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So i've had a resting asshole face for pretty much as long

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So i've had a resting asshole face for pretty much as long as I can remember and have no fucking idea how to change it.

Yesterday at work I was talking to a grill that commented on it and she said that I always looked pissed off so she had never bothered to try and talk to me before. It was only the fact that she was in my office and I joked around with her about being hungover that we really got talking.

Has anyone else had this issue, how do I come back from this?

>inb4 smile more I can't maintain that shit without looking like a tool
Be yourself but try to be positive around people. No need to grin. Put on a mask. Many people fake positivity.
All the friggin time dude, i remember last year, i was walking to class, when this girl said randomly "you should smile more" , meh i have a rbf but cant change it for the life of me
Ive always had the opposite, ppl used to call me sunnyboy.
I've gotten the same. Don't change anything, be friendly with people and they'll see. I can't force a smile but many people say I have a nice smile when I do.
Throughout the day, check in with your tension levels. Are you clenching your jaw? Wrinkling your forehead? Try to relax your face muscles, maybe you're unintentionally scowling because you are stressed/tense.
You're probably straining facial muscles unconsciously. I tend to do the same. Try lying on your back with your attention on breathing slowly, while mentally scanning your body from toes to head, relaxing every muscle as you move upwards. By the time you reach your head, you should be able to release tension from your face. Do this once a day for a week and see if it makes you feel different.

Are you happy with yourself and your life? Try achieving that instead of worrying how your face looks.

goes hand in hand with
Uhh... Didn't I just reply to this exact topic?

Copy pasta I guess...

>Force yourself to be cognizant of the fact that you need to:
>1.) Maintain eye contact
>2.) Smile
>3.) Over exaggerate all of your natural responses
>Force yourself to do that.
>Repeat this for 6 months-2 years.
>it will become habit and you won't even notice it.
>In high school anyone who knew me or talked to me thought I was super sweet, but anyone who didn't thought I was that super serious and intense as fuck kid that was unapproachable (and I've heard other people confirm this)
>I remember I once unintentionally scared the crap out of an underclassmen because one day she just randomly walked up to me, got up the courage to ask me out to a dance, and being caught completely offgaurd my response was a very bemused, "Uhh.. Sorry... Do I know you?" and she instantly had a certain look in her eyes and fled away. That one made me feel kind of bad because I did not at all intend to hurt her feelings, I just had absolutely no idea who she was.
>Last year of high school and through college I decided to change.
>Even now I guess I still have a slight unapproachable air to me , but I'm now also seen as the type of person that can approach just about anyone anywhere, start a conversation, and is instantly seen as polite and incredibly friendly.
>And that's also other people's assessments of me, not my own.
>You can change anything you want to, just takes effort and willpower.
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Glad I'm not the only one experiencing this so fucking regularly, its frustrating because most days I go to work really positive and still manage to get people comment about it.
The last chick I was with actually told me I was too intimidating and the only reason she could talk to me was because we were both drunk.


Yeah, I'm happy with my life atm, sometimes my forehead does wrinkle but I thought everyone did this.

Thanks bro didn't even notice another thread, sucks to think about how many missed opportunities you might of missed out on eh.

A lot of this. I'm a manager in a business that is 90% customer service, not retail but close, so I deal with employees and customers all the time.

Make sure your demeanor is positive even if your face doesn't show it. Make sure that you're attentive at all times and can repeat what people said back to them in a friendly tone without being monotone or making it seem like it's a chore. Make sure that you use positive and encouraging alternatives to words, avoid negative words or phrases. (A big one in business is "THANKS for your patience" instead of "SORRY for your wait", things like that.) Using positive body language and talking with your hands helps as well, as does keeping your hands and eyes busy.

I still haven't "fixed" my normal facial expression, but now instead of people assuming I'm angry or upset, they assume I'm concentrating or busy, and I rarely have anyone ask me if something's wrong or mention my expression anymore.
Thread posts: 11
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