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Do what plz

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>be me
>male 28
>be raised by my two lesbian attorney feminist-type grandparents (on my father's side) because they tricked my mother out of keeping me because she had no money and was 17 and my father walked out on her. Transition from my mother's arms to these lesbians at 18 months old (one of the lesbians is ok to me, of course the one who's not related to me, the other is a piece of shit who I can't even bare to think of
>at current age I talk to my mother and see her often. Never speak to or wish to see my father again as he was physically abusive to me as a child he hit me a couple times unprovoked before I was big enough to protect and defend myself
>suffer a dog bite injury resulting in 300 stitches on skull and lifelong ptsd (only diagnosed recently) at 4 years old. Only got 70thouwow when I was 18 blew threw it in months on medicinal weed and a vacation to the Bahamas
>be prescribed medication after medication starting in my early teens and misdiagnosed by many doctors
>be forced to see many therapists none getting down to the nitty gritty only scratching the surface doing more damage than good
>be in a relationship with someone for 8 years starting when I was 17. Share two dogs and two cats. Married this woman at 25
>this woman can't have children
>she divorces me a month later states she was still thinking about her ex or she wasn't in love with me etc...
>return to my first girlfriend I ever had when I was 15 and lost my virginity to. pregnant a month later. We were married soon after
>ex tries to OD on xanax ends up in a hospital mental hold after I trolled her hard to get my dog back via hardcore trolling tactics
>get dog back and agree to share dog
>phone call from ex on Christmas she's crying says dog has bone cancer and can't move off the couch
>calls euthanist and puts dog down for bone cancer the day after Christmas last year at ex wife's apartment I used to share with her (no furniture moved since I moved out everything was just the way I left it) and I got to meet her new bf who had been hiding from me when I came to get my dog back months earlier during an failed unexpected raid (she was an amazon type huge Mexican who wouldn't let me in)
>have no contact with ex ever since and no feelings attached
>euthanist asks what to do with corpse of dog. I have dog skull cleaned and bleached and I kept it for safekeeping
>my second child is born 4 months later with wife (Same woman who bore my first child 15 months earlier)
>no use working (I've never held a job long enough to say I've ever been gainfully employed)
>wife and I begin fighting and go to therapy to try to make it work, seems successful
>wife still kind of rubs it in me being broke and unemployed thing in my face knowing I can't work because of my spontaneous behavior
>get alopecia start losing hair in patches of my beard (very noticeable) now one patch missing from back of my scalp too
>break collarbone letting my new dog pull me on a skateboard
>rehome dog
>Kaiser Premenente refused to give me painkillers so I've been in pain for 6 months now they want to do a huge surgery
>go to psychopharmacologist who diagnoses me with ptsd from my childhood
>be trying to fill out paperwork for ssi nifty neeetbux but the questions are too complicated so be angry.
>be currently facing jail time for felony vandalism that happened over a year and a half ago because of my ptsd and my shoulder injury I couldn't do the community labor I was assigned
>have to write a declaration for a judge and show up in court in burbank california on Oct 28th (day before current wife's birthday) don't know how to write declaration can't even write a decent 4chan post
>do NOT want to kill myself so that's not the answer I'm looking for
>can not afford a lawyer
Get free consultation
Wtf lol, you sound lik a complete idiot. Except for the parts in your youth you cant help ofc. But realise you are an adult now and act like it instead of keeping behaving like a retard that is a burden to society. Fix that shit or an hero plz
For fuck's sake, you are 28 years old. Start taking some responsibility for your own choices and actions instead of blaming everything on others.
>lesbians attorney grandparents
>needs a lawyer

Thread posts: 6
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