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Don't even know man...

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I can't keep living like this anymore. Either I need to get my shit together, or fucking kill myself, no other workaround. No, I'm not in a crisis and suicidal, I'm just mad and infuriated.

Every single fucking time I decide to get some studying done (got a huge test coming up in a month), I start studying, and eventually have to take a piss or whatever in my bathroom, and every time, since there's a mirror in the bathroom, I see my reflection, and immediately go from 100-0%, become instantly depressed, and start going "what's the point of it all, I'm fucking hideous not even the best surgeon can fix me", and I lose all the motivation I was accumulating for a couple of hours just to even begin studying.

I don't know what to do. This is driving me crazy. I swear to God with all the lives of my loved ones, if only I looked decent, NONE of the fucking shit, anxiety, depression, lack of motivation would even cross my mind, it would all be fucking gone.

I'm just full of rage, and this happens every single time I try to study. Every single time. Ignoring it wont help, because it's always there in the back of my head. Faking won't do it either, my brain's a cunt. Can't cheat the motherfucker because it knows what it sees in the mirror.

Please some advice, I will be internally thankful!!
first and foremost, post a picture. if you refuse to do that, then we cant really help you, so delete thread if you wont post a picture of yourself.

>if i looked decent i wouldnt have these issues

yes you would. its more or less an excuse. the grass is always greener. you are not the ugliest person in the world. and if you were just 'decent' you'd still not be the ugliest person in the world. yet a lot of decent people still have your problem, or they have other problems.
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I agree with what you say, except with saying that I would have all these issues still, when the fact is it all stems from being unhappy with how I look. It's as simple as that.

Here you go.
You can't say I look normal, you're a fucking liar if you do.

>when the fact is it all stems from being unhappy with how i look

yes, and considering you arent the ugliest person in the world, you would still have these feelings if you looked a little better. you are insisting that you'd know the difference. you wouldnt. we all hate the skin were in and wish to be more like more attractive people.

that being said, you arent that bad. the idea that surgery couldnt fix you is ridiculous, a little surgery would go a long way.

but i dont think you even need it. many might argue that you are more attractive than me. id say no, but you arent that far behind. you mostly just have a long face.

you could fix the hair.

ur chin seems weird but im guessing its cuz you are looking down. could you post a nother picture?
Hair is only covering up the problem that lies behind, face looks really hideous imo, idk man looks disgusting.

you are too hard on yourself. you are a little tiny bit under average, thats about it.
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Bro to bro. You aren't that bad looking. Honestly, I know a lot of girls that have dated guys with similar facial structure as you.

As the anon stated earlier, everyone hates the skin they're in. It's okay. But seriously you are not bad looking. Change the hairstyle.

Confidence and a good personality can really be a deal breaker with a decent chick. Which, if you just put yourself out there I know you could get. On a scale of 1-10 you're a solid 6.5/10. There are way uglier guys out there. If you wish to be more attractive, don't rush into surgery. Gain muscle and work out. Build a body and girls will flock right in.

If this Sid the sloth looking faggot in this picture can pull a bitch, you can as well. Gain some confidence, work out, and stop bitching. You look fine
Literally the only thing I see wrong is the length. Buy some round glasses to make it look rounder and wipe the sad face off.

any chance you'd be willing to rate me as well?
For some reason that pic looks hilarious. you're decent looking.

was mostly curious for the rate in relation to OP, but thats unsettling to say the least.

Hey OP. Femanon here, if it helps; you're not hideous. That is a shit-awful photo, and you can do better cos it doesn't flatter your angle for shit, but you look fine. I'd do you.

That is besides the point, though. You're not here to hear anon tell you it's fine and it's all in your head. You won't believe it. You've perpetuated this narrative for yourself and you're not going to be able to break out of it by one night posting on 4chan.

This is what you do. Have a shower. Eat something, if you haven't. Maybe take a walk, or do some stretches, something that makes your body unclench from the tension. Then get on the phone, or online, or however the fuck it works where you are and call your doctor, make an appointment.

You will go to your appointment, and say that you are struggling with self-image and you need to be referred to a good therapist who can work with that.

You can bitch all you want about it, but ultimately you're in a rut and you need help to get out. These are the professionally trained people who can do that. You don't need surgery (see above, you're fine, other people think so), you just need to adjust your perception of yourself and you can't do it alone.

What you CAN do alone is read books. I highly recommend the "Overcoming" (whatever) series. Overcoming Low Self-Esteem would be the one for you, it will start you on the road to feeling better. Pic related.

Hugs, support, hang in there etc, and for the love of jebus take care of yourself.
In relation to OP you're better, but looks aren't everything; its the personality and confidence.
What type of dog is it?

i was mostly just curious cuz i usually get about 6 to 6.5. no issues with confidence or dating or the like, i just find the differences in opinions to be interesting.
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