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I'm on vacation, surrounded by QTs (which never happens)

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I'm on vacation, surrounded by QTs (which never happens) . Like, in my hostel there is by far more girls than guys. And just in my bunk room alone, it's just me and one other guy and like 8 QTs. I see the other guys flirting with the girls. I kind of want to, but I don't feel like I deserve it. I've even seen a few girls look over at me. But honestly, I don't feel like I have done anything to earn shit.

I just have always thought that some people deserve sex, attention, affection/whatever. And I've always thought that others are just not meant for it

I've just been staying distant. But it's frustrating at the same time.. Any advice anyone? Or have had this before?

Pic unrelated
Why do some people deserve it, but not you?

I guess it's just, more natural for them.
Everybody deserves to be happy. And there's nothing wrong in trying to feel good.

Make sure you don't hurt anyone and go for it !
Baby steps. When the QT's look at you, smile and wave. Talk to them about something unusual or have a prop of some kind that gets their attention and starts conversation. When you're talking to them, be flirty and playful.

Getting sex is like a Chinese finger trap. If you pull and struggle, it gets harder. But if you're calm and relaxed, you can pull out (or put it in, in this case) without trouble
>i don't feel like i deserve it
>others are just not meant for it

here's some advice for a beta faggot like you: life is what you make of itâ„¢. if you want to sit on your hands and be risk adverse then don't go fucking crying about your uneventful life.

no one deserves anything. if you want something then you need to work for it. a fucking 9/10 isn't going to walk up to you, grab your dick, and start blowing you because god willed it. it's not fucking fate that chad gets to fuck qts and you're in your bunk, making posts on /adv/ while BEING IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY, ON VACATION, AT A HOSTEL, SURROUNDED BY QTs, and too fucking dense to understand that you have absolutely nothing to lose by being social.

you're going to wake up and old man, full of regret and realize that life isn't about passivity and fear but it'll be too late you fucking faggot.
>but, my problem is I don't feel I deserve it. I'm literally laying in bed right now. And I can hear all the QTs downstares having a blast singing kareoke

I hear you.. Just why should a girl even waste her time for me?
The fuck is all this "deserve" shit?

Get that shit out of your head.

Truth is, you're probably just afraid to put yourself out there. Stop making excuses for yourself because you don't want to admit you can actually DO something about it.

This shit isn't natural, it's something that's just worked at by most people from a young age.

Some people are more friendly by nature, but that doesn't mean they were *born* with social skills. No one is.

If you want to fucking learn, get the off of your ass and learn.

Start now.

Any case where you think "I wish I was..." it's just a wasted "I will be", because it's perfectly within your power to change, you just don't want to.

-Signed a former social recluse who got sick of that sad sack shit, put in MASSIVE FUCKING EFFORT during his 20's, and changed.
that's for her to decide. your job is to present yourself and take advantage of the opportunities the present themselves. A FUCKING HOSTEL OF QTs ON VACATION IS A FUCKING OPPORTUNITY.

yes, you're the guy and guys are meant to initiate and put themselves in the vulnerable position. that's just how shit works. get the fuck over it.

could you imagine how fucking comfy life would be if the expectation was that other people come up to you and have to put on a show, awaiting your applause? WELL TOO FUCKING BAD, THE PUSSY HAS THAT POWER NOW.

if you want to get laid then start dancing. you don't have to be ingenuous and "fake it" but you certainly have to be the performer.
So you want me to go downstairs? I will when my phone is done charging so I can take that with me

>start dancing. you don't have to be ingenuous and "fake it" but you certainly have to be the performer

I'm in my late 20s and that's something I can not do

Nobody "deserves" sex, they just do it. Reproduction is literally the most basic instinct of every organism, from flies and worms to humans. The male mantis gets eaten by the female mantis when they have sex. The male mantis does it anyway because doesn't matter;had sex.

Those people down there, their blood is red and their shit stinks, just like everyone else.

Go down there right now, and join in. If anyone asks where you've been, tell them you felt sick but now you're better.
that's fucking dating/courting. you have to perform. you have to present yourself and let them judge you. whether you "fake it" is up to you.
If you feel like this places like this may not be for you. Self realisation is not always a nice thing.

Can you explain what you mean more?

I guess I'll just go down there in a little
bit. It's just hard for me to see the point, I mean I'll only be here for 2 more nights.



but I have no time for that
What happened to you to make you feel unworthy?
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You do it because it's fun in the moment.
You're looking to justify the fact you're intellectually cuckolded. Why go on vacation if you're not having fun?

Even if you get BTFO you will learn something.

I command you to just go and hang out. Talk to the first girl who shows interest.

Do it now!

nothing in particular. I've just always felt like this

Alright well I'm going down there now
I better not see a single another post from you here you fucking faggot, Now go and unfaggot yourself.
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