she asked for some help. After helping her out, I simply smile and said "hey, do you wanna go out sometime?". She smiled back and said "Sure". I whispered "Cool" and then asked "Can i have your number?". She responded with "Sorry not today, I gotta go home." And walked away.-
I'm very confused on what happen. I don't work until Thursdays, so we wont see each other until then. What do you guys think? Should I say something on Thursday, if she doesn't say anything? or just act like nothing happened if she doesn't say anything?

TL;DR: Asked coworker out. Responded with "Sure". Then asked for her phone number, and she said not "not today, I gotta go home". Did i get rejected? I don't see her until Thursday. And what should I do on Thursdays?

>Did I get rejected?

PROTIP : If you have to ask whether or not you got rejected the answer is yes.
You rushed things anon. This shit requires patience. And you have yet to be rejected, just don't rush it or she'll think you're a desperate weirdo and will sabotage yourself.
We been working together for the past 5 months. Don't feel like I rushed things...
First time I asked a girl out. RIP me.

Come on. Everyone here has been rejected before or is a 12 years old. It's not that bad. It happens.
>Let's go out sometimes
Here's still acceptable
Standard answer: no commitment whatsoever, no rejection whatsoever
>Can I get your number
This is the exact moment in which you rushed / fucked up things
>Sorry, gotta go home to iron my dog
^ rejection.

That explains it?
Denying you her number is already a bad sign.
You can try again on Thursday, but expect the worst.
Rejection is a crappy feeling, but don't feel bad if she says no. There's millions of women out there.
I usually don't ask for someone's number so quickly, if at all. A lot of people treat it like a pretty big commitment so I usually do something like:
>Hey want to go out sometime?
>Okay how about this place at this time
>If yes then I just say "I'll give you my number just in case something comes up"
>If they can't make it but seem interested I say "Cool, I can give you my number and we can arrange something later?"
>If they make an excuse they probably aren't interested anyway

Listen to this Anon.

Offer YOUR number, don't ask for theirs.

This is not for OP, this is a PSA.
Damn. I guess I got lucky in my case

>Ask girl out to lunch on a specific day
>Says yes
>Absent mindedly walk away without making specific arangements
>Run after her
>Ask for number
>Coughs it up with no problem.
I'm kinda happy right now that I actually asked some out. I'm 18 and have never done this before.
I didn't ask my first girl out until I was 19 (Almost 20)

And I still don't have a girl...
If only l got your advice earlier today. Thanks btw. Now I know what to do next time. Hopefully I didn't ruin things tho.
are you freaking kidding me?
this is recipe to get flaked, lots of times women will simply forget
as a man, its up to you to take initiative

you got dumped bro, but from what you said,
you've known her for some 5 months, only now you're trying to get her on a date,
you've been friendzoned for a long time but is only knowing about it now...
she might even like you as person and etc, but way past attractive point
my advice to you: forget about it, just go about your normal day like nothing happened
you may get lucky with her calling you out on that date, but if not, just go find other girls

Do you use a cellphone? She can literally add you right there and then so she doesn't lose the number, and the advice was assuming you guys made plans or something beforehand.

If she "forgets" your number in this day and age, she clearly did it on purpose.
Not OP but what the actual fuck. If they agreed to meet, they need to exchange numbers. It's not some super intimate "next step" or anything.
Fuck. I was afraid of that. I also was thinking that she may had passed the point of seeing me as a possible dating partner. I was so busy with work that I had no free time. Now that I started school again I work so much less hours and decided to go for it.
what >>17582559 said
exchanging number is not that big a deal
but just giving your number to her, is just asking to get flaked
she just got your number, went on her daily life, got distracted with routine and whatever she had to do,
possibly got even more distracted by having a bunch of other people chatting her up (friends, guys)
completely passed whatever good emotional state she might have had when she met you,
she wil just leave the number aside to call later, until she eventually just forgets about you

9/10 times girls will not call you even if they liked you
Don't listen to him, girls don't just magically stop liking you if you've known them for longer without hitting on them. Either they like you or they don't.
If anything making concrete plans right on the spot is more "commitment" than just exchanging numbers.
That's what I was thinking. I didn't feel like asking for her number was a big deal. I was planing her to meet up tomorrow for lunch, but it didn't go as planed....

I think you and I have had very different interactions. If I offer my numbers, people usually send me a message on Wassap or some shit that's free to use so I can reach them back.

It usually happens right there. They might even call, asking me not to pick up, so I have their number too.

If you give your number to someone and they don't do anything for you to be able to reach them, then they don't want you to reach them.
>I didn't feel like asking for her number was a big deal. I was planing her to meet up tomorrow for lunch, but it didn't go as planed....

So she wasn't really on board...
there is a certain grace period between meeting someone and showing it by actually acting
if you don't act the other person will simply just think that you aren't interested or too much of a chode (beta) to do anything about it
either way its not a good result, and that is assuming she actually got interested in you as well

don't get me wrong, some times it can happen,
like developing feelings for someone over a long time, or a friendship evolving into something more
but not if you were secretly in platonic love with her in the first place,
then you're fucking exchanging numbers, you not simply giving her your number like if was a business card
you know where business cards tend to go....

That's the point. You offer your number, letting the other person give you theirs. If they don't, take it as a sign.

The point is that offering your number is less demanding that asking them for theirs. You give them control over the information. If they are interested, they will act on it. If they aren't, they won't.

First time doing this, so didn't have it planed or knew what I was doing. I was hoping for her to give me her phone member, then me following up by asking her if she wants to meet up tomorrow. but instead of getting her number, she said "not today, I gotta go home".
i have never had someone i was on friendly/cordial terms with decline to give me their number if i asked for it
i think who gives who their number is unimportant

Yet it's a nice detail. You don't put people on the spot, you let them contact you. As I said, if you are flirting and she likes you, she'll do it right there. So if you had a good game going, you don't have anything to fear.

That slipped away from you, clearly. It usually pays to have something selected beforehand, makes the date more "there" is you have a place to go.
Next time I'll do that. I just hope I didn't ruin things this time.
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Thread images: 1

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