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Money Problems

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I just got laid off from my job and my last check won't cover my rent or bills next month. Any good ideas to making money quick? Even if I got a job now I wouldn't get paid quick enough to cover it.
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I don't have a gun tho :(
overwhelming majority of "armed" robberies aren't committed with real, live ammo man, just spraypaint the tip of an airsoft gun or something
Apply for unemployment assistance, this is literally why it exists. You were actually laid off and not fired, right?

In the future make sure you save up an emergency fund of atleast $5,000 for situations like this.

Depends how hard up you are, and how much money you need for the end of the month. Of course, you should be looking for a new job constantly now, but that goes without saying.

Your options include, but are not limited to;

>selling blood
>selling plasma
>selling semen
>taking part in paid psychological studies
>taking part in paid medical studies
>taking part in paid scientific studies
>tutoring using any earned qualifications you may have
>raiding savings
>borrowing money from family or friends, and paying it back when you're back on your feet. Seriously, that last part is important for so many reasons
>temporarily pawning items, preferably aesthetic ones i.e. jewellery, rather than those with a practical, everyday purpose
>camming as a girl/guy
>rescripting academic work for students
>commission based work, e.g. construction or gardening
>claiming compensation depending on the manner in which you were laid off
>nude modelling for art schools and the like, both genders can do this I should point out
>any exam work (unlikely given the time of year), such as invigilating, marking, being the test subject of faux medical exams

Other than that, getting a job is your number one priority, else you're just going to be in the same mess the month after that. Any plans on that front?
btw this is a joke i don't endorse criminal activity just do what >>17582357 said

Also this

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I know it's a joke, I wasn't serious either.
I'm trying to get anything I can. Been emailing people on Craigslist my resume for different positions. Hoping for at least one reply by tomorrow.
Yeah they said they had to let me go for corporate cutbacks.

>emailling on craigslist

I... what? Is this a thing?

Okay, but you should also apply online to company sites and the like. Drop resumes off at corporation/business locations, and ask about opportunities if you're in a position to do so.
ok then google what documents you need to get unemployment in your state and tomorrow morning you go get them, then tomorrow afternoon you go to the unemployment office.

If you don't have documentation from your employer detailing that you were laid off due to cutbacks then email your former boss TONIGHT saying that you're going to need that for proof of previous employment.
>>emailling on craigslist
What are you confused by? I'm not using Craigslist to email people, I'm emailing employers looking to hire ASAP and getting their contact info through the ads on Craigslist.
Alright I'll email them.
What's your government offer? I checked mine because I like to cover all bases, they pay 13 weeks and then the average from there. I've supposed that if I can't pay the rent of the contract they can sue me for nothing.

What about bank account overdrafts?
Maybe you could de-virgin everyone on /adv/ for a small fee?
>What's your government offer?
Not sure yet. I'm not going to overdraft and I would de-virgin /adv/ for money in a heartbeat.
where do you live?
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