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Girls do my head in, especially this one

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I met a girl a girl on a basketball forum I frequent at the beginning of June. I had no idea she was a girl at first and we were just going to watch the NBA finals game together. We both hop on skype and turns out she is this absolutely bombshell of a woman. I am a good looking guy myself and she herself is kinda shocked.

Long story short we hit it off, big time. For the next two months we would talk everyday for hours on end. We saw life the same way, had the same kinks, similar goals etc..

I learned eventually that before she met me she was in a six year abusive relationship. The guy would abuse her physically, emotionally, and sexually shame her.

We had made plans to finally meet each other for a weekend in august. We were going to meet halfway. Two weeks prior to us meeting, her ex found her in public and beat her. Knocked her teeth out, bruised her up. She messages me shit like dont worry every thing is fine...she however refused to call the police or file a report. She refused to get a restraining order. Anytime I would bring it up she outright would shutdown and want to talk about something else.

Fastforward a few weeks later we still meet. We have a great weekend. We were super soppy and lovey dovey. I could tell she was sexually repressed but I fucked her in the hotel and even in public areas and pushed her limits.

Come the last day she is crying in my arms cause she doesn't want to say goodbye and stuff. She had been saying she loves me for over a month now and by this point I felt like I loved her back.
Here comes the fuckery. The next day she contacts me, semi freaking out. Her pussy was swollen from the weekend and she thought she had a std due to discharge and pain urinating. I tell her its probably a yeast infection and a few tears and she should calm down cause I am clean. She still is freaking out cause she can't see her OB til later that week so I tell her I'd go get tested. By this point her responses are waning.

OK screw it she is busy right? I call her the next day and she hangs up saying she doesn't think she can have a conversation with me right now and that she will talk to me friday after her visit to the OB.

I give her space but remind her that I don't have symptoms and wouldnt do anything to hurt her etc.

I get my results the next day and I am negative for everything. I rejoice and contact her, the only response I get is a thank you. She still wouldn't talk to me

Come friday she msgs me, she has a lot of tears a yeast infection and bv. we text back and forth a few times and I ask her what the course of action is. she lists a few things and I never heard back from her again.

I tried reaching out to her twice over the next few days but it was clear she was fading on me.

I just dont get it, am I a knob? am i overthinking this? did i dodge a bullet? why do i still like her so much? i dont get anything
Everything will be fine. She overreacted. Probably having aftershock from meeting you and then this happening. Probably feeling insecure and stupid for overreacting. Give her time. Tell her to eat right. Drink lots of water. Comfort as if you're comforting a kitten that was just ganged up on by a bunch of dogs. Wait a while for her to recover and hang out again.
Its been a month now. I would think she would reach out to me especially considering I basically wrote her a long ass love letter more or less
No one can tell exactly what someone else is thinking, especially with this little detail. Something's definitely off, especially that part about her ex beating the shit out of her and her not wanting to file a police report.

Anyways, that doesn't matter. What matters is that this relationship is over and you shouldn't linger on it.
None of it makes sense to me. Generally I am a very rational, thoughtful person, however this entire scenario has driven me bonkers cause I can't really wrap my head around it.

I think its mainly cause I still care for her/have feelings for her
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