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so im in little bit of a tight spot i used to date this girl

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so im in little bit of a tight spot

i used to date this girl

>meh face
>used to be a total bitch
>used to cheat on me all the time
>only stuck around cause i had low self esteem and really wanted the company..

really bad times. but eventually i started looking up life coaches and stuff on the internet and it really help me out of my hole.. im doing MUCH better these days. so i told that cunt that she was a garbage "girlfriend" and i went on my own..
well i guess she had some sort of power struggle thing going on. so what ended up happening was like a month later she said she hopes that i forgive her and if i wanted to come over and have sex she was free. she also LIED to me and said she was on birth control
well now i have a kid with that bitch. and shes using the kid as some sort of pawn to keep me under her leash. aka if i dont stay with her she wont let me see the kid. i could just get a lawyer but i have a lot of bills to pay and itd take me a few months to get all the cash..

anyway. i just met this girl last month


i like her a lot. she also leaves hickeys on me and made me this bracelet.. its kind of a nice bracelet too. i like wearing it

im supposed to see my kid tomorrow and that fucking whore that tricked me into a position that im not ready for.. but i know the moment she see my awesome bracelet and my hickeys she just going to strip me of my child...
i dont know what to do. sometimes i just dont want to even do the father thing.. especially if its just going to be this struggle. but then sometimes i think about what a monster she is and i just want to rescue my kid and be there to make sure hes safe. i could just take the bracelet off but id have to cut it with some sicors or something. and i dont really want to hurt this new girls feelings shes been more amazing to me than any girl ive ever had in my life
Just wanted to comment that that picture looks uncannily like my brother.
Is the kid really yours? Did you do a paternity test?

Also, you really should get a lawyer.
did your brother knock up some fat ugly bitch a year ago?
he looks a lot like me. and i mean a LOT

i didnt do it at the hospital cause i didnt want to get my name on the certificate. without my name on that thing i have my freedom.. but she can just take away my kid whenever she feels like. i know there a chance he might not be my kid but even my mom says the little guy looks just like me when i was a baby

i want to get a lawyer but itll take a while as i get the cash together. the part i hate is in the mean time while im not seeing him hes doing things like crawling and eventually walking. he just said his first word the other day. it was cat.. im gunna miss all his little baby achievements and i hate it
I think it was more like 6 years ago by now. And two bitches, not just one. Of course, I haven't seen him in a while so he could be on his third kid for all I know.
This isn't a nice reply but.....

Stop setting yourself up to be under the fat bitch's power. Step back, enjoy life with the new GF and let the fat bitch deal with the kid.

Soon she will reach out to you to try and draw you back under her control. Ignore her completely, never respond. Not until you're ready to on your terms.

The kid doesn't know anything so nothing you do now will have an impact. So now is the time to sort out the power struggle.

Let the fat bitch see the bracelet and the hickeys. Let her know you don't really give a shit about her or the brat and that you don't care to hear from her or about any issues she or the kid have. If it's sick, it's her problem. Be firm. Don't yield.

You want her to be grateful you want to involved. At the moment she assuming she has the power because you have to be involved and you have no choice. You need to fix that assumption.

The kid will survive even if u just withdraw completely. Just make your child support payments and enjoy your life, fat bitch and brat free.
From a guy who's been in a similar situation, this is good advice.

Attempt to see kid, record everything for when he grows up.
Yeah just evade responsibility for your biological child because that would be the alpha thing to do.

You came in a chick, yeah she lied but YOU fucked her, retard.
M8, as long as you continue to let her have power over you, she's winning. Don't compromise. The kid can wait. It sounds harsh, but it's better this way. Do you want to live under her thumb till that kids 18? Do you think the kid will respect you that way? Show up with more hickeys, tell her you got a stunning new girl, rub it in her face. Gather evidence, take her to court later. Don't cut off your new fucking bracelet man. Don't be a bitch
Thread posts: 10
Thread images: 1

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