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Turning over a new leaf.

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Alright, fellas and fellerettes. Teach me how to properly tinder.

I have always eschewed such platforms because I don't believe in casual sex and loveless intimacy. My first time was just that, though, and although I feel I could have done better with my partner I realise the experience has actually done only good at how I view women in life.

Sadly, most of my attempts to find a girlfriend since then have ended in failure, and it's not doing good on me. The frustration is putting a lot of pressure on me and I'm feeling left out of an experience that people left and right seem to get without much effort.

So I'm giving this a chance, afterall. My best friend suggested Tinder because according to him, several of his acquaintances managed to engage in a relationship. But even a cheap hookup is preferable to my current loneliness, if only to bolster my self-esteem.

So tell me /adv/ocates, what're the do's and don't's of tinder?
I think most guys need to make some effort to have a girlfriend. They usually tolerate a lot of crap and/or wait a while to get one. It's not exactly easy, far as I can tell. You're not alone.
idk man, I just try to use it but most of the girls dont even anser me.
For starters don't expect a sane, rational woman out of online dating. Online dating appeals to those who are too fucked up to try to meet people IRL. There's a handful of normal people on there, but you will be in a sea of daddy issues and damaged goods.
Second of all, don't expect a relationship out of tinder. It is notoriously a hook up site. Sounds like you're at least cool with that, but don't get your hopes up.

Here's my personal instarejection list as a femanon.
>Group picture as main picture
I don't wanna waste my time trying to figure out which one is you. And chances are your friend/brother/whoever is hotter than you anyways. To be even worse, all your pics are group pics. I won't even bother and just swipe nah. Keep group pics to 1-2, and never make them the main pic.
>Posing with girl
I will assume that's your type, and if I dont fit that look, I'll move on. This ones more personal on me, imo, I don't know if many other girls share this thought process, but that's what I think. I would limit pics with other girls.
>Posing with young kid
I will assume it's yours and nope out so fast. If you do fall for the "grils will think you're nice and caring if you pose with little kids/animals" meme, make sure you indicate in your profile that it is NOT your kid. Still though, I'd avoid it.
>Dead animal in pic.
I live in a country area, so this is common. Idc if hunting is your hobby, but when I'm looking at your pics seeing a dead deer isn't exactly setting the "dating" mood. It's just kinda unsettling.
I second this. I have only seen hookups come out of Tinder, for both males and females. I have heard girls ironically say, "I'm going to marry this next one," but he just gives her a ride and then lets her down every time. Guys, well they don't even get responses all the time.

Other assorted advice, lots of people say don't post selfies, idk what they're on about. I wanna see a good shot of your face, action pics are nice, but you're on a hook up app that's primarily appearance based. I wanna see what you look like.
Always fill out the profile. Give something to talk about. Back when I was on tinder, I'd swipe until I found someone aesthetically appealing, then check their profile to get a feel for their personality. If their profile was blank, 9 times out of 10 I'd pass them because I'd have absolutely nothing to talk about if we did match.
Actually fucking message. Lots of chicks are still too ingrained in the gender role of letting the man make the first move. If you're interested, message first if she doesn't. Plus girls are privy to the fact that most dudes on tinder swipe yes on everyone and then just deal with the matches. We still have no idea if you're actually into us, or if we're just one of the uggos you accidentally swiped yes to while swiping everyone.
My issue is that I feel I don't even get a chance to try and make an effort. I try to be good company and feel them out if they are up for more and as soon as I think I can actually open up and engage closer they've gotten into another relationship in the meantime. Perhaps I take too much time, however trying to be more aggressive has only helped to further alienate some of them.


Now that's some solid ones. Thanks!
In addendum my last crush wasn't exactly a postergirl of mental or emotional stability, either, but she was sweet and endearing nonetheless.
Thread posts: 8
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