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I scored a gorgeous girl's number today. The problem is

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I scored a gorgeous girl's number today. The problem is she said she recently graduated college, making her 22/23, whereas I'm 35. I don't have any problem with this (if anything I prefer it), but people generally think I'm around 25, so I worry about how she'll react when the subject of age comes up. How should I play this?
You dont talk about your own age,but if she asks you are gonna be confident about it. If it matters that much to her that she will lose interest, then whatever. Ditch her.
I vote for bringing it up. Wait until you have a bit more of a connection then tell her you're not bothered by it in the least, but she should know about the age gap.

Believe me, if she's not incredibly naive, she's going to be a bit wary of a man your age dating a girl her age. That in itself is not necessarily a dealbreaker, there's also how much she likes you, the connection you have, whether she feels something "off" about you or not.
BUT if you let her find out by herself that you're ten years her senior, you have pretty much already put yourself in the "creepy older man trying to downplay his age to get the young gals" category. That's just shady.
Just mention it when she asks. If she has no issue with it then be happy.

Source: am 38. Dated a 23 year old girl. Nobody thought it was weird because I look about 10 years younger than my actual age.
When she will ask you your age tell her how old do you think I am? She will say an age and say no I am 35, don't show that you have problem with that,show confidence
I think it'll be fine if I can get her on a date first because I have a great personality and after getting to know me a bit more she'd probably think age is just a number. What I worry about is her asking me how old I am via text before I have a chance to take her out. In that case I feel like there's a good chance of her writing me off if I tell the truth.

>When she will ask you your age tell her how old do you think I am?
This is what I usually do. But this generally comes up face to face so I can do it in a charming and project a DGAF attitude. Hard to do that over text.
So get her on date the sooner possible
Was it a good tight pucci? I bet it was. Mmmhmmh.
Obviously that's the goal, but I want to be prepared with what to do if she asks me before that. I could text her tomorrow and her first reply could be "Hey! By the way how old are you?"
Well I don't think that this is a so important question to be asked before the date. Especially if you look 10 years younger. So don't worry everything will go amazing. Anyway,who cares about the age different? If she has problem,then you don't deserve her,you will find a better one
It was. But if you weren't a virgin you would know the tightness of a girl's pussy isn't related to her age. Or size.
I'm 25 and my gf is 18, I think this topic came up on our first date.
>How should I play this?
you can tell her your age is the product of two consecutive prime numbers.

As far as I know younger chicks are less concerned about large age gap than older ones.
Girls generally don't care about age gaps if the guy is older but still at a young age.
This. Look at a dating site and you'll see most girls don't start to include 30+ in their age range until they hit their mid to late 20's. There's something about the 30 threshold that turns younger girls off.
Large age gaps are pretty tricky. You want different things in life and it's hard to find someone who wants the same things you do.
I am 23. My boyfriend is 32.
I don't want to have kids before 8 years. I want to travel a lot and live abroad. I am still finishing my studies. I don't want to have a stable career.
He is willing to do those things with me because he was stuck in a shit marriage till he was 28, but the majority of 30 year olds I know don't want to. So I don't date them.
I'm not looking to settle down and start a family anytime soon, if ever, so a girl in her early 20's is ideal for me. Late 20's+ women go into panic mode, trying to lock down a man asap.
>travel a lot and live abroad
where do you fancy ?
south east asia ?
tell her ur 25 in the heart
With me and him it was sort of similar. I was 20 and he was 29, when we met. He was coming out from this marriage (he married her at 18, she cheated, stole all his money) and we basically just started living life together.
I didn't look for a older guy but I'm happy I'm with him - I push him to live life more, he makes me feel safe. It's a good balance.

I lived abroad in Europe for 6 months, planning to go volunteer soon with my boyfriend for 3-6 months.
Travelling - I want to visit all European countries and every continent before I turn 30.
I've seen most of European countries and three continents this far.
you're from Iran ?
Agreed. It can work out but it's an extra complication. Besides, even girls who enjoy the gap don't want to consider that their partner primarily likes them for their youth. Everyone grows older, a man who thinks sex isn't hot if there isn't someone in their twenties involved are only marginally more attractive to girls in their twenties than to women in their forties. No one wants to marry the guy who doesn't actually want to "grow old together" but wants to have his pristine young girl forever. It can be hard to decipher whether someone likes you in spite of your young age or primarily because of it.

And that is still disregadering the fact that it adds another complication. Whether or not you feel secure, negative judgment from people, accusations of being a gold digger or your partner being a cradle robber, will add stress. Then there's the fact that you grew up in different times and are typically in at least kind of a different stage in life. People usually already have a lot of issues being on the same wavelength with a partner...

I do agree about that SO much.
All my friends always talked shit about us because they thought that he was with me just because I'm young and pretty, all his friends talked shit about us because they thought I was just using him for economical stability.
We actually have a perfect personality mix, had three small arguments in three years and we are the happiest couple I can think of. But I went through a lot of shit for this relationship. Which is okay because he's worth it, but I would't bother for someone less exceptional.
China ?
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