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fatal attraction?

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>be me 1 year ago
>18 y/o fat college STEM nerd
>decide to turn shit around and take care of myself
>get /fit/, gettin mired way more often as I thin out
>one qt3.14 in my history class with the ass of a goddess takes a liking to me
>GodSaveMyDick.pns when she flirts with me
>semester ends, more fat comes off.
>spike in testosterone following fat loss. Makes me more argumentative
>start reading some shit on /pol/ and the red pill.
>already kinda naturally red-pilled but charming enough that it doesn't push people away
>spend more time on /pol/, take it all with a big grain of salt but notice the (((media))) narrative they're always talking about
>build up a small resentment toward Jews who control the media. Not hatred, just slight disdain
>start to notice my FB friends who happen to be Jewish exhibiting same behaviors
>really start to hate the one sided BS in the media and amongst friends
>summer is almost over, about to go back to uni, lost a lot more weight now and want to bang qt3.14 from history last spring
>find out she's Jewish as fuck

what do I do here? Like I don't hate her for being Jewish but I know we're gonna butt heads if we actually talk about anything. How do I proceed?
If those topics come up with her, you remain civil. Don't argue, just state your own opinions while respecting hers. You could also just fake it and go along with whatever opinions she has. Either way, make it work and be a cool guy about it. And then fuck her brains out.
sounds like a solid plan. I might just fake it to get laid desu. That ass is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, can't pass up the opportunity
Enjoy it, brother.
>durr hurr jews control the media

You best be joking
>start to notice my FB friends who happen to be Jewish exhibiting same behaviors

What the fuck are you even talking about?

I grew up in a place with a large jewish population, half my friends in highschool were jewish. I could never find a distinguishing trait for the group. It went from ultimate frisbee stoners to jazz band members (also stoners) to weebs to kids with 4.0 gpas going to ivy leagues.

When I started using 4chan and reading all the stuff about jews it seemed silly, because to me someone calling someone jewish meant about as much as calling someone lutheran.
They do though.
Learn the difference between judaism and sionism, realize one is a religion and the other a political motive, that pol likes to confuse both because they never see the real world out of mom's basement, and never read books.
avoid the hole religion thing entirely, anytime in conversation, the religious thing comes up, switch subjects entirely, actually, unless you are debating someone over religion, religion is a boring topic anyways, you can expect to make no progress with her...
Just get to know her. You'll notice people are more than stereotypes and /pol/'s boogeyman.
Remember that a demographic isn't an individual. And that judging people for not being flawless is not going to get you anywhere. Does she actually do anything you don't like?

And /pol/ is wrong about it being a massive race wide conspiracy, its a mixture of talent with money and nepotism that puts jews in certain roles.

For example I tend to agree with the assertion that the average black person isn't as intelligent as the average white, but I wouldn't actually project that onto individuals and automatically dislike them.

Because assuming an individual is a demographic is the mistake SJWs and Nazis make.
Fuck this bitch and I don't mean it in a literall way! Believe me, i was trying to get around with a cute leftist girl but I couldn't handle the differences. Put your morals on the pedestal, not the pussy (unless you are a pussy yourself).
>a cute leftist girl
I can't help who i'm surrounded by. This is how college campuses are these days, I'm glad I'm not like one of the many "traditional gender roles for men are bad" cucks that you'll find all over campus that never get laid. I can stand by mine and still bang the cuties i think.

congratulations on getting /fit/ and getting your life in order. excellent work

if you're getting redpilled, then you should know what /pol/ has to say about women who sleep with men who aren't their husbands.

You're not planning on marrying this jewish lady, are you?

If not, why are you hoping to put more miles on her? As /pol/ regularly points out, the data shows that every dude she sleeps with increases her odds of divorce later in life.

If you bang her, you are literally robbing some other man.

Bros before hoes.

The only way this makes sense is if you intentionally want to hurt her and her future BECAUSE she is jewish.

Which is... pretty fucked up, IMO.

This is like the hardest advice in the world for a 19 year old to hear. When I was your age, I was burning to pound anything I could.

And, I did have a few gfs in college that were "sex for now, but there's no future" type relationships (and that was mutually understood at the onset).

Those were comfy at the time, but were not productive, long term, for me.

And there was no internet redpilling for people in my generation.

IMO, it is bad for you to be dishonest with a woman about why you are interested in her.

Ask yourself this: if you told her, "i hate jews, but you are so hot I just want to fuck you anyway", which is apparently pretty close to how you actually feel, do you think she'd have sex with you?

If you don't, then you know going after her is wrong, because you're going to be deceitful.

Lying to get sex is bullshit.
People on /pol/ tell the same kind of bs and then bandwagon into believing all this crap. There are a lot of biased facts here and so on. Redpill does not come from pol, it comes from learning history and checking both sides for every new you get, being sceptic about mainstream and conspiracy bacon that is being fried for you.
Read book about jew history and forge your opinion. Always break down things to simple human, and don't compare them to their group or community. Never neglect death tolls for stupidity. The best comments was about he guy who had half of his friend being jews and the other saying like it could be protestants. There is always someone to bear random accusations (gingers, black people ?)
I look at pol to get fresh international news, no one care about their kek/race/jew fantasies.... No one

cool story, bro.

is your problem with /pol/, or with something I've specifically written? Because I don't see anything addressing the latter....
Offtopic, but how did you lose fat op? barely starting right now as I'm about to go to uni too
Calorie counting is surprisingly easy, really helped me put into perspective how much I was eating and if it was worth it or not. Also check out the /fit/ sticky
>what do I do here?
lets assume for simplicity that you are a white dude. (doesnt matter really if its true)
are you conspiring with other white people?
i guess you dont. Why do you assume jews do that?
Because hes a fucking idiot
thanks Mr. Goldberg

I don't assume it of all jews, I just see a shitload of parallels between how the jews I know act and what shit /pol/ says they do. I have no ill intent for anyone, I could careless about large ethnic groups. but much like you notice certain behaviors in certain groups, i notice certain behaviors amongst all the jews I cross paths with.
Your nation (the US) is broken down in communities that are self centered with no other motive than praising self ("black lives matter", fat people or lgbt lobbies). To be part of such communities you have to dumb down like a rock. Therefore it is easy to depict an individual by thf group itself for simplicity.

Sorry, there is no jew lobby, only sionist political agenda... Inform yourself instead of feeding self fullfilling propheties about people that feel threatenzd by people like you...
I was born muslim. I have only fallen in love with either jewish women, and liked this one hindu girl alot. That's just life.

That being said, I hope you realize most of these girls may play with you ,but you have a 1% chance of getting with them unless you are a Jew / Hindu yourself. And I pity you for being brainwashed by our mass media that enslaves people into thinking that jews, muzzies and asians are out to get them. It's your own government that fucks you in the ass and then blames people who have barely anything to do with anything. Stop being such a puppet and imbecile. Jews deserve love like anyone else, love them.

Actually it's funny but I went to a military school in Pakistan. Family is pretty conservative but I still like Jews alot, especially their women - I feel protective towards them and I'd never know why. Same goes for Hindus and Christians. So be yourself and don't worry about what you should be doing.

I do however repeat that expect these people to honor their culture more than you as a person, it's natural for alot of people to do that.
I was also born an Islamobro.
I don't really think all these people are out to get me, just they control the media and hold certain ideals I strongly disagree with. I'm not part of the "muh white genocide" thing. Everyone doesn't automatically deserve love because they exist, but I get your point and I do treat everyone with common decency so long as they don't act like assholes.
They don't confuse them retard. They realize it's impossible to tell one from the other because not everyone is open about their zionism but they are all open about being jewish.
Thread posts: 26
Thread images: 1

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