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My girlfriend is making my life much harder

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Due to her negligence, I often have to pick up her end of the slack.

For the longest time, she was car shopping. And, I kept sending her links to cars for us to go check out.

She never looked at any of them, and then when she finally does look at one of them, she doesn't wait until I was able to come with, buys it on site, then makes me drive it home with a broken transmission.

So, after that hunk of shit breaks down and is inoperable, she continues to postpone her next lemon purchase. Until I finally ride her ass enough to go look at the next first link I send that day, instead of all the other zingers I've been dishing out for weeks in a row, and jumps on it.

And, this time, I get to look at it with her, nice car. Quality. Reliable, Yadda yadda. So, great buys it, drives it, loves it. No issues.

Never gets it titled, leaves the title in the glove box, and keys in the ignition and lives in the ghetto.

So, of course, one night it gets stolen, joy rode to shit, tires curb rashed, bumpers scratched, everything in the car is gone, including the title.

So, now she's sitting on a bucket she doesn't even technically own, and it's falling apart piece by piece.

I try to help, I really do. I told her to take it to get it registered when she first bought it, and then a month after when I found out she still hadn't done that yet, and she still put it off.

Now she's down over 2000 dollars, and doesn't have a car. And I'm frustrated as hell because she just gets to borrow one of my cars until I get on her ass enough to attempt not fucking the next thing up.

How should I handle this?
Honestly man, I know you probably love her to pieces and all that, but there comes a certain point where you need to make it her problem, not yours. That means fewer, if not no more, car rides for her, no lending your car(s) to her, no helping her find a new car, etc. She seems to not care and is freeloading until your resistance becomes an issue to her. It's probably for the best that you help her become more independent and actually become responsible once in a while.
One of the many differences between men and women is that men are instinctive problem-solvers and women tend to think in large holistic pictures.

Example: She needs a car. You think "I'll find on line leads to some decent cars in her price range and send them to her." She thinks "I have to be in just the right mood to be able to think about this at all, and will get around to it when I can."

Her response drives you crazy and makes you feel unappreciated. Your response feels like nagging to her.

Welcome to the world of men and women.

She's never going to straighten out and fly right if you keep giving her a safety net.

Also, she sounds straight up dumb. Doesn't mean she's a bad person, she's just dumb. I personally can't stand dumb people, no matter how nice or otherwise "good" they are. You're a saint for dealing with her.
Don't turn this into a sex thing. We have enough of that going around. I know men who impulse buy stuff constantly and I know women who are excellent with cars. Don't turn one person's idiocy into something all of that sex do. Then you're no better than the "one man raped so all men are rapists" people.

OP, your GF probably knows absolutely nothing about cars. And instead of learning, she's just taking shots in the dark because she doesn't want to deal with it. And while I understand her desire to not deal with it, she's got to grow up. And if she doesn't see that, this is gonna keep happening. She has to learn somehow, and if that's through you ragging on her, through you leaving, or her going broke, whatever.
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