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How long should I wait before I quit?

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I had a terrible first day at work. I mean so bad, I contemplated leaving mid-way through my shift.
I feel sick to my stomach knowing I have to come back tomorrow and do it all over again.
With my other jobs, I had a feeling on my first day that it was either "for" me or not.
I am already feeling like this job is not for me at all.
I am continuing to fill out and submit more applications like crazy.
How long is an appropriate time for me to tell my new boss that the job just isn't for me, and quit?
Not only do I not want to continue being miserable, but I don't want to waste anymore of their training dollars or resources on me.
Will this make me look like shit?
I really would not like to be there by mid next month.
What do I do
Use the same notice period as they would have to give if they wanted to fire someone.
As an employer, quit now. They'll work to talk you out of it because that's their job and they probably need you, but if your head is not ready for the job you're doing, put in your resignation at the start of your shift and finish that shift out. This gives them time to make sure they're scheduled out for your absence following that and overall just makes you seem like less of a dick.
Do it tomorrow?
Won't that make me look worse, considering I have only worked there for 8 hours?
Should I just give a two week's notice? Or is it too soon??
How would you handle this if an employee did this to you?
You're wasting their time either way. It's MUCH easier for an employer to continue with the scheduling they've had going, especially if they were short staffed, than getting used to you being there and then having to struggle afterward.

You're not going to look any better or worse on paper period, you might as well never reference this job at all.

If you're wondering what would be the most considerate thing to do and you actually care, talk to your manager and ask him if he NEEDS you for the 2 weeks, but be very clear that you're not interested in pursuing further than that. More than likely he'll tell you to go ahead and finish your shift and that's all he'll need from you, unless he's in a terrible shortstaffed position.

Don't stick around and let it stretch if you have 0 interest this early in, you'll make things harder for yourself and your employer if he thinks that you've gotten comfortable but you're still planning on quitting and he doesn't know, and you talking about quitting constantly is just going to drag him/you down in terms of morale.

I've had plenty of employees quit day or week 1, it doesn't really hurt my feelings in the slightest, some people are cut out for my workplace, others aren't.
Yeah, I would go in tomorrow, tell them you really don't think this job is the right fit for you, tell them you're willing to finish out the day if they need you too, and then head out of there. It costs a lot for places to train new people anyways. They'll probably appreciate the honesty.
Should I do this at the beginning or end of my shift?
How should I word it?
Beginning. Explain what you just said, your first shift made you feel like the job wasn't for you, and you're going to resign because of that. Ask if they would like you to finish your current shift or leave then.
Why did it suck?
Very overwhelming, fast-paced environment
Extremely busy and short-staffed
Place was DINGY; I was stuck with a gross environment, clearly around people who don't do their part to clean/stay organized
Trainer had to constantly walk away from me, to the other side of the building or on break
Had to basically teach myself that little I do know
Had no real opportunity to ask questions (my trainer was often away/just didn't care)
Rude remarks from a co-worker who was about to end their shift about my age/qualifications
Only get a 20 minute lunch--isn't it the law that I receive at least a 30 minute, undisturbed lunch?
Have no real knowledge about the products we sell yet, and customers are asking me for and about things I don't know
stop being a cuck and just be as useless as everybody else
Self Fulfilling Prophecy is a thing I never thought would be so real in life.
I decided to stick it out today again...
It was somehow even WORSE than yesterday. My trainer wasn't with me for a second of my shift.
I have been scheduled 3 training days. Yesterday, today and tomorrow. Tomorrow, I may break.
What do you mean?
What's the job?
>I decided to stick it out today again...
So you ignored literally every single piece of advice in this thread?
The general rule of thumb is two weeks. At first most jobs will be ten times harder than they end up being later. Give it two weeks, and if you still feel that way then quit.

>-isn't it the law that I receive at least a 30 minute, undisturbed lunch?
What state are you in? How many hours do you work at a time?
gas station
8-9 hrs
I was thinking that maybe I would have a better day and that things would improve, but.. no.
But when you quit, don't you have to GIVE a two weeks?
uuuuuugh i want out
>gas station
ffs at least stick it out for two weeks

>But when you quit, don't you have to GIVE a two weeks?
It is the polite thing to do, but it is not necessary whatsoever. And considering it is a gas station i doubt it will look bad at all for future employers so long as you leave it off your resume.

In terms of your lunch break. Here is the deal. You are entitled legally to a total of 10 minute breaks per 4 hours of work which are paid. You are also entitled to a lunch break between the third and fifth hour of a more than 5 hour work schedule. This is not paid.

So they are not legally giving you your unpaid lunch break. It is up to you if you want to fight it. If you work for a franchise then you have a good chance of someone higher up stepping in but otherwise you dont. Financially they arent exactly screwing you, but in terms of the law they are.
gas station isn't necessarily easy, man.
You have to watch every pump and take a mental note of each car's appearance, make sure no one drives off without paying (very hard)
If they do, it's your ass that gets in trouble, despite the fact that you can't control them choosing not to pay.
all the while constantly stocking, cleaning, trying to be 100 places at once.
I hate having to check IDs, I'm afraid I'm going to accidently clear a fake ID and get fucking SUED like one of my coworkers did for it
I particularly hate dealing with cigarettes and alcohol (I don't smoke or drink, so when people ask for things/call things by their nicknames or short-hand the names, it's very confusing and frustrating for me) and checking out customers--WITH A SMILE!
Also, to put things into perspective, it's a 24-hour convenient store with only 2 people there at a time (3 for my "training"--which isn't being taken care of)
Thread posts: 21
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