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For the passed two months I've been feeling incredibly fog brained and out of my body. I'm also incredibly nervous that I'm going to suddently forget everything I know instantaneously, forget how to talk and understand, etc. I feel as though I'm uncomfortable just being alive, like everything is so weird all of a sudden even typing this it's almost like it's automatic. My thoughts are no better, as I'm constantly contemplating whether I'm real, and I feel like I'll never feel normal and comfortable again. I've been talking to someone and was told it was DPDR, but I'm fucking terrified deep down /adv/, I feel like I'm always gonna be questioning every single thing from now on and feel like this for the rest of my life. It almost feels like I forgot what everything was even stuff like trees and grass, even though I know what everything is. It's truly a terrible feeling.
Bumping once more
Hey man I can help. I personally had what you are describing for 2-3 years. I know a large amount about it and I can help. First of all I'd like to let you know that you won't be stuck like that forever and it will pass. Also it's related to stress and depression in a sense. The worst you let it get to you and the more anxious you let it get you the longer it will linger with you.

I want to help you and I'm going to make more than one post to give all the advice that I can. First of all how old are you? Male or female? Also can I get a general rundown of your lifestyle and health? Also I'd like to know about any pass drug usage and how was your childhood?
What for extacly?
22 year old
Generally healthy and very social up until 2 months ago when I had a 4 day breakdown and was anxiety stricken

No drugs ever in my life, only alchohol lightly
I was always a nervous kid but overall it was good
Okay when I was your age is when I experienced the same problems too. Past drug use it out as a cause. I had a pill problem and other issues that contributed to my stuff.

May I ask what the breakdown was about?
My dog was put to sleep around June last year, and a month later my grandmother who I was extremely close to passed away. My family attacked eachother for money/assets/property/etc while my parents were left with all the trouble as they were innocent. That whole year was spent cleaning out her furniture, being extremely upset, and watching my family implode. It was weird because I was doing really well in terms of life/ school but I just woke up one day in a panic and broke down with these feelings over the course of a few days
You know what man my grandfather passed away right before mine started too and my family did the same thing where they fought. I was very close to my grandfather. Grief can do strange things to you. Since all of it happened so close together it's very safe to assume that that is the cause of it.

Everyone responds to grief differently and people process it in different ways. Here is my advice for it. Yeah you have a legitimate thing going on. Don't let it get worse though by building it up in your head. I beat myself up and wondered if I'd ever get better. I was obsessed with figuring out exactly what was wrong with me. I'd spend all day searching online and reading horror stories that other people who were even more neurotic than me posted.

I believe that a large part of the reason those people never get better is because that sit around and wallow in it and wait to get better or they tell themselves that they are doomed and never getting better.

1. Don't research it anymore or read any bullshit horror stories.

2. Get it through your head that you are going to get better and everything will be fine. You are young and have a whole life ahead of you. If you feel bad one day and have brain fog so what you'll get through it.

3. Reduce your stress levels. Being stressed out and constantly worrying about when and if you will get better is just going to prolong it. Think of it like a cruel mental Chinese finger trap.

4. Avoid drugs and alcohol. I cannot stress enough to avoid drugs. Weed is a very bad idea. In my research I found out that weed caused alot of people to feel bad in the first place. At the very least it will make you feel worse trust me. Keep caffeine to a reasonable amount.

5. I personally believe that psychological and physical conditions sometimes overlap and that bioenergetics is a very helpful field that not alot of people know about. Fear, stress, and anxiety tend to manifest themselves in the neck and face

The muscles of the neck and face tend to be where the body likes to store it's nervous tension, also the traps. My neck muscles were extremely tight when all this happened to me. The SCM muscles can even become so tight that they reduce blood circulation to the brain which is one cause of brain fog. I know this because I have a neck injury, I have x-rays, and an MRI to prove it. Anxiety can cause neck problems and neck problems can cause anxiety vice versa. My neck muscles were extremely tight but they didn't hurt so I never noticed it until a doctor pointed it out to me. I visited a massage therapist and it really helped. I'd recommend looking into it.

6. Keep busy and stay social. Sitting alone with your problems will compound them. Keeping busy will help you get your mind off the weird feelings.

7. You will not get worse or forget how to talk etc. I understand the fear but it's a pretty irrational fear at age 22.

8. Visit your doctor if you would like a check-up. Check all your hormone levels and all that stuff. My testosterone was abysmally low for a young man when I was messed up like you. It was only 300 which is very low for a young man. Low testosterone can cause all kinds of symptoms including brain fog and DPDR. Be careful to not let them right you off as a nutcase and try to put you on anti-depressants or xanax or some shit. Those prescription pills will only make you worse once again trust me I've been down the road.

You're going to be alright man. I know it sucks right now but you'll make it. Tons of people have lived through it including famous people. Alot of people don't mention it to others folks because it is hard to explain and you sound crazy. Kid Cudi made a song about it called 'Dr. Pill" . The singer from Linkin Park had it and he made two songs about it. You're not alone and it will get better. Also you're not crazy.
Thanks so much anon. Interesting you say that about neck/face muscles, since I have pretty rampant TMJ. I'll definitely follow this advice and try my best to get better
Since you have the TMJ I would definitely look into the neck thing. If you aren't convinced google search SCM muscle and some of the weird things it can cause. Good luck on the path.
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