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I'm tired of being school, and stopping where I'm at

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I'm tired of being school, and stopping where I'm at is looking more appealing.

I'm currently a Paramedic, and I work for a shitty private company. With a little effort, I could get hired on with a county agency and have a decent career. I wouldn't make a lot, but it would be enough for my family. I sort of enjoy being a Paramedic, but I'm not satisfied with some aspects of the job.

I'm working on becoming a nurse and it's just exhausting me. When I'm in school, I don't ever have time off. I don't get to see my kids. And I've got two more years to go. I had plans to eventual become an ARNP but it seems so far away right now.

I'm just worn out, tired of being in school, and settling is looking pretty good. But I don't think I'd feel fulfilled doing this job, and if I don't finish my nursing degree I won't be able to commision in the military (I'll be too old when I finish a regular degree). So I guess, settle and find a work/home balance, or keep going and deal with it?
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OP, finish your degree, get a commission. I'm in the Navy and from what I've read and hear our Nurse Corp is good living and good work.

Mind if I ask you your opinion of my current career? I'd really appreciate someone in your positions perspective.

Sure. I'm not sure how much my opinion would count for anything since i feel lost right now but fire away.
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Sorry for the delay, hope you're here.

I'm currently an E5 in the Navy and make about 52k before taxes. Some of my benefits include free healthcare/dental, 30 days of paid leave a year, cheap or free college, and the opportunity to retire and receive a pension after 20years, at which point I would be 39 years old and receive at least 32k a year in pensions until I drop dead. Sometimes I think I'd like the freedom of being a civilian again and going home to study and be close to family. Now I do like the Navy, but my question is (especially considering the cost of living of my future family), should I appreciate the deal I have, suck it up, and stick with it?

I did six years on Active duty in the Army. I left because of the high deployment tempo at the time. It is a good deal, and you've been in long enough to understand what your life is going to be like until you retire.

The things you mentioned are powerful motivators to get out. You could off-set some of them though. Taking college courses on the side using tuition assistance, taking smaller periods of leave more often to see family etc.

I don't regret leaving active duty for the weekend warrior life. It was a good move for me at the time. If you like what you do, I say keep doing it since the benefits are there.
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>what your life is going to be like after you retire

Are you saying that the trouble I would have after retirement in the civilian world is something I should consider in respect to staying in?
I am considering joining the Navy Nurse Corp if I don't pass my NCLEX in the next couple of months. What are some things to consider when joining? any advice?
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>Assignment to a DEPLOYABLE sea duty (going overseas either with the Navy or USMC)
>Military structure
>Moving every 2-6 years

That's about it for the negatives bro, I'm sure you can dig online for more positives and negatives. But also consider, the Navy community I'm in has only 2% interaction with the medical/nurse side of the navy (as in I only meet these fuckers for check ups / tummy aches)

Sorry, shift got hectic.

Anyways no I said until you retire. Meaning you more or less know what your life will be like until then. If you're an E5 you've been in long enough to know the deal so there shouldn't any more big surprises for you.

As alternative you might see if the Navy has a program where you can do a study haitus, or do some time in the reserve. At one point the Army offered a program where if you had a certain number of credits you could take a two year break to finish school, get paid as an E5 and come back in as an officer (not sure if OCS, ROTC or what). Or if you can do a little bit in the Reserve and then transfer back.


To the best of my knowledge you have to be an RN to join as a Nurse (unless you're an LPN). I believe you have to have already passed the NCLEX.
Thread posts: 9
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