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What is your online dating experience like?

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Mine has been mixed. I've gotten sex from one girl on OkCupid. Gotten a few kisses from tinder. This has been on a span of a few years. I recently got out of a relationship. Before it, id get a ton of matches on tinder. Now, I was on for a week. I got one real match and a ton of bots. I'm pretty good looking, have a career, and have had over 5 partners before. Wtf

I feel like online dating gives me poor self esteem. I rather get rejected IRL
Shotgun approach.

boned at least 20 girls from the internet
had a couple short term relationships (2-4 months)
and been rejected by atleast 2,000 more women.

So, I mean of couse when everyone is putting themselves out there on a silver platter, you wont get to eat every dish. But it's a good way to get into the scene, get better communication skills with women, get a few easy lays, and it's way easier to talk to someone online initially than approaching in person for the first time.

Tinder = most easy fucks
OKcupid = bigger range of searches
POF = i got my dick wet a few times.

Those are the only free ones I know of, or that I used.

Teenspot back when I was 18, but I only got with one girl on that and she was an hour away, and we didn't fuck, just had oral sex.
I do not believe you. How did you do this?
Fat nerd dude here. I used online dating for awhile and got matched with other fat people whom I fucking hate because I hate myself. So, I stopped using online dating since it's a waste of time for me. I did get a couple dates, though. One of them was 7 years younger than me and didn't shut up for the entire two hour date. I think I said a total of five sentences. Yup. Best of luck to you
Just hit up a bunch of girls, primarily about sex and get some bites. Like I said, shotgun approach.

1/100 respond online. For reference, i'm an average looking guy. 6'3 average build, dad bod. I expressed I had a great interest in video games, and approached with confidence. That was between the ages of 17-22
Hello hello! Time for a story like no other!

I have been online dating for my entire life. Mostly just through games (due to my ridiculously high standard for short asian girls), and honestly, you'd be surprised how easily I would be able to invade groups that have been well established for years with many guys going after her and for me to leave with the one I want around my finger.

Most recent one:

>5'0 Philippine girl
>Known her for 8 days now
>See some guys try to hit on her
>Become lifeblood of group
>Initiate 1 on 1 contact with her
>Talk to her, ask her about herself
>Hobbies, etc.
>Talk to her on a more emotional basis
>She now wants me without even knowing what I look like or who I really am
>She wants me to visit her
>Decide to make her work for me just out of boredom I guess.

Also meanwhile there was this other girl who wanted to get to know me and I blew her off because she was not my type completely.

But enough bragging.

I would say out of the girls I actively went for, I have a 90% success rate in getting the one I want.

That being said, there's a few things that you need to do to get the girl you want.

1) Personality is EVERYTHING.

If you're trying to court her in front of a group of friends (especially if some of them are romantically interested in her), first things first, do not be desperate. Desperation can be smelled a mile away. Address the group. If she seems left out feel free to make up your on "in-joke" involving her, this will make her feel more welcome to your shenanigans and make her more open to talking/playing with you.

If you often confuse her or tell her jokes that go over her head, either dumb it down or ditch it. The more unfunny jokes you have the worse you'll make this. Nobody wants to feel dumb or stupid.

Nobody likes ragers. Nobody likes emotional babies. Keep your temper. Keep your cool.
That's not a popsicle that's a sand shovel
1a) Cont: Don't talk over anybody. Don't force your way into the spotlight.

Always take control of the situation. If you play submissive they won't find you attractive. For instance: I was a top 0.01% player in a game I play. Everybody in that group knew it. They kept playing me up. I just told them realistically I'm REALLY bad.

Arrogance is a MAJOR turn off with EVERY girl. Don't brag. Don't brag. Don't brag.

2) Time is VERY important.

If she has a boyfriend, put her on the back burner. If you actually like her as a friend keep playing with her. If you don't keep your distance. Being mysterious allows women to lust for more. Always have a trick up your sleeve. Be interested without being desperate. Don't be needy. When the time comes that's when you pounce. For instance:

>"Hey, great games we had tonight, just make sure you don't drown while drinking!"

What maybe a stupid and cheesy joke to you will go a lot further for her. Play off her embarassment but don't make her feel embarassed. Feel free to lighten up the mood with your own embarassing moments that happened at that time.

Don't put all of your eggs in one basket. Feel the situation. If she gives you one worded answers and just doesn't seem interested in what you're saying, back off. Say something small and then try again later. Don't force the situation.

3) Reeling the bait.

If you have any experience in sales you know that every time you make somebody laugh you get a point. Every time you get them to say yes, you get another point. Get enough points and you can get them to buy a piece of trash for 100x the cost.

The trash is you.

Be consistent. Don't let up with your jokes.

Be unique. What makes YOU better than all of the other guys she's dated? Find a way to incorporate that answer through your personality alone. Caring, thoughtful, funny, confident, outgoing.

Even if you're NOT any of those, you can still pretend to be. Sometimes the end justifies the means.
After part 3 you're able to do whatever you want with the girl as long as you keep (in faking or otherwise) being interested in their problems and them you will have them.

You can legitimately do whatever you want with them. Sex on the first date? Go ahead. Make them beg for you? Go ahead. Start a relationship with you? Go ahead.

I've had many different girls, many different scenarios, and they all end up the same.

This is of course a general rule and general dating advice. If you're into gaming girls, find a casual game you enjoy (osu, maplestory, league of legends) and go from there.

Invade yourself into as many groups as possible. You are the cancer that will ruin the group if you pursue taking the girl out of the group and into your arms.

Know that your actions have consequences as well.

That being said, here's a few things that I've had to do with some of these girls

Girl is 4 years older than you? Congratulations, you've gained 4-6 years of age. Pretend to be mature.

Girl you're dating is too clingy on a psychotic level? Drop all contact. This will ruin your life if you continue.

Girl has too many issues for you to deal with fixing them (dating or otherwise)? Tell her you want her but she has to deal with some of those issues first. If you like her still help her fix them. This will make the relationship stronger either way, but also make her dependent on you. Proceed with caution.

Girl is shy? Probably insecure as well. Compliment her. Get ready for a war of the mind. If she says "I GUESS or KIND OF" MAKE her see the truth. The only way to fight true pessimism is through pure optimism. "nobody likes me.." "then why do you have all of those people who want to date you?" "I guess." "You guess what? They're right there and they would do anything for some time for you" Had to MEGA insecure girls and I had to force my way into making them believe they're not useless. Get ready for them to cling to you.
Once more: Invade as many groups as possible. It's going to be exhausting but if you want somebody that shares your hobby you need to do this. Follow the three step plan for every girl you are interested in. Finish it, pursue it, and enjoy. Remember: YOU control the relationship. You can go visit them, sleep with them, whatever you want at any point of time as long as you don't fuck everything up and throw the ball in her court. Online you can be anything you want and have ZERO consequences. Get out there and make something out of yourself.

One more thing: experiences may vary. As long as you can tell jokes you'll be fine. Even if they're just puns. The worse they are the better.
My experience of online dating was very unexpected.

> wife died. Very lonely and middle aged
> friend tells me about PoF
> I make a profile and wait
> tell friend nothing happens
> he laughs and tells me I've got to send messages
> start sending messages.
>Get replies. Not lots but enough
> spend almost a year sleeping with different women most weekends.
> longest 'relationship' was a few months
> find the whole experience shallow and depressing
> get a message from a woman. She seems nice. She's read my profile. That's rare!
> We chat. We meet for coffee. She goes home. We chat more. We go out for dinner. She goes home. This goes on for a few months.
> we go away for a weekend. Everything is wonderful.
> we get married.

Thank God I don't have to do that shit any more.
6' 3 is a big deal to girls. I'm shorter than 6.
Where'd ya do this?
>signed up to pof
>made an interesting profile, pictures of me doing shit, no selfies
>messaged every girl who fit my criteria within 10 miles
>made sure it wasn't something really beta like "hi, how are you doing?"
>made sure it wasn't creepy and got them to talk about themselves
>if we got along I'd ask them if they wanted to get coffee, if they seemed outgoing I'd suggest dance lessons
>dated about 6 girls who seemed nice, dated for a few months then broke it off because there's a reason they are on internet dating
>one girl shows up, seems really nice
>attractive, worked as a nursery group leader, nurturing personality, didn't smoke or have kids
>I message her
>we have loads in common
>I don't know if I'm being catfished
>ask for a picture of her holding a shoe above her head to prove she was real
>got a picture
>holy shit
>arrange to meet for a dance lesson and dinner afterwards
>the night comes
>I wait near the dance class
>a girl approaches me and says "Hi Anon"
>who are you?
>"I'm from pof"
>you aren't who I was messaging
>"yeah, I have a friend stand in so people don't know it is me"
It is worth noting, the girl isn't more or less attractive, every other detail was supposedly true
>I tell her I can't bother with someone who lies before I've even met them
>she gets upset
>I head home
>she is following me in her car
>I lose her at a roundabout
>I get home and she is messaging me on pof saying I'm shallow
>I tell her I don't like being lied to
>a week later she shows up at my work place asking to talk to me
>another week later she shows up at my house
>she is stalking me
>I call the police
>restraining order is put on her
>decide internet dating isn't for me
Well. I started on AoL then WC3 then moved onto league after 6-8 years. I learned if you stay around silver/gold you meet a lot more girls. Anything higher than that good luck finding anything more than a trap.

That being said, I met one girl through a friend of a friend of a friend.

Trust me when I say girl:male ratio is probably around ~1:7, so be prepared to make a lot of male friends to get to the women. It's a double whammy though.

Having a lot of friends makes you seem important. Being important makes girls want you.
I feel like online dating messes with my self esteem.
I feel like you have to talk to more girls online than you would need to in real life. And the judgement online is superficial. In person, they meet YOU not your online representative.
Thread posts: 18
Thread images: 1

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