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I wanna seriously hurt people who humiliated me

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How do I control my jealous, violent, urges??? I'm tired of people ways putting me down. I know I suck at shit (even overwatch) You dont have to remind me. I really wanna get revenge on people who did this to me.
(Both irl and online)
> inb4 mods ban me for discussing us crime
I'm not gonna do it but the desire grows each day.
Everyone everywhere every day is getting put down and living in a state of despair. Be grateful you aren't a celebrity where your entire life is nothing but criticism and threats from most people on earth
At the end of the day they still have loads of support from people. Plus they're good at shit. But I devoted my life to ps4 overwatch, went from gold to silver, went on /v/, hot humiliated. I can't recall the last time I've gotten truly praised for something. I hate life with a fucking passion.
Bump I think I'm about to lose it
You know why you want to hurt people? Because you want love and support from people, and you've no other way of getting it. You don't know how, you feel scared and lonely.

Great, you built up a big idea of yourself and it got shot down. Yeah, everyone's got it better than you.

The only person feeling sorry for you, is yourself. Everyone else is doing their own shit and thinking pretty much only of themselves. Chances are you have a few friends and family, access to hot running water, and enjoy a pretty decent lifestyle.

Like seriously, why are you playing video games and taking them so seriously?
I just want someone to look at me as someone good and useful at... something? Even if it's vidya. I just want to not feel pathetic (which I really am)
stop being a needy insecure faggot
It's easier said than done.

Start by not putting your eggs in one basket and by diversifying.

Try a bunch of different shit, being good at vidya literally doesn't mean jack shit unless you're making money off of it.

Hell, at least if you're hilarious when you get mad/salty you can stream and build a fanbase that can't get enough of your tendency to be a sore loser.
Been there, I crawled out of the hole c; you should too
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Tldr man the fuck up and do something with your life
Why not put your energy towards something that can make money so you won't have to rely on other people to dictate how you feel.
Don't devote yourself to a hobby for the recognition. You do it out of pleasure for the hobby.

I write fiction, and have only been published once in a small lit magazine and in my university newspaper. But I love writing, and the motivation is to write not to gain fame from writing.

Excluding Asians with "Tiger parents," those who succeed in their hobby do so out of a passion for the thing itself, rather than related fame.
It's really not.
Holy shit you're insecure.
You Know what? You guys are right. I actually liked overwatch before the pressure of pleasing anons came in.
I actually started drawing and acting less because of this game. I should try auditioning again
Thats life cockfag. Grow some thicker skin.
> cock fag
Kek, That's a new one
I despise almost everyone and really just work hard to spite the fuckers who fucked me before

Hate makes awesome fuel
Do things for you =)
You can do it
It does make good fuel
But it prevents you from connecting to people
it prevents you from accepting love from people who care about you
The woman I love is like that and it's really hard
Do this:
Grab an AR-15. You can get them cheap at your local Walmart, or alternatively a gun store.
Search on google for highschools, colleges or malls in your area.
Take a stroll around and scope the potential targets. Map out potential routes and escape routes, where are the panicking normies most likely to escape towards?
Pick a day you know there's gonna be alot of people there. There's tons of events happening in schools and malls.
Prepare a decent amount of explosives. Those can be easily made with every day materials, google it. This are your escape plan, you can either off yourself with them or use them and escape in the chaos they will create.

Optional: Body armor will let you kill more normies if confronted by security or police or just carrying normies.
Carrying a sidearm can be extremely useful, some normies might try to disarm you.

Remember, good planning and fast action will net you a good high score. Flexibility is key, you never know how things might go, the best of the best like Breivik were so succesful because they could make correct decisions on the fly.

Good hunting brother.
I think we had enough Breiviks and ISIS members these days. As things are going either OP will either bow down to society by going to a therapist and gets drugged or he bails out and finds people in a similiar situation, who he can talk and live with in peace.
Seek a support group, those mad humans are not worth to ruin your own life.
If I were to really hurt someone it would be my fellow overwatch players, the guy who raped my girlfriend , and a few faggots from high school.
But If I was to do something I'd mainly go after the rapist
My mom has been stalling therapy. Mayve I should cut myself to get an emergency help
Tell yourself this over and over: "Some people are not worth pleasing." I used to be really touchy about criticism. People who talk shit in team games will still irritate you, whatever. That's what the mute/report button is for.

Sometimes people (me included) grow up in a household where getting criticized goes hand-in-hand with fate worse than death shit. Once you realize that people can be tilted or dumbasses and that it's not actually your responsibility to make everyone happy, you'll be a lot more content with yourself.

Learn to be your own person. If someone tells you you're "bad" or "worthless" or "pathetic", you don't have to take that as truth. You don't have to justify shit to those people. They're being defensive because they're trying to make themselves look better than others. They feed off of you trying to defend yourself. Try switching from "but I did X" to "weird you see it that way" and see if that helps you. Don't let random faggots tell you who you are.
Don't cut yourself. If anything cut yourself OFF. From her. Go get help if you think you need it, don't let her control you. Get a phone any way you can.
>But I devoted my life to ps4 overwatch
You need to find better hobbies, purpose in your life, self-esteem. You're taking some random bantz in a game way too fucking seriously man that's unhealthy
Thread posts: 24
Thread images: 2

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