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I need an advice on something. My 18 yr old brother wants to

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I need an advice on something.

My 18 yr old brother wants to get into vidya. He's attending a school and such.

My issue is his interests basically amount to japanese anime/manga/vidya/music/tv and movies. He rarely touches anything else.
Of course this translates into his art, which is a bit better than pic related (not a pic of his).

I tried to show him stuff from outside of that, and encourage him to stop obsessing over japan products only.

Now I like manga and anime and such. I own plenty. (never could get into Fairy Tail type of stuff like him though). And I don't want him to stop watching dramas and listening to J-pop while reading his books, but it's a very narrow scope he has.

I was wondering if any of you know if there's a way to push him into broadening his horizons.
Search me.

I'm a 22 year old animator and seeing my 14 year old sister turn into a total fucking weeb sucks.

Just let him do what he wants, he needs his own era of failures to get through
I guess so.

I suppose I'll ultimately do that, seeing as no words seem to convince him.
What is your sister like?
Encourage him to at least actually research real life Japan and actual Japanese culture. If he's gonna be a weeb, at least don't let him fucking disgrace a whole demographic of people with his fucking animu fantasy world.

If anything try to remind him how offensive it can be for him (assuming a) non asian guy to try to create games about shit he doesn't actually know about. There's a lot of things in Japanese animation that pull from real life japan, if you cannot point out those things, you cannot write or draw it very well.
Also tell him it will allow him to better enjoy the art he likes. I started out like him, a typical weeb with no interest or knowledge about Japan outside Inuyasha. But after I researched the culture and country as a whole, I caught on to the little jokes, side comments, cultural references, etc that I didn't understand before.

Also recognize he's 18. He's still a cringy teenager. He'll grow out of it eventually. We all had a weeb phase. We all cringe and learn from it.
Yeah, i agree.

I guess the "urgency" comes from the fact that he's in a school made for that now, and time goes fast before you realize how much you passed on.

You guys are probably right though.
I mean, he's not going to "anime college" is he? Just because that's his personal style doesn't mean that's all his school will teach. If anything, they'll likely actually force him to try different styles. My sister just graduated from SCAD with an animation degree. She had to collab with people, and branch outside her own style and comfort zone. Her final film for graduation was actually someone else's script and characters, she just did the animation for it, while someone else did the lighting, another student did the music and sound, a slew of people provided the voices, etc. That's the reality of the job he's going into, he's only a piece of the finished work.

That's another point you could bring to him, his starting career will more than likely not be his own original work unless he's super lucky, only later in his career will he be pitching his own shit. He'll likely be working on someone ELSE's work, and he'll have to conform to their style. Part of what they teach you (or they will if they're a good school at least) is how to work with others and match other's styles.
If he's going to make this a real career, he's going to have to learn how to mimic.
Yeah, I already told him that, and this is what I meant when saying he's in a school teaching that.

The whole idea of getting interested in more diverse stuff is to become a more complete and diverse person and artist. Which I already told him of course.

The school will definitely push him towards more stuff anyway.I just hope he'll listen. But the stuff in school is only a part. Most of what you develop must come from outside stuff you found out of your own curiosity.

Anyway, yes, it's something he probably has to go through I suppose.
Like me but not as good at humour or social situations.

She also has shitty taste in art, music, books and film.
>She also has shitty taste in art, music, books and film.
Develop that.

I'm just trying to see if there's a pattern between people, just out of curiosity.
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>Deep down you know your brother will sperg out at his nice art teacher because "theyre tryna change ma style!"

Lol good luck.
Already tried a few times.

The results are she likes Pixies, Duckman and Akira.

But now she's hit her "I know better than everyone else" phase.

While I've hit my "Try once then become completely indifferent" phase.
Oh no I meant, can you give examples of what she likes to read/listen to/watch?
One piece, k-pop, j-pop, weird dumb moe shit, p. Much the whole kawaii thing.

Ugh it makes me cringe
Well she's 14 so I guess it'll pass.

That said i've known a very cute girl, 19 or 20 yrs old, who still loved that stuff. (had a japanese name on facebook, and constantly playing those "what kind of ____are you?" games).
Her interests had become her identity and she even used it and her forced quirky behavior as a tool to justify that she's the "weird sheep in the family :3 I'm too weird !"

Pretty sure she got a pass because she was cute and her quirks and cosplays were seen as endearing and attractive.
Yeah. I mean socially she's going to be fine since she is good looking, but what I'm dreading is the thought of cringing at her whenever we have famiky get togethers and never being able to have a healthy sibling relationship because she will be such a cringey gross weeb.
give him this channel to watch, tell him to watch all the vids, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn7LyBvG5LEBXK9I4W5dGdA this guy shows japan to what It actually is, I was at a point where I was like I wanna learn Japanese and one day move to japan found this channel, got my idea of japan straight did research and all, now I don't want to either learn Japanese or go to japan but I still watch anime not as much as before but still do cause some have good stories desu
Thread posts: 16
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