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Friend's Girlfriend Wants to Get With Me

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I need your help /adv/

My friend has a girlfriend, He is happy in the relationship after some past girls did a bunch of bad shit to him (Cheating, Lying, that kinda stuff)
With me being his friend I inevitably got somewhat involved in their relationship. I hung out with both of them and his girlfriend sorta became my friend.
Then like an hour ago, his girlfriend texted me saying that how she wasn't happy in the relationship and how she really likes me and would rather be with me. I'm obviously not gonna take my friend's fucking girlfriend so I didn't say anything back.
I want to tell him, but I'm starting to second guess myself. He is so happy that he "finally found a girl who isn't a scumbag", and I know that he will be very hurt by this. Not only because his girlfriend pretty much cheated on him, but because she thinks that "I'm better than him". He has self-esteem issues and will probably get upset at me too. He might think that I'm doing something that he's not and will get upset at himself.

I just don't know what to do.
Go for it, anon. I think your friend will understand if you fuck his girlfriends brains out
Tell him the truth. Don't steal his girlfriend. Besides you wouldn't want a girl like that anyway and if you're a real friend, you wouldn't want that to happen to him either. He deserves the truth.

But also let the lady have the chance to repent. Tell her you feel wrong about it and urge her to tell the truth to the guy. Because she is leading him on when she feels that way. If she doesn't it is your job.

Tell him gently and in a friendly manner. Tell him you care about him and this is what his girl is doing. You may hurt his feelings but he will hopefully recover and hopefully make you out as a friend later on. I would want my friend to tell me the truth than to me to find out. It has happened to me before; a friend told me.
Tell him ASAP. There's nothing for him in this relationship, and the longer it goes on the more hurt it will have in store for him. Be graceful and humble.
You are partially to blame for letting yourself become close to her. I have seen this happen before. Know your boundaries and when to keep distance.
First of all: tell her that you have no interest in betraying your friend's trust and tell her that she needs to communicate with him about her unhappiness in the relationship.

If she doesn't do this or persists, tell your friend. Screenshot the texts or messages or whatever and show him. He'll be hurt but he'll appreciate you being honest with him.
>take screenshot of message
>open gallery, navigate to screenshot
>menu > share > new text message
>add him as recipient
>add her as recipient
>"I want no part in this. Kelly you're nuts if you can't see what a great bf you have in Dave."
>hit send



men and women are not friends.

there are a big huge pile of conversations where you ought to just say, "you should be talking to your boyfriend about this; I am not your emotional support outlet and I will not have an emotionally intimate relationship with you while you are dating someone else", and shut down the conversation
your friend is an idiot for not learning his lesson the first time. he gets shit on by every single girl and now this girl he is seeing is doing the same thing. top kek what a dumbass he is like those guys who keep marrying and losing everything in divorce every single time.
Tell him now! Seriously if this chick wants your dick she will eventually get it, and then you are going to be seen as a bigger scumbag than her.
tell him anon!
He will be much more disappointed if he finds out.
Tell him and in the long term he will thank you for it.
Thread posts: 12
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