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Get it off your chest

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Say it, anon!
Last thread: >>17561652
I don't think I have any positive personality traits at all
You are a customer I see every Saturday and damn it I have this crazy lust over you. I want to fuck you so bad but all that I could do is ring your order and tell you to have a good day. I watch as you leave the store and just have these thoughts.

You aren't the most attractive person but your personality and little quirks have me excited when you come near me. Sigh.
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This class is going to fucking kill me.

>Next class [in 45 min], you'll be giving semi-impromptu speeches
>Bring a picture, you'll talk about it and what it means
>We'll try to figure out what it is, you'll reveal it at the end
Fucking hate getting jerked around like this.
I just want some clear, straightforward instructions. Is that too much to ask?

I don't even have any problems with public speaking (did competitive debate and everything) but i DO have a big fucking problem with ambiguous instructions! Call it autism, call it OCD, it is what it is. And this shit triggers it!

I had no idea that my girlfriend would be emotionally abusive.
What is the class called? Sounds like a game instead of an assignment.
He's absolutely gorgeous, and when he smiles at me, he brightens my whole day. I've never felt this way about anyone else before, and I love seeing him, but knowing my luck, he probably isn't interested, and is just being nice to me
I had a good time on our date last week and think we'd make a good couple but the fact you're still in college and have a lot going on + live an hour away makes me think I should just leave you alone.
my 19 year old unemployed still-living-at-home sister has just told my family that she's pregnant. i'm really upset because i don't think my parents deserved to have had their first grandchild in these circumstances. I'm so angry and upset about how this will burden my family and how my mum deserved way better than this. I know if I say this to them, they'll be angry with me but it's not fair to them.

Also I'm disgusted/phobic of preganancy and pregnant bellies so this will be a nightmare for me.
Anon, i'm want too much of attention , is there anything I can do with it?
Sorry for my bad English
Why did you get so angry at me for not wanting to eat moldy food?
I'm just a lazy piece of shit who wants everyone to do everything for me so I don't have to take responsibility for failure
I'm terrified that I just lost the love of my life because of my selfishness. He said I have a shit personality and he's right.
Who was that random woman abusing you for liking me? Why would she try to put me off? I couldn't believe it, she said she didn't even know who you were. Perhaps it's all an illusion, and I should just give up. I don't know where I'm going
I feel sort of guilty that I turned down a job interview offer. It's a 2 hour commute both ways through and I already know I won't be able to handle it. I only applied in the first place because I was in super panic mode, and I overreact

I'm thankful I have a few more interviews lined up that pay at least $10-15k more
You're a cunt. A selfish cunt with less than zero empathy. Yes, you practice negative empathy. You deflect blame and guilt trip people whenever they criticize something you've said or done that bothered them and that is how your ability to empathize with others is backwards as fuck.
You can put on your cutesy facade to overcompensate for you depression and anxiety but, ultimately, you can't mask your shitty personality. Not forever. Not from everyone. You fool people pretty well until they get close enough, until they spend enough time with you to realize it.
I sacrificed six years for you. Six years of sporadic employment, letting my friendships fall apart, even my physical health went to shit for you so you could gain some fucking ambition and confidence in yourself.
You treated me like I was just some thing in your life to keep you entertained, to make you feel good about yourself. I see now though that that's all everything is to you. All the music you listen to is feelgood shit. You collect motivational quotes like they're your lifeblood. You cut yourself out of the lives of anyone who doesn't devote theirs to you. You make absolutely no effort to maintain the relationships you find yourself in.
You're a cunt. You're a cunt and I don't know when the fuck I'll get over wasting so much on you. Fuck you, I hope you die slowly and painfully.
I still think that there is a decent chance that I will get with her. Don't know why, but I just do
you are a selfish lying slut

yet I still love you.
i feel nostalgic for october 2014
that was like one of the best times of my life

i miss my ex best friend

sometimes i wish i could relive it for a day or a week or something, nothing was fucked up and people didnt hate me
I posted a girl I am interested in /b/ and today someone used her in the OP for their thread. |

For some reason that made me happy
It sounds like you're the one with shit personality blaming your life falling apart on one person
I have a virulent anger roiling in my gut at all times. It's always been there, and I'm high-functioning enough to not let it bleed into my daily persona. Usually. I've gone a few days without smoking weed, and now I'm sitting at home shaking with anger at nothing.

People are understandably unsympathetic towards this. But really, I don't choose to be like this. I have a harsh burning in my chest, like that feeling when you take your first shot of whiskey, but it's literally all the time. It takes a huge amount of energy to keep my calm public persona in-tact, and so when people see the cracks all I hear is "why don't you just, like, calm down man?". FFFFUCK YOU MAN I ////AM//// BEING CALM YOU UNGRATEFUL SHIT.
I can't for the life of me remember my ex's voice and it saddens me. I know I should be happy for moving on but still...
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>screw self over the past few years due to depression
>only job that wants me is a mcjob filled with teens or young 20-somethings
>going to be the guy that's near 30 working this kinda job

I guess I deserve it. I feel embarrassed but it's my fault that I'm in this situation. A shit job is better than no job and I don't want to go crawling back to my parents.
Am I really that pathetic? I know you've literally never done anything to lead me to believe you felt anything for me but I still got emotionally attached to you.

I realise I was lonely but still, how is it even possible to get so attached with so little provocation.

I already know this situation is pathetic but even for me that sounds like a problem.

I can't help but miss you, but how could I ever think you'd miss me and be happy to see me. I expect you to care and then get upset when I realise you don't, you literally owe me nothing. The only relationship we could have is a professional one but I can't even manage that.

I'm terrified I made my feelings towards you obvious and made you uncomfortable and that made you more distant.
I'm sorry for that. I can't say I've moved on already but I don't wish to make you uncomfortable.

God I'm fucking stupid.
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i know that feel, but look man there's more shit waiting for us in the future

so get your shit together, im also trying to move on, i tried everything already and i even told her how i feel, but not even that managed to make her notice me a bit

i don't know your exact situation but in my case it seems just a bit to late because she is already starting to notice another person

and while it makes me a bit angry how that other person can get reactions out of her so easily, im not going to let that shit stop me from what i was doing before i met her, i already improved a lot and in a few months i'll be even more awesome

i hope you have good friends, because my friends are what is keeping me from loosing control of my emotions

watch this maybe it will cheer you up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMCR_VWMezY

and yeah in a way i also feel fucking stupid because i keep thinking about trying again with her when i become even better

makes me wonder why i always put so much effort for people that doesn't give a fuck about me

but still even if i fail again, i know someday i'll meet a girl way better than her, and when that happens i will be prepared thanks to all the stuff im doing now
My therapist is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen oh my god what do I do??
Fuck off, universe, I'm not going to milk my dick anymore today. Fucking girl won't even look at me, she wants to talk to some bull good only for breeding then fucking fine. All it proves is my weak ass is too flabby to fuck, and that in the end is the most important thing. Whether or not I look or feel idealized. And people always then prefer the idealized to the actual.

Fuck if I know what to do with life outside of living it in the moment. For now all I have is the three or four people. And OP's thread is full of misery I won't read and this is another drop of piss in the ocean.

Fuck my dick or get the fuck out, I say. I'm tired and bored and exhausted. Nothing to do but go on 4chan in a mental ward, which is probably the funniest thing that's ever happened to me.
Intro to Communications or something like that. GE requirement.
I put together some passable shit with Prokudin-Gorskii's color portrait of the last Uzbek ruler, his life story, etc.
But when i walked in the prof says everyone's getting the full points (as long as we talk for at least 1 minute).
And well, most people just memed it up with pics of their dogs that they had on their phones and other bullshit.
One dude tried to explain special relativity in 60 seconds.
And a girl gave us her DnD character's backstory.

For that matter, that's one of the things that surprises me since coming back to college.
When did sunny, outgoing girls start playing DnD?
And since when did people start being PROUD of it?
Since when do people volunteer to give a presentation on their char's backstory in front of a class?
I mean damn, this girl looked as confident as the blonde in the tri delta shirt.

These are probably good changes in the world though.
'm only 3 years older than these people, and i already i feel like a grouchy old man.
We've been friends since we were very little, and even though there were times where we were unable to talk to each other due to distance or whatever else, it still felt like we were close. We had lots to talk about whenever we would see each other. Once I got a computer and we were able to chat this feeling still stayed. But now it feels like we've really grown apart. After we saw each other for the first time in years, it quickly made me realize just how much you've changed, and how much I don't know about you now. You've grown more and more reclusive over the years. It can be really hard getting you to talk to me. It's easy in real life but hard online.

I'm so jealous of your friends. Jealousy, like anger, is a disgusting emotion which I really want no part of. But I can't help it, you know? I want to spend time with you too. Hell, I just want to spend time with you in general. Always, always after 5-10 minutes of us talking, you say "I've made plans with my friends so I have to go now. Talk to you later".

Our interests have grown further apart, you and your friends enjoy the same stuff which happens to be stuff I don't really care about. You've never shown interest in what I like either. None of this can be helped. But I'm jealous. You and your friends have common interests and can keep conversations going. You guys probably get excited together, follow stuff together, have a good time together. I wish I could be included. I'm always excluded from everything and this has been the norm for a very long time. I want to be included in something for once.

We were supposed to go to college together but that dream was short lived. It's so upsetting.

If things get bad for me and I have to run away like always, how would you feel about us living together? Like we always talked about when we were younger. Would you be okay with that? Or is that dream unobtainable now? I would feel like an alien living with you despite us being in our home country.

I miss you.
why can't I stop thinking about you
i could have my memories erased and still I'd be thinking of your face
i'm still getting those butterflies, i'm still feeling so fucking high in bursts over you
and i don't know why it's so hard for me to just text you
or why i didn't hang around for just a minute longer
so i could bug you
i'm a mess, oh god, i really am, but i hope you can see past it and realize i'm hiding just how much more than my mess I really am
i would do so much for you, and goodness knows I want to
i have lofty plans, should you prove to be the right one. goodness, i just know i'm going to fall in love with you and it's terrifying, yet so exhilarating.
do you care to join in on this adventure with me?
I can't help you because you are in an abusive relationship. You know how we feel. You know we think he is evil. He hangs your calls with your friends up. You have ditched me 6 times in the last year because of him but I feel helpless and I can't do anything because he's cutting you off from me. And now you are married and share his child from his last marriage after knowing him for 4 months? This is ridiculous and I want to be there for you but I can't handle how it is going.
I keep developing crushes and I need to stop. It's pretty shitty, but at least if my current job becomes unbearable I can use it as an out and get fired.
I wish I didn't have the stereotype flamboyant voice as a gay person. Maybe that's the reason no guy wants to notice me, especially since I don't even like being flamboyant.
I want to rape little girls
I'm a typical male and fucked up with the woman I love and I really don't know how to fix it.
I feel exactly the same, it's you, only you

- Of course I do
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I'm so fucking tired of shit. I'm tired of stress, anxiety, abdominal pain, and being abandoned. I wish it could all go away. Fucking sick and tired of it.
If you feel that bad tell him. Whether it's in a letter or something but saying nothing & just hoping things will magically resolve themselves is fucking retarded he's probably waiting anyways
Life is like that you gotta keep on keeping on if you want to keep on going on since the stopping is the only thing possibly able to keep you from keeping on and subsequent keeping on for a long time till it gets going
James if you're out there I loved you, you stupid son of a bitch. But you chose depression over me, could never see past the anxiety to look at me.
I made about $1500 today. I was happy about it until I got home. Having no one to share in your victories makes them feel empty.
how exhilarating! i can't wait to see what the future has in store for us.
I don't give a fuck. I have been getting fucked over since I was a little kid, bullied, rejected.
Nobody ever cared for me, and my only best friend became a criminal.

Life is funny to me right now, looking at the problems of other people.
I think I could go to a concentration camp, and I wouldn't change much mentally.

I'm at a point where everything I need exists within me, regardless of whether I'm rich, poor or if anybody cares for me.

It's funny how sides change. Now everybody likes me, and I reject.

Vanitas vanitatum et omnia vanitas. Keep chasing wealth, social approval and women just for the sake of it. Me, I do things for the challenge. I think struggling is one of the best parts of life. Regardless of how shit everything is, I have myself and I'll make the most of my time.
It sounds like you're clearly no credible judge of character being the shitty person you are for having never tried to help anyone without expecting to get fucked over. Fuck off.
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I feel like fucking shit

I talked to a girl for a good half an hour earlier today (completely unprecedented for someone like me) and when she had to go I was too retarded and flustered to try and get her #

I don't know if I'll ever see her again because my campus is not small by any means
I'll probably never see her again because I'm an autistic retard

Feels bad man.
also, I could find her again but only through her friend who I know I can find but then she'd know I'm into her through her friend, and that's something I'd rather tell her myself

What the fuck do I do?
Stop turning tricks; it doesn't attract people who want to live with you.
I'm so fucking petty right now and I don't want to be, I hate what it does to me and how it makes me look, but not being petty makes me feel like a bottle rocket.
People trying to convince me not to be petty makes it worse even though I know they're right.
I really just want this person to admit they were wrong. Maybe offer me an apology, I haven't decided how necessary that is to me, yet. I do feel like I'm owed at least the admission of guilt, though.
I am in love. I dont even know how it happened. Is like coming back home and finding the house flooded. Was it the sink? Was it the fridge? Is it the apocalypse? When i got knee-deep into all this water? No idea. I'm in love.
What happend? We were so close before. This happens over and over again, what's the point of even trying.

we saw each other today at the store you were working at. i was with my gf. so it was kind of awkward. God you were so cute, so petite, your hair, mole, and it looked like you hadn't aged a day. I'm sure I looked way different and buying the junk food wasn't helping. Sorry I pretended not to recognize you. I know you used to like me and I used to really like you. I regret not getting to know you.

- C
I said sorry because I got it wrong. A random person was insulting someone online saying they were the biggest bitch they had ever met, and calling them worthless and stupid and saying that even though they once relied on them, that they never cared for them. I had a very insecure and abusive childhood, so I took it vey personally and reacted screaming my lungs out in anger and pain, calling them a cunt, saying I couldn't believe they would do this because I somehow became convinced it was my best friend and the whole situation made me very Ill. When I apologised to my friend for my mistake, that I had been fooled, they didn't forgive me and seemed to think I was talking directly to them, but my actions were just a response to an action, and I wished I was dead, and they just abandoned me and broke my heart. I don't know how I got through it, and the pain of it still completely destroys my emotions
I was ill for two fucking years! I'm better now, I'm healed, your love healed me
No my boyfriend not a paedophile. We are both very much fully grown adults. I don't care for your tall stories. Please go, and stop trying to beat people up in the street that you don't know, that are not causing you, or others harm
My girlfriend is muslim and she will just leave me eventually when she'll feel like getting married (I'm an atheist)
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Is that anon here by chance? The one that helped me out?

I was the anon who went to Seattle than to Alaska.

Could really use his input on something.
me too mayne

Just lift and focus on yourself and being happy for about 9-10 months and text her again and see how she feels when you look and feel better

If it doesn't work, do it again
I get so emotionally attached to you. Why didn't I get that with someone else? It caused me dependency, and pain in loss, yet I was looking for that somewhere. I thought maybe I could fall in love again. I was wrong. I can't seem to stop loving you. We've given each others the space and time, and worked through the philosophies and psychologies of why we got here, and felt that way, the experiences that it reminded us of, and the responses that took us away. Yet I keep on living you, loving you. We have the most ecstatic buzz between us, hours and hours I'm high naturally, without any drugs at all. I thought it could fade, we'd move on, and I couldn't. Even when I did, I couldn't even mange that. I tried to sustain a friendly formality, a politeness that is true to me, yet couldn't even do that without being swayed by my emotions. There is no objectivity in my view of our life, I've felt everything there is to enjoy in this universe, which ultimately comes back to you, and the happiness and freedoms that we are about, all that we have between us, and I find that's all there is. Beyond that space is nothing. I don't reach it, I drift into your arms. I've been there before though, and I don't recognise how my soul fell through the earth like the falling dream. It wasn't like that with you, we're raised. it was a spirituality, and I'm not even religious, despite their impositions of unspoken rules about desire and ambition and love
What a time to be alive.
I just want you to know, I've been a very needy boy and it's ok if you want to go, and leave me for another male hoe.
Why'd you kiss me again that night. Stop giving me false hope please life is hard enough
I unironically watch leafyishere
Thanks Adrian.

You still a faggot tho.
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Yesterday I gave my crush this long-winded meltdown wall of text about how I felt considered she's out of state and dating someone since going.

It didn't make me feel better, I'm just really fucking lonely and tired of my mundane life right now.
Please enlighten me on what the FUCKING FUCK i have to do to make you love me. I don't ask for anything. I don't need much but your attention. That's literally it....why does this happen to me every time...

Sigh. I know you're cheating on me.
Maybe if I hadn't shown my feelings too soon, I still wouldn't have lost you. We'd be flirting with each other like before. Maybe I had gotten to kiss you.

Now all we are are friends. I find it nice I found someone who is like me, but sometimes I cannot help but regret.

I never wished for you to be my bf. I just want a little fun, is all. To be admired. Whatever.
I wouldn't regret any of the fun had with my bf
I know! Exactly
I woke up today feeling this really intense hatred for my ex
I feel like whether or not I get a text that I'm expecting will decide whether I'm going to be alone for the next year or so.
Yep, you are definitely at least some of the problem.
Well, this will be long.

We've been together 4 years now. I get that I told you things that weren't true about myself but why can't you just stop? I'm sorry to put it so blunt but just stop it. I know I shouldn't of done what I have and made the mistakes I have but why? Why? Seriously why? You make mistakes just as much as I have since we met and I've never in our whole 4 years 7 months and 22 days have I ever picked you out for being human and making mistakes, even when I've been at end of some of those mistakes? Just why? It's not fair and I get sick of it so damn much.

I love you and that will never change. I want a relationship with you. I want to grow old and grey with you. I want to father your children. I want to kiss you every morning. I want to be there for the bad. I want to be there for the good.

Stop doing this. It's hurting us badly. Let shit go, please. You taught me that.

I will not take responsibility for us not having wedding plans when I've sat down and gone through multiple ways we can pull it off.

Again. I love you. Always will.

Please, G.A, Help me do this because I can't do it alone or it would of been done.
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i wonder if some day i will finally find a girl as crazy as me, for a while i tough you could be the that because your smile made me super happy, but as i started talking to you i realized, that you are just a normal person and thats ok, what is weird is that i never manged to make you super happy or super angry, you just kept being nice obviously trying to not hurt my feeling, even after i told you how i feel about you, you just gave me the same kind of answer

something doesn't feel right, now im not sad but im also not as happy as i used to be before i met you

well my friends aere helping me a lot so i shouldn't worry, i just wish i could get you ot of my mind
Cause you made that bitch famous?
Why should i save myself for you, if we may never be together?

Why should i turn down other guys for you, if I've never been comfortable around you? I can't look you in the eye; you make me so nervous.

You don't even know me. You tell me you think im precious but do you even know me? You like what you see but you haven't seen inside. I like what i see too but what is inside?

You said i was your girlfriend but i think it was a joke. I dont think i can tell others you're my boyfriend if we've never even had a proper conversation. Why should i save myself for you? Im sure you wouldnt for me. Actually... i don't know. Because I dont know you.
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I dont have any friends and I don't want any.
I want STATUS.
I just want to fucking die. I'm too much of a coward to do it myself though.
wtf, I know I was a bit late but I was there to meet you, and when you didn't, I went out, and hoped you would follow me home again
I do not like pizza. And I get judged for it.
I may be an autistic, lazy, isolated, weak, dumb, ignorant, boring, hateful, perverted manchild who still lives with his parents and is a kissless virgin, but guess what; your tax money goes to me thanks to my disability check, so thank you for paying me for doing absolutely nothing. If only I had a young, sweet and pretty gf my life would be perfect.
>have social anxiety and a lot of symom's of AvPD
>be with boyfriend for five years
>"anon I want you to feel comfortable talking to me about your problems"
>tell him I'm really anxious about going to a party tonight with his coworkers and might stay home
>"no not like that"
>frustrated with me for being who I've been the entire time we've been together

I've actually made a lot of progress during the time we've been together, but specifically this kind of soctal gathering makes me nervous. I get that it's not fun to be with someone like me, I really do and wish I could change faster, but I also don't think it's fair that he's upset with me over a problem he's known about for years. I don't want to make him miserable or be his weird girlfriend no one ever sees. Our lease together isn't up until September of next year, so I'm stuck until then, I guess. Time to go back to keeping everything to myself and grinning and bearing whatever comes so I'm not unpleasant.
Which pizza do you mean?
Well, after holding out for several weeks (hoping that I see her in person) I decided to text her.

Sent it like 5 and a half hours ago, no read or reply yet. I hope its just that she's at work or phones off or something. And not that I am blocked
I have no idea how anyone could call college the best years of their life. I'm stupid. I have no friends. Even if I manage to make it through the next two years, I'm fairly certain that my degree is borderline worthless. I seriously want to either drop out or kill myself, but I can't do that because I'll be nothing but a burnout loser and killing myself will ruin my mom's life. She told me that I can still live a good life and have a good job without a college degree like my uncle or a bunch of her friends, but they all grew up in a different time. Today, you need a college degree just to get your foot in the door, but the thought of having to slog through 3 more semesters is insane. At least I'll barley have any debt since I got a ton of money for whatever reason and commute.
I don't get why the fuck I worry so much about my health, and every fucking time I search for symptoms on google it only makes it worse because apparently you can't have an headache or random pains if you don't have cancer or some other shit. Why am I such a fucking idiot when I just want to live my life normally
is it safe to cut my shoulders? like, self harm? don't wanna do myself some lasting damage...
I'm amazed at how little self-conscious people are: how they simply don't see or ignore their shortcomings. Every day I see people who are in shitty life situation, working dead-end jobs or studying something that won't benefit them in any way. Of course, some of those people didn't choose their fate, but majority had the oppurtinity to do better, go further, see more. And they didn't. And they don't care. They settle for less. They stop being curious. They don't care that their biggest hopes and wildest dreams are... mediocre. Are those dreams even their own?
I refuse to believe they are happy. They might think they are, but this is just them lying to themselves or simply ignorance. They live in a fantasy, a comfy bubble consiting of routine and distractions. If they could, just for a little bit, stand on their toes and look around. Honestly? They would be suicidal. I know I would be in their shoes.

Fucking distractions man. I'm disgusted by porn. By TV-shows. By computer games. Even fucking memes. And yet I can't cut it all. I need entertainment so bad. I carve it. I don't feel bad about it - I know almost everyone needs distractions from reality. How sad is that?
Your boyfriend is a dick. Ditch him as soon as possible.
What degree?
Why would you hurt yourself, anon? You're so beautiful.
No one can love me or respect me for who i am , then i will get a job, act fake in your faces and spit on you when you are at your weakest regardless of who you are, be it a stranger or not.
I don't get how people can be mean to each other, I can't even insult someone on 4chan
Lads help

I'm pretty decent at talking to girls in person, but I am shit at talking to them over text. This girl seems like she really likes me, asked for my number, and now we're texting, but I don't want to fuck shit up.

Anyone here got any tips for texting someone?
It's just like a real conversation. Just pretend you're talking to her in real life.
I've tried, but I really can't. No body language, no situational things, no tone or delivery on how you speak. It's much harder imo
ugh i dont get it .-. even if i am fucked, thats just life. i tried thats good enough for me. you guys got your own shit goin on. told the truth :( can i go now?
Fair enough. Just try to follow along, and remember that everything you say is in writing and can be used out of context.
wow thats comforting as shit :/ yolo
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6KB, 259x194px
This post is so edgy you could cut yourself with it.
Anyone know how to leave the country to abonden this shitty school/ college life?
Thanks for that mate, I really apreciate it.

With me it's with a guy as I'm a girl. Due to changing unis + personal problems I don't really have friends at the moment, which I guess puts the cherry on top of this cake of disfunction.

>i keep thinking about trying again with her when i become even better
Fuck man I do exactly that. I keep telling myself that if I improve myself he'll finally find me attractive.

You're right, it is ridiculous. We deserve to be with someone who returns our feelings, but we must move on in order for that to happen.
I don't think anyone deserves that misery of feeling tied to someone who doesn't the same way about you as you do about them.

I don't know about your situation either, though I'm thinking maybe they offered or made you feel something you don't get from anyone else, but if that's the case that's because you don't allow yourself to. That's no way of living either.
i honestly don't know whats worst: seeing people my age being successful or people younger than me being successful

god i hate myself
Yeah right
Hey, I saw you drunk near the store, my headaches and woozy, I'm almost as drunk as you. Let's fuck and become best lovers
> I loved you
That's not what you told me.

The grass isn't really that green over here, dw.
All the best.
My whole entire life has been painful. Each day I fuck up more. Saying/doing embarrassing things is basically the only life I know. Nobody takes me seriously. I'm a failure, meant to be ridiculed. I wish I could forget about all the really weird/awful things I've done. It seems like I just keep piling more grief on top of old grief.
Wow that fucking sucks srry dude
Change therapists... You being that focused on her is not going to help you get past your problems
yesterday I was in the grocery store. It was late on a friday night and I was doing nothing. As I was walking through the aisles that cheesy song from top gun, take my breath away, came on. I just stopped and stared aimlessly at the shelves and listened to the music and spaced out a bit. there was something about that moment. it was just like "damn dude... you're life hasn't exactly gone to plan."
What country?
File: emotion-off.jpg (12KB, 215x185px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12KB, 215x185px
Dear Femanon,

I don't know what is going on with us, we really had a good run for the time before you left to work in that shit hole of a country. You returned different, I was different everything changed.

I see you distancing again, huh like that even matter now you left me no choice but to become like you, distant, confused and again to start living in my own world. You know what is going to happen next, right?

Because I do, because I've lived it four times with you and yet at the end of the day I will be the one to be blamed for everything. As well I got used to that...

I guess the switch needs to be used again.

There will be two outcomes from this, either it will work or not...

Honestly I wouldn't care if it goes either way.

With Love,
How do I not be a ho-ass bitch? Just got married and I keep thinking about my new coworker. I can not believe this is happening. Are there tips to make me stop? I hate myself. Do not want to cheat ever.
Still nothing. Hoping that she's just unable to get to the phone
I'm not focused on her, she's just gorgeous. I'm not going to pursue anything. Plus she uses a Jungian approach, which I like.
I wanna get into PC laptop gaming but am too lazy and dumb to know how to do it
New copypasta
File: uwotmate.gif (132KB, 326x52px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
132KB, 326x52px
Cocked around too much during school and the year or two after, now I'm in a low ranking uni. It's mech engineering so a decent subject at least, and it's accredited, but I can't help but feel like I've missed a major opportunity and will be stuck with a shit job now. It's a shame I only really got inspired to study too late; I just hope I can make it up and get a masters at a top uni in a few years and get a good job one day.
I'm disgusting
It's my first night at uni and I'm anxious, on the edge of a panic attack.

I'm sure I've come across as an autist to my flatmates, who have been partying all night while I sit in my room. I can't leave the flat because I don't have my keys (I have to pick them up at 10am).

I'm feeling paranoid as fuck about the bad saveloy I had for dinner, about catching meningitis, how I'll do on my course, all sorts of shit really.

I'm already tired as fuck because I had 5 hours' sleep last night, but my heart's pounding and I can't sleep.
Similar situation here, only I'm doing CS (meme degree, probably going to make it even harder to get a good job). What country are you in? Good luck in any case.
I want to get off the drugs but I don't want to feel the terribleness I feel when I'm not on them.
So you really believe you finding her attractive won't affect how you act around her?
It's one thing to like her aproach, it's good that you feel it works for you. I just find it hard to believe those feelings won't affect how you think and act with her, your time together should 100% be put into working through your issues in order to make progress.

But I've never been in that particular situation so I can't say it won't work, but you seemed pretty distressed in your original post.
I know that feel, eventually i was able to find some likeminded people and that helped me become more social but you have to will yourself to get out even if its just for a bit, you might feel better doing it
>be me friday
>19 year old office worker
>grill following me around our office
>i have an appointment, she also has to be somewhere
>walking together
>great bants, we end up wandering
>i ask where we're going
>she says she's following me
>cute/funny moment
>she asks me to meet her later
>i had to leave early, couldn't find her
>she gave me her number earlier, we started texting
>pretty stale convo, i fucking hate texting
what do? could i be on my way to gf?
After falling in love two times and failing to get in a relationship with these girls because of being a fat autist I decided to become a fit non-autist. Sometimes I still have some small autismo episodes but girls now laugh and like being around me.

I cant seem to really like and "click" with any of them now however and I'm only interested in them physically. I refrain from being in a relationship with them because im afraid of hurting them but i cant help but be a flirt and lead them on.

What the fuck do I do?
I'm in the UK. The uni was pretty low last year but this year it fell hard in the rankings so it's almost bottom. At least it's not a non-accredited college but still. I've been working on some side projects at home to build up a better CV, so hopefully I still have some decent prospects. I'm just worried about the uni dragging me down.

What cheered me up a little is getting an email from a top uni (Imperial) saying they'd accept me on a masters if I got a first a couple years down the line. So perhaps I'm being a bitch and worrying for no reason, who knows. Either way, hope that helps you out too - it's possible to climb higher, man. Good luck to you too.
I only have one friend six hours away. Every friend group I've tried to interact with ends up dropping me. How many times does it need to happen before I can an hero?
I suppose the opposite seems just as weird. Why would someone base their therapy on the therapist's look? Why stop seeing her just because she's pretty?
Would seeing an ugly therapist change my recovery?
What I'm saying is, yes I believe it won't change how o behave. I'm not exactly distressed, it's just something that caught me off guard.
File: image_0.gif (622KB, 500x375px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
622KB, 500x375px
I feel ashamed that I hope you'll cheat on me or die so I don't have to be the one to end our relationship.

I'm suffocated by this life we made but I can't walk away from it with out walking away from you.

We're building this future and working so hard for it but when we get there I'm afraid I'll want to share it with someone else.
Status means nothing without friends.
Careful doing that, good natured people who are on the edge are treacherous when provoked.
I can't wait until this election season is over. I'm so fucking tired of hearing about Trump.

>omg, why aren't you voting? vote for Trump. You should vote Trump. Come on, vote Trump. Not voting is just a vote for Killer :^)
You're never going to see this and I'm not sure you feel the same, but

I love you
I really need help.
I love my boyfriend, but he won't get a job and he gets drunk every day out of his parent's pockets. When we started dating he was a fresh grad with ambitions and goals but even he's said it himself-- he's become stale. Sometimes he gets into moods where he'll be extremely manic or randomly angry, and it scares me sometimes, but he would never do anything to hurt me and in general we have a very loving relationship.

I know I'm dating someone with a mental illness. An addict with pretty severe ADHD and depression, but 9 days out of 10 everything between us is lovely, and the bad isn't enough to make me wanna leave... but I've been daydreaming about him changing. quitting drinking, going to therapy, finding work... not staying up all night so we can have mornings together and go to sleep at the same time. go grocery shopping and watch movies and be sober together.

I'm not ready to settle down, but I know if he weren't to change his lifestyle in the next 2/3 years the relationship will be over anyways.

Wondering if it's better to break things off while they're still relatively new (a year) and save us both devastation down the line, or wait and see if he wants to change. People tell me that addicts don't change. I don't know man.
my initials or her initials?

mine would be GGF

her initials would be ASV

why do you ask?
Damn, this one hits hard. The fast food industry is a bitch. Or maybe that's just me...
>kinda of autist
>improved myself a lot, have friends now, and have hung out with girls before, though ones I wasn't intersted in plowing , so no gf
>meet qt girl
>had a quiz together, afterwords we talked to each while we walked back to our dorms for 15 minutes (not too far away from each other)
>have a few things in common so conversation wasn't difficult
>another quiz last friday, end up in same group again
>talk afterword, she got a bike tho she rented cause she needs to get somewhere quick
>kinda grown on me
>afterword she "thanks" me for waiting for her after the quiz to talk and helping her with her bike (I was just having conversation?)

Interested in asking her out. Was she just being friendly? That's what I thought first when we walked together, but I don't know the last few sentences she said at the end second time makes me feel more, but then again I'm an autist. Would it be weird if I just said after talking to her again before going "Hey, you wanna hang out sometime, maybe Sunday?" (I have class with her Wednesday and Friday, and I know her weekends are busy save for Sunday).
File: sigh.jpg (262KB, 683x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
262KB, 683x1024px
I'm sorry, i know that we've been best friends that told each other literally everything since we were 6 but i stop contacting you out of the blue since i was 17 when i moved out of town for university in 2013 because i was a selfish asshole who didnt know how to feel about you. I guess the only reason why im writing this right now is because my blood alcohol content is above 0.1% and theres no chance that you would read it. I just...i just wanted to say sorry, i was too scared to fall in love with you, i was sure you loved me too, but through out our skype conversations past 5am, i realized that there was no point in pursuing the relationship. All you talked about was finding the one. Thats when i realised that i loved you differently than you loved me. The 17 year old me stupidly decided to cut all contact together. You treated me like a brother and i abandoned you like trash just because i couldnt hide my emotions anymore. Im so sorry. Even now, 3 years later, i still can't forgive myself for what i did and im too much of a coward to make contact with you again. Even though i had multiple chances to see you during the holidays when i was back i town, i couldn't do it. I'm so sorry, i had no idea how to face you. I hope you can forget me and live a great life like you deserve one day.
File: 1458438792611.jpg (77KB, 960x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
77KB, 960x960px
Is it sad that I just want a platonic friendship with someone rather than a full blown relationship?
I've been lonely for a while and I guess all I really need is a friend.
Making more money than I ever expected to at this age, but I'm feeling like the stress that comes packaged with that is literally destroying my soul. I'm a 24 year old attractive and conventionally successful girl, but my life is so tangibly unhappy and consumed with work. I sabotaged so many of my relationships on this journey, and I recognize that I'm starting to disconnect from the one person who loves me above all else. As a person who's always been motivated by achievement and external goals, at point do I decide that none of is worth it?
I titty fucked a hooker with aids,
As in , you had the AIDS ?
I feel so pushed aside ever since the semester started.

I miss you. But I guess you don't think of me as much as you did last semester or over the summer. I mean, I've been your girlfriend for 5 months now, you were bound to become less interested in me eventually. I just didn't think it'd happen so soon. I wonder if you're simply getting bored of me, but I can't ask because you probably already think I'm clingy and needy. I miss you. But I'm afraid you don't love me as much? It's probably silly and stupid, and I shouldn't expect that I'm supposed to consume your every thought or something. But you rarely text me, until about after 9pm, and even then your replies are slow and seemingly disinterested. You give me short replies.

The few times I've mentioned that I'm worried you don't feel the same way as you did before, you brush it off and reassure me. But something doesn't feel right? I feel forgotten. I can't bring it up again though, since I don't want you to feel obligated to talk to me constantly or anything, but I just miss your company. You haven't texted me in at least a day now. I'm sorry. I miss you.. You're everything to me, and even though you used to say the same to me, it doesn't seem like you feel that way anymore. I'm probably being dumb, clingy, and oversensitive. But I can't help it. I can't even talk to anyone about you, and this. I can't hold it in anymore though, and I can't stop crying. Why can't you just communicate with me? Tell me if you want me to lay off? Or just that you're less interested than earlier, that you infatuation has passed. I can understand that. But leaving me hanging like this? With nothing? I tear myself apart over it all.
No the bitch did, she was fucking a nigger with HIV and wanted to give up that infected pussy so I said alright but I ain't touching that shit so I fucked her tits.
I'm falling for a guy that I've agreed to keep things casual with (for now) and I fucking hate myself for it. I'm seeing him again on Wednesday, but I think he's seeing other women and he doesn't talk to me during the day when he has plenty of chances.

A few minutes ago I asked him if I was the only one he was sort of seeing just because the obsessive, paranoid, insecure part of myself couldn't help it. Fuck. He'll probably be inevitably turned off by my insecurity/paranoia.

Why do I always fuck things up for myself?
when you stop being a fat fuck amigo

hate to say i told ya so
Went to the party. Did my best to engage with all of these people I didn't know and smile and have a good time for three hours. So exhausted by the time we left that I couldn't help but cry a little on the ride home. He's unhappy with me for that even though I did my best at something I've never been good at and said I wasn't sure I wanted to do.

You might be right.
I wish I weren't so boring and useless. I feel like my only option at this point, being a 27 year old NEET trust fund baby with depression and no passion or goals, is to kill myself and stop being a waste of space. I will never achieve anything I want to, and I hate myself.
I managed to piss off a whole bunch of people and make a huge scene out of nothing which was all my fault. I'm honestly so embarassed that I just want to get this night over with and not come back to those people ever again. I'm so ashamed of what my s/o would think about me, honestly. If only I had spoken up of what was bothering me and just listened to everybody, none of this would have happened. I fucked up.
do you have any idea how much damage you have caused me? do you know that not a day go by where you do not pass my mind? Because when you come into my mind I try to convince myself that I am over you, but every time I think about you. every day, it brings me a few milimeters closer to ending my life. I fucking miss you :( I miss you :,( i still love you with all my heart x,( with everything else that is going on I just want it all to end. I am trying to find a new guy that will care for me so I will forget about you but all that has happened is that I got hurt. and disappointed. At least I can die knowing that no one compares, and that what we had was there at one point. not that you would care. x,{
You said to stay in touch. You said wanted to hear about everything. I was so happy.

I noticed that conversation wouldn't start unless I sent the first text. And then those messages starting coming a little later. You'd say you'd talk to me soon, and a week would pass. And then the second I sent a message, you'd jump back and become talkative.

Maybe you're just busy. Maybe I was looking for something you weren't. Maybe you're just tired of me. I can't tell.

I'm just going to leave you alone for a while.

Why do I care so much?

Why am I starting to pay attention now? Going through your page, jumping whenever you message me. Tearing through old messages and photos we shared.

I'm obsessed. It's disgusting. It's ruining my life. You make my head ache. I'm scared of you. I'm disgusted by you.

You'd never reciprocate.



I have haulliations, i have clinical depression, I have parinioa, and a special kind of schitzafrina but my parents are too "busy" too get me any kind of help and now I'm reduced to this but its worth a shot any ideas?
I've just noticed how the sad face emoticons slowly evolve very creative & autistic
Doesn't change the fact that you are pathetic, will die a virgin, and will not have enough money to survive when your parents die.

I pity you, and feel terrible for your parents, as they must feel like complete failures due to you.
You are a dumbass that doesn't know how social security works. I am austitic and I live in a whole another fucking state from my parents. There is this thing called income based housing plus if you attempt to try at all when you have autistic and hold down a job for even as little as six months. If you are young you can get earned credit for SSDI in addition to SSI. I am making well over $1000 a month and niggers live on much less.
Please stop talking down to me because of the shit you keep sticking up your nose. And stay the fuck away from him too, before I have to intervene. I won't let you kill him. Thanks
But... You are a nigger, only worse, as you are white.

>around $12K a year
Suddenly remembered a girl who was in my travel group three years ago. Kind, sweet. Wanted to become a doctor, attended successfully. She had REALLY strange appearance, her face looked like a face of death depiction in movies or fairytales, skull tightly covered with skin, deep eyes and rigorous yet sunken cheeks. I don't even remember her name. Would hug if only had a chance to see her. Very odd feeling.
I suppose I should move on, and accept that you'll never want to be with me, when you realise the extent to which I'm in love with you, the measures I would go to for you, the way I put you before my own safety, sanity and happiness. So long as you are safe and happy
Why did you say you were lonely and had no friends when you did? Why did you ask me not to leave then abandon me? Why couldn't you have just continued on so I could just have someone to talk to? Why did you hurt me? Why can't I get over you?




It was months ago but that kiss at that party changed my life. We've become good friends since and now you have a boyfriend but part of me wonders what could of been
I appreciate your autism :)
It's a bit fucking difficult to stop being myself. I'm not hurting anyone. If you don't like me, then that's the way it is. I never was anything before anyway
Psychiatrists should be accountable to regular hospitals when prescribing medications. Private practices can get away with too much manipulation and a lack of professional behavior.
>it's another 18 yo faggot useless drama episode

>be me enter high school
>in some shithole non western country so sex is less pronounced
>meet gril in class
>she cute and all okay
>but bitches ain't shit don't care bout all that
>be acquaintance-friend with her
>fast forward three years
>gril and me same class for all of the years
>we're closer but not best friend material
>she has bf now
>prom night
>fun night and all
>turns out she basically has a crush on me
>went out with her the next day ice skating
>awkward remembering her bf who's also an acquaintance of mine

>she's now studying in a uni with a three hour drive from me
>can't stop thinking about her
>her bf is also in my uni but never see him around

how do I cuck her bf and get her to be my >tfw gf while not getting cucked because ldr? Should I just get over this shitty oneitis?
Oh wow only you dont annoy other people. So fucking perfect you are
Really hate having a crush on a close friend and she doesn't like me back. Wish I can just shake this crush feelings off.

I really respect her so much as a friend so don't want to force my crush feelings onto her any further.

I mean I already asked her out and go declined. It just sucks man.
Sometimes I wonder if men really do just see women as retarded cock sleeves they can hatefuck
If she cheats on him what makes you think she won't cheat on you
Well, they're not wrong.
im still 18, ample time for mistakes
find a way to channel that anger m8. Believe me I've been there and it'll escape eventually and at the worst possible time.
If she respects you and none of them were bad people, why don't you go back to them. Continue to drink with them, flirt with them, have sex with them, kill yourself with them. If you can muster up the energy to defend them, but get tired when dealing with me, then go back to them and leave me alone. Life isn't worth it, right?
I doubt she blocked me. She doesn't really have a reason to. I hope that she is just away from her phone the weekend.

But 23 hrs since I messaged, no Read notification at all
File: image.jpg (44KB, 659x631px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44KB, 659x631px
I barely get on my new computer because they won't talk to me.
If so, sorry lol
It's okay, some of us see men as little better than monkeys with wallets.

I'll take a hatefuck to go though.
File: image.png (2MB, 750x1334px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 750x1334px
My ex's best friend is the hottest woman alive

She cuddled me one night and my greatest regret is not appreciating it more
I like black guys, they're Fucking cool.

I Fucking hate nuggets, they should be exterminated along with "cholos"
I'd bang Mom on the right
A couple of thoughts I need to unpack.

First, fuck that tumblrette bitch. I thought we had a nice time when we hung out. I actually was feeling hopeful about my future with relationships and then you went and pulled a bitch move and just cut me off. If you weren't interested you should be honest and say so. I've been rejected enough to be able to take it.

Second, college is proving to be a bit of a disappointment. My classes are meh. My schedule sucks. The few friends I have don't really act like they wanna hang out or do stuff together. Like they don't invite me to things they just allow me to tag along if they see me. Worst of all, I'm really feeling the gravity of my lack of experience with girls. I've been in one real relationship, but that was in the ninth grade so I don't really feel what was applicable then applies now. I just don't know what i need to do. I can't get my foot in the door. It just makes me feel lonely and bitter.

I feel like I have no luck. Like i keep trying and trying and nothing works in my favor. It wears a guy down.
It's been a while and she still haunts me. I can't shake her and I try, but I really liked her. Fuck man, I'm such a Faggot.
It hurts to be white knight, but those delusions... who am I to tell her how to live her life, when I would take her anyway I can...
Scratch that, I didn't pay her when I could've and that should say something...
Fuck dude, I want you to move out of that life, but it hurts to even think about you Fucking older and uglier men that you're too good and attractive for, but I guess that's life
This is the funniest shit I read...
After spending all day together like you wanted, having coffee and dinner, I thought everything was going fine with us. I was actually pretty confident in it all working out. I understood your response to my feelings at the time. You were in a pretty shitty situation not too long ago and need time to figure yourself out. That's pretty admirable honestly. But what I don't understand is that 10 minutes later I get word that you asked my closest friend out. Why? I don't get it. You didn't have to lie to me about what you wanted.
I hate the whole breast feeding in public debate. You know what else is natural? Peeing. But everyone doesn't just pee in public and say get over it because it's natural. If a mother needs to breast feed in public, cover that shit up. I don't wanna see that shit and I'm tired of hearing about it
I was going to argue with you, but that's actually a pretty well-reasoned point.
Nobody is away from their phone for 23 hours these days man. Might as well call it a day.
>lost phone
>dead battery
>no signal
I mean, in this case I'm sure you're right, but all of the above are things that have happened to me.
She finally responded. The read notification was at the same time as the response.

She actually has a tendency to do that I noticed. Disappear for hours on end. Especially on the weekends
Not really, you're not feeding another person with your pee. Pee is a waste product, while breastmilk is not.
I said pretty well-reasoned because I knew something was off, thanks for pointing out what it is.
In my case the girl has a tendency to go dark for hours or days at a time. So....
Then I'm sure you're fine on the late reply front. I'm a little worried about what she's doing, but that's probably best left alone.

She did mention that she's working two jobs along with school full time. So it is easily possible that she was at work when I messaged her originally, and then passed out straight away when she got home.
That sounds fine then, I wouldn't worry about it as long as you don't get more than a few hours between "Read" and a reply.
I don't really understand the whole (you) thing, and I'm admitting it now. Can someone explain it?
Yea, between read and reply is usually a couple minutes at most. It's just that it takes a long time to actually be read with her
It's a way of calling someone out for bait.
Thanks anon. It's been confusing me for a while
Exactly, nothing to worry about.
I just get worried that she blocked me. (Though there is no reason for her to do so)
yeah this argument is stupid, has been debunked and the people using this argument have been made to look like idiots many times over everywhere

i'd tell you to fucking google it but since you think this is such a breakthrough in cleverness i doubt you could manage the self-discipline to actually google something that counters your solipsist pencil dicked perspective
Don't end your life. You saved mine!
Fuck. Borderline obsessed with her.
I hate you grandma, you fucking dumb cunt.
You adopted me out of a shithole from the bottom of your heart, but then you just hurled your emotional baggage onto me. This is why I hate single parenting, and I think I would have been better off in a different family or even in the US's bullshit system.
I hated having to go day by day not knowing if you were going to be manic, or shove your devorce and hate of your ex onto me, or be absolutely fucking normal.
Even if Im 23 and distance myself as much as fucking possible from you, you still weasel your way back into my life and try to make it a living hell because I'm 'just like your grandfather'
Ive always had great storytelling ideas but you never encouraged me. You just told me they were shit and that I was 'still upset that I never had a father.'
You talked shit about my mentally unstable mother, but when she would knock on the door you would treat her like a goddess and waste money on an already known shopaholic.
In short, I wish to never see you again and hopefully get on with my life. You made me feel so much hatred to the opposite sex, making me think they were all like you.
If we are to meet again in heaven someday, and god has healed your soul, and let you become a decent human being, than so be it.
But fuck off and stay the hell away from me.
i just need something good
you are something so fucking good
i want you, so how long do I have to be patient?
because really I'm not the type of girl who waits
Try to reduced the amount of time you obsess over her by distracting yourself with other interests, hobbies, anything else
I don't want to kill myself, I want everyone else to die.
The only thing i hate about you is that you dont love me back
I want to eat the flesh of the died... I want fuck the dicks of the dead and I want to molest that 8 year old that said hi in an akward way yesterday
I wish we could be together, but that is not an option.
File: friends.png (209KB, 425x518px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
209KB, 425x518px
I was there. It's been a long time
Why do I feel kinda lousy after I talk to her?

Kinda like a real short term depression. Maybe lasts less than 12 hours
What is your question?
After my wife left me I get incredibly anxious around women, which is new. I also never managed to get more than a few first dates afterwards, so the near constant rejection has melded with my new anxiety to make me want to never see another female for as long as I live.

But I still want that special someone. Right now I am super isolated from everyone for a bunch of reasons, and I'm afraid to reach out to anyone because it's almost guaranteed I'll be harshly rebuffed again.
Today I found out that my dad has managed to get himself completely disowned by half of our family, after pulling off an (ironically sober) fit of rage that included pouring out his own mother's ashes and throwing away his blood pressure meds. He also said he wants to die but he's got a thing for dramatics and is generally a bad person so I find it hard to.. actually give a shit

I had planned to move back home once I find a new job so I could save money, but I don't think I'm ever going to live in that house again.
Afraid not. Sorry.
I hate you & always will for what you did you selfish fucking whore
I fucking hate my life. I went to Uni about 500 miles away from my home. Its a top tier uni and im not even close smart enough to be here. Im bombing exams left and right, and i cant even read a paragraph anymore without phasing out. I honestly think i fucked my head up in football. I had 2 concussions last year, and i cant understand sentences anymore if theyre too long. I have to stop and read every fucking work. I hate college. My friends all went to a uni closer to home, but i decided not to go for whatever stupid fucking reason. Theyre having the timeof their lives out there, and i havnt even met anyone up here. I say probably 30 words a day now. I miss my dog at home, just thinking aboit him makes me want to cry. But you know what? I just cant cry. No matter how hard i try i just cant. I really want to, i really fucking want to but i cant cry. I just sit in my room and wait for the day a car loses control and slams into me on the sidewalk. I fucking hate life now. Lifting doesnt make it much better anymore. Im stuck man, i really need help.
Anon, go talk with the school counsellor tomorrow or at least make an appointment. This can be fixed. Good luck.

Sorry about that mate.

Honestly, I want to say "That's what you get for getting married in this day and age" and be really harsh, because I've been red-pilled so long I've forgotten how the blue's see things.

Shit, back when you first got married, you probably never even would have heard about how biased the divorce courts are, or how bad women are.
Shit, you probably thought all of /r9k/ was paranoid losers.

You're starting to see their point,what they mean?

Look, there are FOUR ways to deal with your situation:
>ALPHA; POWER THROUGH IT. It's just a numbers game brah, just gotta keeping asking them out until one says "yes"!
Alphas, are, quite frankly, sociopaths. No ifs or buts about it. They are incapable of caring, which makes dealing with rejection so easy for them. You can try this, and sometimes, acting as a sociopath would, works. It's entirely more likely you'll be utterly crushed by the end of it though.
>BETA; I'll keep to myself, save me from my anxiety. If I meet a frieedly girl, then who knows? Maybe she'll one day like me.
You'll get friendzoned, or she will actually like you, but she'll move on because she got bored waiting for you to make a move.
>MGTOW1; Avoid women like they carry the goddamn plague.
You'll be called "sexist".
>MGTOW2 (my personal favourite); Women are social landmines, act accordingly, and tread lightly. remember the saying "you can look, but you can't touch"? It's a lie. Don't look, don't touch, don't talk - UNLESS they talk first. Basically, you are to act as a mirror. If they talk to you, talk to them. If they look at you, look at them, if they touch you, you can touch them.
There are hundreds of other rules I have for dealing with this, "not asking personal questions" unless they ask them first, "NEVER EVER COMPLIMENT A WOMAN", no exceptions to that rule. Basically, learn and create these rules, adapt them to suit your lifestyle but maintain that first basic philosophy; WOMEN ARE SOCIAL LANDMINES.
I've been 'redpill' for a few years now. It's easy to talk big but I can't resist those biological urges. I'm just doing my own sad little thing. The only positive is that women also avoid me so there's no 'what if I meet a friendly girl' thing.
>It's easy to talk big but I can't resist those biological urges.

That's because you've had sex.
I'm a virgin, so resistance is easy because I don't know what I'm missing.

Also, how come no woman ever admits to rejecting as cruelly as possible when from what we both know, it's the only way they know how to reject?

Seriously, would it kill them to just say "Sorry, you're not my type", or something like that?
Do they live in a fantasy where calling someone a "creep" or rolling their eyes is considered letting someone down gently?
File: 1460636621013.gif (2MB, 300x161px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 300x161px
I fucking hate my job and I'm too much of a pussy to get a better one and live up to my potential.
No excuses, no bullshit, I just care way too much about shit I shouldn't.
I've never been rejected cruelly, so I don't know.
Women have either been forthright and honest, or just ran away.
I havent seen my sister for 20 years. I ended up getting a career and reconnecting with my family. So far its been my experience that everyone in my family is pretty amazing and talented. I talk to my sister, but never actually meet her.
Finally I transfer my work near her so I can finally be a part of her life.

Shes as dull as a rock. I thought it was a facade and all her stupid small talk was just trying to find common ground. But after a year, it sounds from every single person that this is how she is. Shes actually just really stupid, self centered, and unmotivated to do anything with her life, while blaming others on all her failures and shortcomings. Shes actually in a really cool relationship that I think shes about to ruin because she has to start drama all the time and refuses to admit her faults.

I dont know what to do man. It feels like as time goes on, most of my family dies off of age or disease. I feel like my sister is one of the last family members I have, and i cant come to grips with how pathetic and plain she is. I cant even talk to her. I try so many times and its always just her complaining about others or being catty.

I really dont want to spend the next few decades just regretting her.
File: 1471192686029.jpg (18KB, 452x548px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18KB, 452x548px

>I've been 'redpill' for a few years now.

>women also avoid me

Yeah, those two things typically go hand in hand.
File: 1468291658428.jpg (47KB, 960x955px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47KB, 960x955px

>Do they live in a fantasy where calling someone a "creep" or rolling their eyes is considered letting someone down gently?

Have you considered the possibility that maybe women treat you terribly and call you a creep is because you're a terrible creep?

The simplest answer is typically the correct one, so following that logic its far more likely that you're a piece of shit as opposed to every single woman you've ever met being a piece of shit.

Do the math. Just saying.
I quit. Who cares, probably you don't even like me anyway. You’re too good looking, and i'm a virgin faggot. What i'm going to do is be a stoic. I don't have the balls, so might as well accept living with nothing.
>whiteknighting this hard

You're using that term incorrectly. I'm not sticking up for women I'm just insulting you. There's a big difference, sperglord.
File: teehee.png (95KB, 221x284px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
95KB, 221x284px
sure thing anon

one day you'll get your dick wet

just keep whiteknighting your little heart out

>blaming women for all of my autism this hard
My birthday is next week. No one will wish me happy birthday, no biggie. All I want to do is put on my nicest hoodie and go eat sushi with him. Is that too much to ask?
File: 1426966772006.jpg (27KB, 500x499px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27KB, 500x499px
Consider that it's both of your faults for getting together when you knew damn well how incompatible you were from the start.
Still have no idea why the fuck people do that. When does it ever end well?

>eventually i was able to find some likeminded people and that helped me become more social
How the hell does this happen to everyone but me? Even my little brother got the same shit.
Sometimes i feel like the only antisocial bastard left!

and this is why i am a libertarian

Yeah, because calling out some redpilled neckbeard for being full of shit is definitely white knighting.

If there's a meme dictionary somewhere out there I suggest you hit it hard.
yep, you're whiteknighting hard hoping that you'll get laid by defending women online instead of just becoming a good person
I'm actually starting to smile more.
And it feels like a million dollars.
When ever I talk to her I feel happy, why kinda depressed at the same time. I don't know why.
File: 1465437537355.gif (2MB, 320x189px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 320x189px

I'm not defending women I'm just calling you an idiot. I'm confused as to how you can't differentiate the two things.
File: wow_stop_n_e_time.png (369KB, 799x448px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
369KB, 799x448px
because you think i'm an idiot only because i'm not popular with women

you're a whiteknight for pedestalizing a group of people simply because they have vaginas

the grossest /r9k/ scum is better than you

>because you think i'm an idiot only because i'm not popular with women

No, I think you're an idiot because rather than analyze your own behavior and take responsibility for your actions you actually think its an acceptable logical leap to blame all women for your blatant autism.

You're like a retarded kid who thinks all bicycles are evil just because you never learned how to ride one.

Its pathetic.

>you're a whiteknight for pedestalizing a group of people simply because they have vaginas

Not once in any of my posts have I praised women for anything. I'm talking about you, not women. You're making shit up that I'm not even saying.

I realize that calling me whiteknight over and over like some brain damaged special ed kid is the only way you can rationalize your shortcomings so if being the official /r9k/ broken record makes you feel better than go for it.
>whiteknighting this hard
File: Guns2.jpg (127KB, 900x618px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
127KB, 900x618px
I asked him if I was the only one
>He'll probably be inevitably turned off by my insecurity/paranoia.
If any of us were turned off by that, we'd have to date other dudes!

>implying it's ok to treat people like shit
I'm not exactly a fan of that redpill crap either, but I don't think i'll ever understand people's need to call others "creeps", "losers", "virgins", etc.
As if kindness and decency are some kind of lost fucking arts.

Fucking kek. Have fun being a petulant child. Thanks for this little flashback to middle school.
all those times i've told myself that getting good grades would make me superior to those that made fun of me... fucking lies
>whiteknighting this hard
I just wanna cry. This is horrible and I don't know what to do.
spent 10 years telling wife i never wanted kids. she just dropped the bomb that she's 14 weeks pregnant.

more than anything, i want her to miscarry and lose the baby so i can divorce and leave without feeling guilty about asking her to abort it.

if she won't end it, i won't leave. my dad was a piece of shit who got arrested when i was 4 and never came back into my life. i won't let another kid come up without a dad because of me. but fuck, i do NOT want to be a parent.
Sofia I love you so much but I'm afraid when I go to boot amp and you go to college your gonna fuck some guy or find some other guy and tell me it's over.
I know I am gonna dream of her tonight. I just know it.
I am so, so, so sick of this election.
I am tired of not being able to browse for 1 fucking minute without a Trump meme or a MAGA Pepe or something retarded like that.
I want Trump to lose so I can get some peace and quiet on my boards instead of just inflammatory politically charged content that should stay on /pol/.
File: accept.png (81KB, 174x196px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
81KB, 174x196px
I violated my girlfriend's trust, and although we talked about it and she sounds back to her old self, I feel fucking awful. I feel disgusting and unworthy.

I want her to trust me and forgive me, and it seems like she actually did. But I'm having a damn hard time trusting her and forgiving myself. I need to let myself be okay.

Please fuck just don't let her be faking that she's okay. I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me.
I hate myself for not being born a 10/10 Chad. Despite having interests, a well paying job, and a decent personality I never match up with girls on dating sites and every girl I meet in real life are interested in my good looking friends instead of me. Even girls who have identical interests as me who are 4/10s at best want nothing to do with me.
New south park episode on point
>started crushing on a friend from work
>started hanging out
>find out he's a virgin/never been kissed
>i'm 26/he's 20
>things start getting serious and we eventually hook up and everything wa great
>get into serious relationship
>start to lose all interest

Wtf is happening? I legit thought I loved this boy a week ago and now it feels like I lost it? I'm so fucking annoyed and confused right now.
File: image.jpg (55KB, 480x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55KB, 480x480px
It's been about a month now. I don't know why I still have hope for you guys. You guys leaving me has affected me a lot, how can you go from calling such a close friend your sibling, to vanishing? If you came back, I'd be happy but at the same time furious. What happened to the 6 hour long voice chats? What happened to playing games together? I knew it would end one day, but I was hoping it would at least be good terms like just growing apart, not abandonment. Fuck you guys.
I dig through the dirt in the ground where you left me. Hands cracked my soul empty. All I am is looking for an exit, something to make sure I pass through this century. Bury me inside my friends if I had any. New direction, constant attention, more pain afflicted, teach you a lesson. I came I saw I left and don't ever forget it. More than enough less than needed, you pleaded and pleaded but I didn't care. You were never really there, you were wrapped in curtains forgetting what was certain. Cuts on my hands, keep rubbing them with broken glass. I'll never leave this house this broken escape. Forgiveness? More like apathy. Empathetic and pathetic please spare me the pleasure of your company. Misery is my mistress she demands my full attention, destroy the object of my affection. Hell has no bounds I can never really leave this place. I kept digging the hole I was left in until I hit the bottom of the earth. Here I'll remain, you wrote me that letter. My darling if you're reading this its you that kills me. Its you that kills me.
hell yeah
I've been talking to this girl at work and it seems like we have a lot in common. I want to ask her out but she has a boyfriend do i ask her out anyway or should i not even bother.
I don't know why but recently I've developed a weird habit of wilfully destroying my chances with girls I like by doing the things I KNOW will ruin any potential for a girl to like me.

Like whenever a girl shows interest in me I just start acting weak,texting too much, whining about my problems and everything. Seems like I'm scared shitless of falling in love again.
Why not just be friends with her and don't expect anything to come from it, that way you can't be let down if you start developing (more) feelings for her. And she might have other hot friends so there's always that?
I dunno, maybe you just had one of the shortest honeymoon phases in existence? Just let him go if you're seriously having doubts that early into a relationship.
I Wana fucking shit on all of you
Me too bro. Fucking sucks
You must have a horrible personality, or your surrounded by bitches without taste.
One is more likely...
I sometimes want to blow up things.... or people......
Mostly things....
What did you do?
Why the fuck does this kid think that just because he can blow air through a brass tube better than me means that he can talk shit about me behind my back.
He is one year fucking younger than me. Why the fuck do I fucking care? I'm not going to do it for a living I'm doing it because I like it. Why does he care? All he does it sit around trying to validate himself to first chairs and top band kids.
Look at me, I can play a bar fast! He wants to talk shit, he should do it to my face, see what fucking happens. Piece of shit underclassman. I have bigger problems than some kid trying to tell me that he can make noise better than me. Fuck.

I need a better way to vent my shitty problems.
yeah, the latter
fuggg guys I'm so bored, my job is boring as fuck, everyone at my job is annoying as fuck, 4chan, youtube, discord, movies, tv, video games are all boring as fuck, I don't want to go back to community college every class is boring as fuck and drags on, I want to be punched and I want to punch people I'm so fucking bored everything is so fucking boring
File: 1461116921062.jpg (26KB, 400x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26KB, 400x300px
I just found out tonight on a lonely whim that my old high school crush got arrested for raping a girl about a year and a half ago.

It had been a completely one-sided crush back then because he thought he could get my friend to cheat on her boyfriend of 2 years so that they could be together instead. For the most part I was blissfully unaware of it and so deeply infatuated with him that I made him lots of little homemade gifts and treats. I even made him a wolf plush (wolves were his favorite animal, he really liked them a lot) but I never got a chance to give it to him because shortly after I finished it he and my friend had announced that they were going out. (They ended up breaking up a week after because I told everyone about my friend's cheating behaviors that I had witnessed while admiring him after school a few times.) I gave him candy on Valentine's Day three years in a row, even a year after all the drama.

I don't know if the girl he raped was my friend or not, but the irony would be delicious if it were. I used to wear skirts a lot in high school and she would sometimes tell me that I was "asking to get raped" because of my skirts. Yet, she was the always engaging in slutty behavior with him, letting him pick her up and swing her around and let him kiss her on the cheek. (Her slut logic was that she wasn't cheating because she didn't kiss him back.) As you can imagine, all of the drama ruined our friendship even though it was already failing for other reasons before it happened.

He was imprisoned 9 months ago. Up until now I would occasionally fantasize about what we could've been. Even now as I type this, I can't help but cry a little bit because it didn't have to be this way.

I don't know. I should be saying I dodged a bullet but I guess I'm still delusional about it. I'm sure I'm only infatuated with my imaginary version of him more than who he really is. I know I'll move on, but right now it hurts.
My entire life feels like I'm behind and running to catch up. It manifests in every aspect of my life.

Im not fond of the police but goddamn id find relief if I heard he was arrested
I m so sorry I m such a beta Mary
I'm stupid. I've been in college way too long and it doesn't feel like I'll ever earn a degree. I'm in waters too deep to swim in. The growing like of debt keeps me awake at night. I'm not even making friends or living the "college experience". I should've just become a truck driver like my dad
Why can't you just tell me what's going on with you? You're finally back but I feel so alone now.
We were messing around and getting frisky and I had her pinned down. She looked behind me and went "Oh, what's that?!" and when I looked she flipped me off of her. It was a joke and we both laughed and I said "Oooh I'll remember that! I'll get you back!"

Then later we were getting kinky and I actually had her tied up. I looked behind her and said "Oh, what's that!?" and she REALLY got scared thinking that someone was seeing us. She looks so scared and uncomfortable and...disappointed. We stopped the play and I got her water and just held her. She was so startled that she was crying.

The second I did it I realized what a mistake it was. We talked and cuddled and I played her favorite music for her. She seemed to calm down pretty quickly but I actually started to get upset and cry myself. I feel like I betrayed the trust she puts in me to tie her up and look after her. She started reassuring me and promising that she was alright, and SHE played MY favorite music. She said that she knew it was just a mistake, and that she still trusts me and that I need to trust HER when she says she's alright. She said she forgave me and that I need to forgive myself. But I can't stop thinking about the few seconds in which I made her life a scary nightmare. God I hope she's okay.

If you're still there...thanks for letting me talk more about it.
The thing is online they never reapond to me or if it's in real life they usually just "want to be friends" ahahahaha
It sounds like it's going to be okay. She knows you're sorry.
Thanks anon. God I hope that she does. I'd do anything to take back that split second where I decided that that was a good idea. I was beside myself the entire drive home. We talked later that night and she really did seem ok. She usually wears her heart on her sleeve, so I think we're ok.

She's right, I need to trust and believe her when she shares her feelings with me. Nobody in my family is ever honest when they talk about their feelings, so I automatically doubt whenever anyone says "I'm ok." I need to realize that that can be hurtful in its own way.
It sounds like she's more worried about you. You found a good girl, good luck.
Is it teen angst?
Or is life just all this?
Where do I belong?
Something seems to be amiss.
Thanks anon, that's really kind of what's happening here, but that makes me feel worse. But I have to take solace that the great girl I found is my partner. Thanks for the help.
I think I found a girl that I actually have a shot with. She seems desperate for attention, she reminds me of when I was younger and used to talk to people about pointless shit because you want to talk to them so much. I might not be alone.
Anytime, anon. That's what we're here for, after all.
/adv/ is great. I'll make sure to pay it forward.
File: 1471681750380.png (128KB, 579x523px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
128KB, 579x523px
>Chatting with local girl who wants to meet me for weeks
>We text and call and just communicate a lot
>Asks for pic one day
>Send a good casual one
>Haven't heard from her since
I never knew I was that ugly
I lost the one person that brought me out of this depression I think I'm falling in to again. I realise how much of an unhealthy confession that is, and that I shouldn't depend on anyone but myself for happiness. But the fact is, he made me care after spending so long being apathetic to everything and everyone.
God damn it, I'm hurting so much.
How long do you think in a while is? It's already been three weeks. That's still short considering what happened, but still...
everyone thinks his shit doesn't stink
including you
fuck off and die.
I'd love my partner so much if he wasn't always getting so angry at me and blaming me for his behaviour. I almost broke up once, but he kept begging so I gave him a second chance, for a few months it was good, but now it's starting again. I don't want to be a mans babysitter...he's not acting his age...
What the fuck I'm doing in the middle of the desert?
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