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Seriously how the fuck do you get over someone you were severely

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Seriously how the fuck do you get over someone you were severely in love with.

Other girls are into me and I can't feel fucking anything for anyone but her.

Everything about it still hurts constantly.

Seriously, I just don't know how I can live like this. Fuck me its miserable.
You get busy. clean, do chores, work out.

Anytime you start feeling down about her. Resist the urge to blob and throw your mind into something to keep it busy. And no. games and tv don't really work.
I would suggest therapy. It severely helped me.
I broke up with my first 3 years ago, yet the pain is still there. You just learn to live with it overtime. I recently broke up with another girl that I had been dating for 1.5 years. I found her really boring.
I went to see a therapist and he explained that she was nothing like my first and that I should date someone that gave me the attention like my first.
So, my suggestion is to wait. Try to distract yourself with a hobby. Read, take a class, meet new people. Meditation helped me.
When your ready, try to date once more. No one likes to feel lonely.

you think about the things you loved beside her and focus on those, because those still exist and are still loveable without her.

if your answer to that is 'I ONLY LOVED HER' then you now know its time to focus on making a great life.

if ur answer is 'IM TRYING BUT I STILL THINK OF HER' well duh, there is no instant cure, its something you work through and will hopefully channel into your other projects.

no need to date others for now if a gir lasks just say sorry you're still getting over a break up
I'm in the exact same situation it's been a little over six months and I think about her almost the entire day every day.
How long does it take to truly get over someone? I don't want to be with someone and still love another that just feels wrong.

depends on your definition of 'over' but like the definition itself, the length of time is different for everyone.

theres a funny episode of How i met your mother where they discuss it.
>exactly half the time of the relationship
>1 beer for every week you dated
>5 minutes
>not until you meet the next 'one'.

I vaguely remember it, maybe I'll watch it tonight. But I'm not sure what I mean by over. Not being over one of my exes(M) is what lost me the girl that I can't forget(A). About 5 months after losing A I texted M because I was sent a video of her having sex and basically told her to get her shit together and as we talked I just realized i was over her. That was about 9 months after we broke up and I didn't even truly love her.
Here's the thing. I was severely depressed and ready to kill myself before I met her. She fucking changed my world, split it into before and after meeting her, and actually made me feel for life again. I actually started trying again, doing things I had given up on. I've been in the best shape of my life, started learning guitar, have been focusing on other things. But that pain is always fucking there, and while I should feel more confident than ever, I'm feeling worse than I ever have. I actually have things now that I didn't before, but it fucking hurts not having her.

I remember thinking love was the stupidest bullshit back during that depression, now I understand how it can completely change who we are.

I can't get over how it made me feel better than ever when I was at an absolute low, now its hurting me worse than fucking ever.

im gonna tell you what itell all guys.

a woman doesn't make you a 'better man' unless you're still better when shes gone. otherwise it only makes you a fraud.

you now know not to invest all of your happiness into a single romantic relationship, because romance is the most fragile of all human relationships.

focus on making yourself happy, and you'll never be too sad.
My problem is I'm generally not a happy person, looking at the world around me I can't be. She was the only thing I truly enjoyed about life.

>my problem is im generally not a happy person

then you now know to fix that.

>looking at hte world around me, I can't be

i dont know where you live, but if all it takes is gf to make you not an edgy teenager, then it soudn sto me like you live in a cushy enough country and that you could work your way into a lifestyle that would maek you happy.

>she was the only thingi truly enjoyed about life

edge. learn to love life itself.
I have tried to stop having feelings for this girl about half as long as I've had them. I have tried "hopping back on the horse" but I just feel nothing. I can never seem to distract myself with anything unless I'm shitfaced.(I know I'm edgy but as much as I want to stop I can't seem to)

it tends to happen when you're not focusing on the girl. and doing things specifically to get over a girl is simply focusing on her. thats kind of the idea is that you focus on life and wait for her to just fade to a memory.
My worry is that next thing I know I'm 35 with a wife and a kid or two but still in love with the girl that dumped me in highschool.

i wouldnt worry about it.
Well thanks, out of the many people I've talked to it about no one told me that I was just being an edgy teen and I think I needed that.

i dont think you're an edgy teen in regards to your relationship, rather in regards to how you relate to the world around you. yes, the world as a whole can be seemingly awful, just turn on the news, but you were born in a unique position to create a life that is 90% enjoyable if you pay your dues, put in your time, and of course learn to love.

you mentioned it was highschool and maybe ur not quite a teen anymore, but edgy teenagerdom isnt something that you snap out of as 4chan my imply. it is a long growing process as you figure out what you want your place in the world to be.

just remember that if you love a girl, you can love anything. and its certainly worth it to love everything you can, imo.
Stop being a pussy
There is nothing worse than some cringy pice of shit that's still hung up on a girl and even worse a girl that never gave him the time of day
I fucking feel secondhand embarrassment for you
Well shit OP. Now you've got me terrified.
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I can relate to you OP.

We got close, but the relationship was strictly platonic. It turned sour when I showed vulnerability via email and someone else saw.

It happened recently, so I'm still grieving/crying everyday like a weeny. The thing that hurts most is not that I don't have any control, but that I don't know whether I was blocked after a certain message coincidentally (due to that person's partner after blocking me), that person was mad, or both.

Nothing has been said from the other side, and I am kept in the dark until maybe I get contacted again "in a while," but I'm not entirely sure what to think of that. There is only silence and waiting at this time.

I'm assuming this has just recently happened to you as well. All you can do is live with the pain and try to get help if it's a scenario where no solution can be attained.
Cheer up m8, life is worth living. Not worth to spend it grieving over someone imo. What happened happened, doesnt make any sense to beat yourself over it.

I know, but I don't know if I ruined the chance to ever meet with that person again or not. It's a heavy loss for me because that person was very special, and there's only one of them in the world. I just want to know what that person had thought and is thinking now, nothing else. It hurts to know that something can be resolved but might not ever be because of stupidity/avoidable hindrances.
Do women ever get this hung up over men

Like serious question. I can see 10/10 dude being depressed over losing a girlfriend and it eating at him, but can a really hot girl miss a man like that?

I've heard stories of when their lady dies or something they're ready to kill themselves, but never the other way around.
Yes it happens.

My bf died and I was fully prepared to kill myself. Hell I attempted to kill myself after his death. Doesn't matter the gender or how hot the person is for them to get hung up on someone else.
Fair enough man. Sorry you lost something so precious to you.

I just have the mentality women don't give a shit about men (I've been pretty much neglected my whole life the opposite sex) so it's a hard concept for me to grasp. But I guess until I get a girlfriend who actually cares about me I won't really know how to feel.

Keep on keeping on senpai.
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