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How to act normal at a party?

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I'm a shut-in diagnosed with SPD and tomorrow I'm going to the first college freshman party which takes place in a nightclub. There will be like a thousand people there and needless to say I barely know any of them. So.. any tips on how not to fuck up and look like a normalfag?
>look like a normalfag
Wouldn't you want that.
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Just this once...

While what you dream of might be impossible, at least you got dubs.
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Woah dubs twice, well anyways anon, it's not very hard. Stick with your closest friend, have a drink and just try and have some fun, try and talk to people and just be yourself.
This sort of things takes a lot of trial and error, you need to build up experience, even being rejected will provide experience cause guess what? Being rejected doesn't mean shit at all, you'll still wake tomorrow.

Some rules:

Fix your body language, stand straight and tall, look people in the eye without hold eye-contact for about 4-8 seconds (dont fucking count in your head) When sitting down take space and hold an open posture all night.

Act like your good friends with everyone, smile at people. Talk to everyone, if the conversation goes dry just say "Hey it was nice meeting you, see you around campus yeah?" smile and move on to the next person.

Stay out of your head, it will be your biggest enemy.

Go with a group/other people if you can. It adds social proof and means if you have people to go back to if you get outright rejected by someone.

Like with body language your tone of voice is equally important in communication, project your voice man, make it deepish but not deep enough to sound fake.

Make jokes but don't force it. Meaning don't try desperately to make the first joke you can, it will come off as tryhard and make you seem insecure. Try to have observational humor.

Try to have fun, Dress nicely.

Consider taking "supplements". I reckon you'ld do fine with adderall so long as you dont use it as a social crutch.
Additionally, its a fucking nightclub, the environment is designed to make you stressed enough to buy alcohol and dull your senses.

Drink, Dance, have fun in general with your friends.

Also hate to break it to you, but freshers is the most likely time you'll get laid with minimal effort. Girls don't like straight talk they want to "feel" good. Be fun and jokey around them, not in a clown sense, tease them, treat them like the little sister you never had.

If you're unattractive and know it, stick to the fat girls, at least until you've fixed that though good sense of haircuts and clothing, grooming, and built up social skill and confidence.

Also some general life advice: Lift, read and meditate. These three will overhaul your life. Lifting builds confidence, girls are shallow and dig muscly guys, its just evolution at play.

Reading has been linked to higher emotional intelligence which will in turn help you read people. Shits also good for the brain.

Meditation will help you keep calm, in the moment. Meditation will also be good for mental health overall. If you need help in any of these just Google them, there's plenty of resources online.

Good luck man!
Thanks for the advice man, this means a lot to me.
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