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I know the difference between right and wrong but >mom is

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I know the difference between right and wrong but

>mom is feminist professor
>sex positive, says expressing sexuality is necessary to combat misogyny
>agree intellectually but hard to deal with
>mom embraces sex on campus
>everyone calls her MILF, big titty prof, etc
>have no evidence she's fucked any students
>has done many nude performance art pieces in front of students
>close friends with many students, lives in dorm as a "dorm dean"

How do I deal with this

Shoot your father and have sex with your mother duuuuh. You think these nude performance art pieces are just random? She is trying to get the attention of the alpha male (you) so you can take out the beta male (your father) and then rule over the kingdom of the campus. What are you some kind of fag?
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Tell her that you're all for sex positivity and all that shit, but that her flaunting her body around campus is severely impacting your state of mind and making your college life difficult.
If she can't get over it and stop for your sake, she might just be a complete bitch/ insatiably hungry for cock.
Do nude art shows like she does.
oh no, its retarded !
the only logical solution is to send us her nudes (and/or vids) thus negating her feminist agenda through its sworn enemies, objectifying her body.
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>giving men easy sex will make them respect us more
Get as far from her as you can as fast as you can. She is certainly toxic. I wouldn't even want to be friends with a person like that I have hard time to imagine what hell it must be to have a person like that for mother. Seriously, she is in the wrong here. Just get away, change state, never speak of it.

She's probably one of those retards that go on and on about how "WESTERN SOCIETY IS SO PRUDE" yet she is just so damn wrong. She is living proof that it's not prude, combined with the prevalence of promiscuity and slut culture in western society.

Oh well. It's reverse psychology - they claim it's prude, so they can justify their promiscuous degenerate activities.
OP here. Free tuition at her university is hard to turn down. Anywhere else and I would need financial assistance, which I just won't get. I've got 3 more years here realistically. And it's too small a school to not see her around campus and hear my friends talk about her.
You go full conservative.

I know what you're going through. Both of my parents are liberals, atheists, democrats, typical Obama voters.

Now I'm a far-right wing Christian who openly says racist and politically incorrect things in public simply to irritate people, am proudly anti-abortion and believe in a women's right to bear arms and defend her children. I own a firearm, am well read on the history of our great nation, already registered as a Trump volunteer and have voted for McCain and Romney in the past. But no candidate is more important than Donald Trump.

it's been a hard few years my friend. But our time is coming, and together we will make America Great Again. It doesn't matter if your mother and father don't vote for him, the truth the media doesn't want to tell you is of the growing number of young right-wingers who are booming in number across america, canada and europe. Their vote will make a remarkable impact on november 8th, as will the votes of those underpolled "monster voters" and independents who all the signs are showing will likely vote for Mr Trump.

Be proud of who you are. Don't be afraid to let your parents know you DON'T approve of their lifestyle, you DON'T want to embrace their amorality and you DON'T want to see Obama or Hillary's America come into full fruition.

OP, this sounds more reasonable.

It may be unfair for her, but as your mom she should understand that if its hurting your self esteem or if it really makes you uncomfortable, then she should make some sort of compromise, for your sake.

Surely your father has some views on this and should try to support you
OP here

You sound like an ass.

It's literally her career, and to say this would be bringing her down, and anti-feminist. I've tried and that's the response I get. My dad hasn't been in the picture ever.
Where is her husband?
>My dad hasn't been in the picture ever
What a surprise!

>It's literally her career
Well, her carer is to teach. Her carer ISN'T to be "activist" and be public, free stripper/slut for whole campus.

She is eroding your soul man. That's not cool.
Thread posts: 14
Thread images: 4

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