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I don't get it, is she into me?

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So to keep the intro brief, I, a 19 year old college dude, went to a STEM conference with this cute exchange student who's the same age as me. Her reservation got messed up and she wound up needing to share the room with me (Hotel fucked up my arrangement and gave me 2 beds too) for the first night until she could book again the next morning.

Note that I don't really feel much emotional attachment or a crush even for this girl. At most, i might kinda want bang her. No strong feelings either way though, we're just kinda friends. The following 24 hours though have just been so weird that I need someone to help clarify this shit for me.

>Chloe and I move into our room, we're stressed
>we start unpacking and shit.
>airline delayed my luggage so Im kinda miffed
>we just wander around at the convention together all day
>get separated at one point, I don't really care so I keep walking around
>eventually I head back to the room, shes there
>we go get lunch
>return to room
>chat and make plans for the weekend outside of the conference

I should also mention we have a pretty decent chemistry as friends. We're always laughing and talking about casual shit.

>she keeps tellin me about this guy whos her friend that she's so excited to see, he goes to college nearby
>I don't really give a shit, I talk to her as I do with my dude friends
>as the night goes on she talks about him less and less
>we're eating dinner when she makes it pretty clear she doesn't really want to keep talking to him but keeps texting him short responses out of "obligation"
>I tell her to just be straight up with the dude
>she admits she doesn't really know him too well and had 2nd thoughts about him coming to visit
>she then follows my advice (kinda) and ignores him
>we keep talking all the way up to my room
>felt like I had a decent day with a friend, i enjoyed it
>we came up, got ready for bed. She showed me her pjs for some reason
>then we both get in our beds
>then I turn on "Netflix" cause I can't go to bed until I get my luggage later that night
>She says she likes going to sleep with some ambient noise or whatever
>i oblige and turn on "Clerks"
>then as she lays there in bed and I sit there in the bed opposite of her at 11PM
>Chloe asks me some question about the film
>this question somehow turns into a discussion about love/life alll that shit
>she completely stops focusing on the film and just looks over at me from her bed while we talk and talk
>I told her casually about being invited to a party back home, she asked who invited me, I explain it was an ex
>that somehow led to her telling me about her romantic past which she had never talked to me about before
>she really starts opening up to me about relationships, love, depression, death, sex and what it means
>then she says how much worse girls have it at dating because they get rejected more
>I explain some shit from the male perspective to her, shes really surprised that guys can be total pussies while crushing hard on a girl
>she tells me she's only ever had sex with people she barely knew so she really just hated herself and didn't think she really deserved to be in a loving relationship
>much like me she doesn't like being emotionally dependent on others
>she likes being alone
>but at the same time, she really longs for someone who really cares about her
>that night I basically learn that she is in some ways the female me.
>she says she really likes our talks and wants to have them again, even after this trip is over
> i agree then I go out to get my bag

now aside from the talking, which was really just a cool heart to heart with a friend to me. She kept making all of these weird jokes repeatedly saying "haha we're like husband and wife!" quite a few times before we had that talk. She said it again the next morning as we were getting ready and she told me how to physically come onto her as we were talking.

Does it seem like shes into me? idk
live updata:
she JUST messaged me to say good night and make some small talk as she sleeps in the new room the hotel reserved for her by herself
Im simply repling because you actually put effort into making a thread.
she sent a lot of signals that she's into you, so go for it. im 99% sure she's into you.
thanks senpai.

The thing is I don't really think she IS into me though, I'm pretty chubby. I have an amazing personality and she really likes my confidence, she actually looks at me in amazement every time she sees me talking to someone in a professional setting but she is also from europe so there might just be some sort of cultural misunderstanding
I should also probably mention that I did lose 30lbs this summer and I look visibly thinner, still kinda chubby but thinner
As someone who lost a lot of weight recently as well - you're probably just having body issues and look much better than you think.

Try "accidental" physical contact and see how she reacts.
I have but on a serious note, we actually crash into each other accidentally quite a bit. She doesn't seem to cringe away from my touch but I try not to linger or be creepy
Thread posts: 8
Thread images: 1

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