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Anyone have any advice on becoming finically independent to the

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Anyone have any advice on becoming finically independent to the point where you can live a modest lifestyle without having to work much if at all?
maximize your roth IRA and 401K contributions
Marry someone rich?
we don't love these ho's
Be born rich?
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You can work hard, save up a fortune, invest it wisely and then live off your investments.

Marrying or being born into money doesn't give OP the independence that s/he wants
I've seen people work extremely hard, aunts uncles cousins brothers and what not and live a week to week mundane lifestyle

guess it's all about the investing.

guess it's all about the investing
Being able to live a comfortable life without working much/at all is something you can only do once you've worked hard. It's not really something you can do in your 20s, 30s, or even 40s.
only way is being born wealthy, cheating people, or gambling and getting lucky

since the birth of man we've been working for a living

and don't let scmucks tell you investing, investors are either born with enough to get by on returns from safe long term investments
or they are those pseudo-buisinesspeople who are actually just gambling on pump/dump speculative stock
I know some IRL and behind the facade they are even broker than the rest of us
that hurts :(

I don't even want to be a baller i just don't want to have to give my time up for someone's shitty money
Well keep working and educate yourself and one day hopefully we'll see a world where you don't have to. Btw the investing, entrepreneurial shit CAN work. But you've got to work your fucking ass off and even then it'll come down to luck.
I'm not saying working from the bottom is smart or even possible, I quit my job last week because I was underpayed

just be measured in your expectations, work in a field with some promotion prospects
eg. warehousing not hospitality

and seriously consider studying anything marketable on the side, get into trade or uni if you can
if not then take short part time courses in language, IT, welding, anything with a solid industry eg. not sales

don't feel too bad, I work for a boss' shitty money, he works for shitty clients money, the clients work for a banks shitty loan repayments

banks don't work for anyone then themselves, if you can; be a bank :^)
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This world has nothing to offer me.

Used to be a personal fitness trainer.

Used to do some sales for a tv provider.

I'm currently in a industry where I run courses so people can get skilled in driving machinery.

I just want to own my own house and car and be finically free from "the man"

I get everyone has to work but seriously what a fucken waste of life, my old man was a truck driver for 20+ years fuck that, I also guess being really cynical and jaded doesn't help either
I'm sorry but you'll probably never be free from the man.
will you?
I will if I never get married or have kids. It's pretty fucked up that I have to even make that choice. And I'm 30
why no wife and kids?
how's life at 30? are you happy? what do you regret most?
ah look it's a matter of perspective

will you have to work all your life

will you work for yourself
probably not

but that's not so bad man, you get a mortgage but you get your own place
you get a boss, but you might get a good one
Depends how "modest" you want to live.
I spent about 6 months living in a commune when I was basically up shit creek after losing a job too close to xmas, I would have to works about 6 hours a day 6 days a week doing jobs like digging, building, cleaning and general handyman work to do my bit keeping everything running.
The catch was that the place was boring as fuck, the other residents were either mega boring, would try and impose their political views on you or they would try and use their perceived weight to shun you from the commune, the worst bit was probably that you HAD to be a veggie there, as most food was grown at the commune.
Because a wife and kids will cost a lot money you goof and basically ensure I'm never debt free.

Life is ok I guess. I worked in a factory for 5 years which closed down. Couldn't find a decent job after that and took out a loan to go back to school for an associates. Now I work in a mechanical supply house.

Oh, and what I regret the most is not being born into a rich family kek
debt isn't good, but in our society it's the lesser of two evils

debt gives you capital, and capital allows you to invest in yourself

>get mortgage instead of renting; and paying off your landlords mortgage

>buying a power saving heater now, instead of paying for wasted gas while you save

you just have to be prudent, and recognize how much debt you can take before it becomes a burden
I agree, but it feels like slavery sometimes you know. Like back when I was debt free and lived with my mom I could just quit the job if I was fucking sick of it.

Now I just need to keep working a job I hate in order not get raped by the the bank's goons
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This thread has been rather disheartening but I sense the realness which seems to be even more disheartening.

i need to break free from the "real world"
Work in high finance till you're 50
1. Stay single
2. Live with your parents
3. Don't have a child
4. Don't take out payday loans
5. Don't spend money on drinking or smoking
6. Limit unnecessary bills such as cellphone bills
7. Take care of your cellphone and use the same one for 4+ years before replacing it with a nice one from 1 or 2 years ago.
8. Do your best to save on groceries by comparison shopping and using coupons where possible.
9. Never buy soda fountain drinks with your fast food, just wait until you get home and use the soda you bought at the store for .25 a can.
10. Always ask for water at any restaurant

Just do that for a few decades and you'll have so much cash that you won't know what to do with it. Sure you'll be miserable, but that's the price one must pay. :)
I got a manual labor job that gives me union benefits and job protection.

The benefits cover my health, dental, vision, etc I get pension benefits that max out after like 35 years so another 33 years and I should be able to retire comfortably.
Thread posts: 31
Thread images: 5

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